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Do not ask a Psychic 'When'.

Updated on October 12, 2011

What not to ask a psychic

Do not ask a psychic ‘when’

This question is asked as often as why. I do not know the timing patterns of other psychics, but as a rule I only read for three months, unless I indicate differently. The when question, the majority of the time, is asked by someone wanting to know the timing of an event. Since, I read for a three month period, I can estimate an event would happen within that period. To bring it into a more precise timing in my opinion is wrong. Timing is not something we are given on an accurate base, simply because it is in God’s timing and the people involved have free will.

More often than not, I have seen clients who insist on timing, usually screw up the events that are supposed to transpire first. Even with a three month time table, clients get impatient while waiting and try to rush the process. I do feel it is better to take a three month reading and sit back and see if predications have begun to unfold. At the end of the three month mark, the client should then review their life to see If the events transpired. Are they happy with the progress? If the events are still not to your liking, the client might want to reassess the pluses and minuses of the given situation, and make adjustments. The same can be said for those who did not experience the predications transpiring, or not all of them. Reassessing is a valuable tool either way after a projected time frame.

Three months can bring changes in a person’s life; however as a rule it is only the beginning of the new event. I often speak of it the first or second chapter of your new book. Change must happen in all areas of one’s being, the physical, emotional and mental. Since many want to get to the last chapter of their new book, they often create havoc in the situation. The question ‘when’ can lead you into creating catastrophes. When we step aside from timing, we are more able to be in the present moment. You will also find yourself more in tune to your own hunches. An example of this is, you have not heard about getting this one job, so you might feel the need to call them, or to apply to another job that is similar. Either psychic impression could give you that perfect job. Another example is the guy you want is in your life, but he is not as active with you. You might receive an impression that he is having financial problems, and is stressed out. The finances are an issue that just recently came up, and will slow the progress for a little while. The hunch lets you know it will take more time, but things are still on go. This could save you from emailing or calling him about how inattentive he is to you.

Let go of when and timing as being the directing force in your life. It can only hamper any progress. Do re-evaluate how things are going in your life, by asking serious questions to yourself. Timing and when it will occur can never become your friends, instead they will become your living nightmare.


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