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Do You Think UFO's Are Real?

Updated on January 9, 2015

Are Ufo's Real?

First off, what is a UFO? Unidentified Flying Object. Hence the first letter of each word UFO is a mnemonic for Unidentified Flying Object.

UFO'S Are Real!

The Canadian minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer in the ‘60’s after retirement publicly said we are not alone in the universe. He went on in an interview with Sophie Shevardnadze of RT.COM to say people from outer space actually live on planet Earth. In the interview he says he knew of people from the Pleadise, Zeta Reticuli, Andromedia (which is a moon of Saturn), Venus and Mars.

More and more Archeologists think people from other planets have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. The popularity of shows on TV like UFO Hunters and Alien Nation show that more and more people are thinking it is a very good possibility Aliens are among us.

Personally, My wife and I went to a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada and, using high powered infrared binoculars, we saw light objects in the sky darting back and forth among the stars. The experience changed our lives.

At the conference many people claimed to have been abducted by Aliens. Some thought it was a good experience and some were very afraid and upset about the experience.

I have seen lights blink on in the sky and disappear in the sky as they progressed across the sky faster than any plane we knew of. It appears that more of them are seen along the 33rd parallel of the Earth. What’s that all about?

My wife saw a light in the sky that was bigger than anything she had ever seen. As her and a group of people watched the light broke up into tiny small parts and gradually faded from their view. She writes about her experience in her yoga manual “Loved By The Light – A Yoga Manual”.

The experience caused her to start investigating lights and experiences around light. She found the founder of AA saw a light fill the room and helped him start the Alcoholics Anonymous organization. Joseph Smith saw a light and it said behold this is my beloved son, hear him and he started the Mormon church which is technically called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Are these Aliens real? Do they appear and disappear in our lives depending on what we may need to improve and become all that we want to be?

It is a way to get us involved, for sure. All of us have an inherent desire to tune into something greater than ourselves. Why is that?

John Mack put people under hypnosis that had alien experiences, He went to Europe and died mysteriously in an accident.

UFO’s are real. My personal take is Alien's have been with us from the beginning of mankind on Earth. It's possible they are our ancestors and creators.

What do you think?

Have you seen a UFO?

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