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Do You Want Peace?

Updated on April 4, 2016


Life as an adult can be quite mind boggling at times, and require that we reassess our priorities. It's these priorities that can make or break us at times if we're not careful. The key to peace is maintaining a realistic balance between, work, school, family, friends, and faith. If one or more of these areas get off balance, it shifts everything. Resulting in a lack of satisfaction, or, the "There's got to be something more to Life than this?" feeling. I know this feeling all too well! In my quest to figure out why this happens, I embarked on a, 'Let's find out who you really are! and 'What do you really believe!' expedition. This by no means was an easy task. It requires you to do some deep soul searching, fact finding, and house cleaning. It requires you to tear somethings down and replace it with other things, thoughts, and processes. One will have to re-evaluate what your mother and father said, what you were taught, and the experiences you had. You have to tear down walls of customs and traditions that had long existed before you were born, and replace them with the newly discovered customs and traditions that you've decided you want to observe! If you're a person of faith, that being, faith in GOD, this can be a scary path to walk through because you will probable rub some people the wrong way, but, there will be people you rub the right way. Being a person of faith helps you to develop good priorities for living life, but you have to develop your own relationship with GOD.

Who Are You?

It is vitally important for you to figure out who you are apart from others, and become comfortable with the determination that you have made concerning you. For the majority of your life, you have been molded and programmed as to how you should think, act, respond, and conduct yourself, either in public or private. This will require you to analyze all aspects of how you think, act, respond, and behave in any given situation. You must determine for yourself what shall you keep, alter, or remove. A big part of growing is the ability to admit to yourself what works and what doesn't, then deciding to change or grow that area. Faith, I believe is an important factor in determining if you're going to endure the many challenges Society is throwing our way. Once upon a time, one had the ability to walk on the wide road concerning this subject. The road has become very narrow. It's either you do or you don't, you agree or disagree, and pick and choose. A decision has to be made in order for you to fully know who you are or going to become. As a person of Faith or not, the challenges are real! Either way, you have a choice to make, and no one but you can make them. If you're a person of Faith, then knowing where you stand in the Kingdom of GOD will be of great importance. JESUS has promised that if we accept his saving grace, accept him as savior, and believe that he was resurrected, will shall be saved and become co-heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. If you believe this, then you're an heir to the Kingdom!!

What Do You Believe?

Now that you've determined who you are, "What Do You Believe?" Do you believe the world is flat or round? Do the Sun rise from the east to the west? This is where the rubber meet the road. You must determine what it is you believe in order to align your footsteps to follow. Where the mind go the body will surely follow! You must determine fact from fiction. The truth will set one free only if you want to be free for real. The truth does nothing for the person who is unwilling of accepting it as truth! Some may say there's no absolute TRUTH, but there has to be an absolute truth otherwise nothing is real. I'm real, and I would like to think you're real, so once the absolutes are established, to embrace anything other would attempt to persuade others to believe the non-absolutes. This is what one has to do to weed out the false persuasions. Society can sometime make you feel less important than you really are. Everyone is important, and have something to contribute to society. You must decide what makes you fulfilled, accomplished, and satisfied in life. Believing that you can have a good life whether you're single or married, children or no children, educated or not! Things were made for the people, not people for the things. There's a plan GOD has designed, that if followed properly, it will lead to a more satisfying peaceful life. The Battle is not yours, but the Lords!

Putting It Together

Once you determined What your priorities are, Who you are, and What you believe, then and only then can you determine what to allow to take you off your path or in your life, what can or can not change you into something other than who you have deemed yourself to be, and who and what your going to follow. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything!! All things are lawful for you to enjoy, but not all things are good for you. If you're working more than spending time with your love ones, maybe this priority needs a shift. If who you are, or have become is causing distress or pain to others, maybe this needs to be addressed. If what you believe don't allow for another to determine what they believe, then this may have to be reassessed. Even though this article is about having peace, it doesn't imply that there's some magical formula. It takes being mindful of people, places, and things. We were meant to exist together. No one group having rights that take away another's right. As stated earlier, if one or more of these areas become un-balanced, it skews everything. Peace is only obtain when people agree to the guideline set forth by the peacemaker! GOD.


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