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Do aliens really exist

Updated on June 8, 2012

I'm sure people have written about this topic before but I find it hard to believe in certain aspects. They have evidence showing that aliens exist and that there are many UFO sitings, but there are also many who say they are just hoaxes or figments of peoples imaginations, can that be true?

We see so many sitings in pictures from people seeing UFOs. But so many times they may not be always true, or so they say. Those kind of findings can really confuse people because they always find ways to explain the explainable in many ways. Look at the show Fact or Fake on syfy channel, they have found ways to show that some of the UFO mysteries were really something else. So that really makes one think, do they really exist?

Also, do those movies really help to make us think that aliens exist? Sometimes you watch the movies and you are like , do they really look like that or they just make them up? Movies can really make people think both ways, do they or do they not exist. In some movies, they can make people doubt about the answer of aliens existing or not.

So to those of you who ask this question to yourself, do you think that aliens really exist? Do you believe that UFOs really surface close to the earth? There will be some who say no and some who say yes they do exist. But everyone is free to think what they want for the most part. So what do you think?

Do aliens exist?

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    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 5 years ago

      Right now, I don't think they do. They had better not!

    • profile image

      genintel 5 years ago

      There are evidences (pictures) of earthquake lights, and I said in my article, calculations indicate that the atmosphere can be ionized by underground electric currents triggered by earthquakes. These ionizations can in turn produce luminescent sightings of different shapes.

      With respect to living organisms out there, the only evidence we have so far, was found in a Martian meteor. We have also detected the presence of chains of molecules (similar to aminoacids)in other places out of the solar system. And we know that archeobacteria are impervious to radiation and extreme conditions, so we must accept that they inhabit the cosmos. But as far as organic beings, chimps and gorillas, insects and microorganisms can be considered our closest companions in this journey through the cosmos.