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Do You Trust GOD?

Updated on October 9, 2012

What Does it mean to Trust GOD?

Although there are millions that claim to be christians today, there are so very few who truly get the concept of what that really means. They know very little beyond claiming Jesus as Lord and Savior, and saying they are "Washed in the blood"...that and paying tithes. But that is not the true way into a Proper relationship with GOD as there is so much more involved. Accepting Jesus is a given and is the first step; but what about TRUST? Do you really trust GOD?

What does it mean to trust GOD? Sadly, today's church fails miserably when it comes to teaching and instilling trust in our Heavenly Father as it is much more concerned with the financial aspect of things and finding ways to entertain the masses and say the things the people want to hear and keep them mollified enough to maintain their financial support. The church may have believers, but believing in GOD is not enough( James2:19). Nearly everyone on earth believes there is some supreme being or god; but to actually have the one TRUE GOD in your life fully and completely there is a need for us to Love him, obey him, and TRUST him.

Sure, many will say that the DO trust GOD, and claim a faith that could heal and move mountains; but this is just grandiose talk, believe me. The things that people do, the way they live their lives, tells a lot about whether or not they really trust GOD. Truth Is...

For example: If you trust GOD, why is it so hard for you to reach out and help others who are in need? This is one of the biggest issues, and failings of today's christian. Looking back to the first century congregation of Christ's followers we see that they were diligent when it came to aiding others, especially those who were fellow worshipers.( Acts 4:32-37); but in today's church you find the "haves" and the "have-nots" all gathered in the same place calling upon the name of Jesus! Many try using the excuse that times have changed and the economy dictates doing things differently; but if we we gave up that extra expensive meal at Appleby's or Ponderosa, Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel, etc., would we not have something to offer others? Which is more important: That we eat or that we eat to please ourselves at the expense of helping others who possibly won't eat at all? Or even the opportunity to help others pay a bill or rent instead of taking an elaborate vacation, or going out on the town.

Before you offer the argument of why would one forfeit things they "worked hard for" and "give them away to someone that doesn't", remember that GOD blessed and graced you with the chance to obtain the things that you do have and get, and there is a reason: to make yourself more available to others and for him to use you to do his will, not yours. His will is that we help one another, not take all that HE blesses you with and hoard it and boast about how "blessed" you are. Being a Christian is NOT about GOD trying to give you all you desire, it's about him putting you in position to be useful to his effort to save others. If due to sin you are deserving of death, yet through GOD's grace given life, then you don't deserve that expensive vacation, you don't deserve that fancy car(or cars), the house, nor the job; all of which come from that same grace of GOD.

If GOD gave you these things and you KNOW that HE did, then you also know HE can give them to you again and again, and then again, so WHY are we so loathe to share with others? It is the very same attitude that Adam had: he knew GOD could give him another woman after Eve was deceived, yet for his own selfish reasons he chose his want over trusting GOD. That is why we are in the predicament we are presently in. Instead of Trusting GOD, we hoard things to ourselves selfishly and refuse to share with those less fortunate.

Another example of how today's christians not trusting GOD is the stubborn refusal to evangelize. People will drive miles to go out to Ponderosa, Appleby's etc, they will go to parties, clubs, etc; but they have a million reasons(excuses) for not doing the one thing Jesus Commanded: "Go ye therefore and make disciples..." They will tell you: "That may be what GOD has for you, but HE has something else for me...", or they believe that singing in the choir or paying tithes are the full extent of their spiritual DUTIES. This could not be further from the truth. When the Christian congregation WAS FORMED, AND THAT IS THE TEMPLATE FOR THE MODERN CONGREGATION; EVERYONE WAS REQUIRED TO make disciples.

Make no mistake, the growth of the congregation, or lives with the better possibility of salvation, is far more important to GOD than you singing or paying tithes, or any other "church committee" you may serve on. Those are NOT "ministries" as many call them, but THE ministry is the teaching of Christ's principles and disciple making. If you Trust GOD, you iove GOD; if you Love GOD you obey his commandments, and the very last thing Jesus said before ascending to heaven was to GO Make Disciples; he did not set forth any exceptions, so stop making up your own.

Then there is the matter of fellowship with others outside of your "inner-circle". Many are very reluctant to allow others to be a part of their "private" lives, they don't trust others, and yes this may have valid reasoning behind it; but it is GOD's reasoning that should trump that. We are commanded to associate with one another and encourage one another; remember, the very same people that you don't want to associate with are the very same people you are telling GOD you want to live in eternity with! Do they not have the same opportunity for salvation from the very same GOD as you? Did you forget what you were like before you became what you "think" you are today?

Trusting GOD involves doing what you KNOW HE would want you to do even thought it's not what YOU want to do. Proverbs #:5 says not to lean on your own understanding/perception/reasoning does it not? But rather it says to TRUST GOD!

When we do the things that we KNOW GOD would have us do and then do so with consistency, it soon becomes our nature and not a burden or sacrifice; it becomes a part of our everyday effort to please our Heavenly father; HE says that if you do that HE will be there for you in every you TRUST GOD?

Trusting GOD means that you understand that HE is NOT going to give you your way simply because you ask, or you go to church regularly, or you tithe; trusting God means that you look to him for guidance and direction and instruction, as well as for him to order you life daily regardless of what HE may give or allow you to obtain now, and know there is a greater reward held in his promises. Trusting GOD means that you love him and are willing to have him decide what is best for you and willing to concede to his authority; it's accepting that HE is the ultimate a rightful ruler of all things and whatever HE decides you are in total agreement with.

Too often today's "christian" feels that GOD owes them something because they yell Jesus and whatnot; that could not be further from the truth and pastors need to stop teaching that lie. Your pastor or minister may say what sounds good to you or that you want to hear, but more often than not GOD does not! Your church is overly concerned with your donations, but GOD certainly is not; another indication of not trusting him is the fact that the church is overly concerned with your donations. If your church leaders trusted GOD, they would rely on him to provide what is needed for the church and not press it's members so hard, all the time telling THEM to "trust GOD" and give with all they can give! Conversely, it is the church that should be giving to the people and trusting GOD because HE then would be more apt to aid the church for following his instructions! Does your church trust GOD?

If you are overly or even extremely concerned with what you have to the point that you cannot help others who have not, then you do not trust GOD. We today have become quite selfish and self-serving as well as insular when it comes to possessions and money; things that will not be in the kingdom of GOD which is certainly closer than ever before in history. It is the pursuit of riches and comfort in life that detracts from our ability to seek after the things that please GOD and learning what exactly HE wants from us individually as well as collectively. How is it that we read over and again: "Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness...and all these other things will be added unto you..."; then turn right around and ignore the whole scripture's meaning?!(James 1:22-25) Why do we continue to ignore what GOD says then expect and often insist that HE bless us!

Trusting GOD means relying on him for any and everything in every aspect of your life and not allowing the concerns of the world or your own needs to outweigh the needs of your fellow man. We continue to miss the essence of Jesus' teachings: Love others more than yourself, stop worrying about that trip, that outing, that party, that event, that dress, suit, outfit, those shoes, your hair,nails, etc and actually help people who need help...and don't ask your pastor, church or anyone else if you should because they can't gain salvation for you, nor can they walk your walk; that is part of your service to GOD and your personal relationship with him.

Trusting GOD also means that you stop looking for some political candidate to "save" the economy or your "rights", because Jesus said that these times would be so bad that since there will be some saved GOD will HAVE to cut short the drama that is about to unfold here on earth. If you call yourself a christian and servant and true worshiper of the Living GOD, then you believe this to be true and you will act accordingly. STOP putting your trust in earthly man and "things" and allow GOD to order your steps, your life, you.Trust him!

This is but the introduction into this discussion and a follow-up article will be forthcoming shortly. Truth Is...

Until then I encourage you all to seek after GOD's will for you and your life and take heed and action to his instruction and then reap the benefit of him more fully in your life. Again, pray and pray more!


Truth Is...


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    • daledad8 profile image

      daledad8 5 years ago from pittsburgh

      Amen to that Cherry4!

    • Cherry4 profile image

      Cherry Ann 5 years ago from New York

      Amen. Thank God for his word. This is how it is suppose to be but we have become a bunch of selfish people with lack of love for others. We are greedy, arrogant, full of pride and despise learning, hearing or reading about the truth according to the word of God. oh but yes we trust and love God, we are good people! but on that day many shall hear depart from me i know you know.

    • daledad8 profile image

      daledad8 5 years ago from pittsburgh


    • Virtuous1 profile image

      Virtuous1 5 years ago from United States, Maryland

      I trust God whole heartly with my life. I don't know how I even made it all those years with out Him...For me until a person actually have Jesus in their lives and living the word they will never know what living life really is, For He makes all the difference in the world. AMEN