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Do You Remember If Anyone Ever Told You?

Updated on May 14, 2012

Do You Remember If Anyone Ever Told you?

Do you remember if anyone ever told you

Of all the things that must come to pass?

Of people that will someday miss Heaven

And of that large moaning , groaning mass ?

Do you know when Jesus calls His Children

There will be many left down here on earth.

When Satan knows they are really his,

Can't you see and hear his cackling mirth?

Did anyone ever tell you the truth

That The Savior will not always strive

To reach out to man through the ages

To redeem every man that is now alive?

Did anyone ever speak of God's Truth

The truth that every man should now hear?

All men here on earth will never be saved

For some men do not have a Godly Fear.

We know Hell was really made for Satan

But earthly man can also go there,too.

If your life is not fit for God's Heaven,

Then you will find Hell is your Just due.

Jesus still stands with outstretched arms,

He is still softly pleading yet with you .

He is giving you yet still another chance,

If you yield to His love as He wants you to.

He could never force you to love Him ,

You have a free will that no one can take ,.

He is still pleading yet to come unto Him .

Not for the Lord ,but for your own sake.!


Why do people resist Jesus when He calls

to come to Him? His way is not hard and

there are many rewards waiting for us

at the end of the journey,I see nothing

in this world today that would make me

want to choose this world's way of living,

They are killing babies and call it a

woman's choice .A choice to kill a baby .

What kind of law is that, and same sex

marriages? God made man and woman

to create families, as man and wife, And

we expect God to smile on this country

now .What kind of minds are those that

think you can disobey and break all of

His laws and not have to pay a high price

for it, Our country will be the price we pay.

we will all have to suffer for what all of

the ungodly lawmakers have done!On

Judgment Day they will stand before God !!


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