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Tarot Readers and Question to Never ask Them

Updated on June 14, 2013

Don't Ask a Tarot Reader Why

The client loves the word why

‘Why’ seems to be the first question we tend to ask a psychic. It is often the first question we ask ourselves. We seek to understand how something happened, through asking why. We believe knowing the answer, will finally offer us clarity and sometime closure. Unfortunately the question, ‘why’ can only activate the domino effect. Soon, one ‘why’ is followed by a host of other why questions. As with the potato chip ad, declaring you can’t just eat one, you can’t ask just one why question.

It is because we have an unquenchable thirst to totally grasp a given situation or person, that this word spins outwards uncontrollably. It is human nature. However, as we begin asking our ‘why’, we soon our dancing down the crocked path of those never-ending why. When this happens to you, and it will, you will be welcome to the land of anxiety. There are no answers to your question, ‘why’. The word, why will send you spiraling down into that swamp of dismay, which will leave you feeling empty, which is more intensified then when you first asked why.

What replaces Why

Replace what for why

The Why question is unquenchable

You have probably realized in the past your question of why, has never been answered to your satisfaction. This is because the ‘Why question’ is obsolete. It will never quench your thirst, for soon another ‘why’ will come to your mind. Here is a classic example, a client will ask me, “Why didn’t he call”. I might receive a psychic answer, he was busy attending to work situation, family situation or even in the hospital. This answer will suffice them for an hour or more, but then a new ‘why question’ pops up in their mind; but why didn’t he call and tell me later? Why hasn’t he called me now regarding it? As you see the spiral begins, and answers to these questions never produce a total outcome. Even if I would say to a client, well he really is not all that into you, that would not seize the why. You would only be subjected to other ‘why’ and need to have them answered: Why didn’t he tell me? Why does he not care? Do you understand now that it is impossible to have a satisfactory answer?

When we replace what for why, we can assess the true meaning of the experienceWhen a why enters your life, you can rest assure you are being given a lesson about life. This can come through a variety of paths. This lesson is one which we have chosen to investigate prior to our earth incarnation. The person or people who were involved with you at this time, have become your educators. If you are angry, hurting or even confused then do understand this; the lesson was taught well. When you feel the need to ask why, replace it with what am I supposed to be learning from this? The reason behind this is that you have just been delivered the experience that was attached to your soul lesson.

This experience is to point you into the direction of self-discovery. disWhat are you required to discover? Here is an example of a discovering lesson. You do not trust the person that you are romantically involved at this time. What makes you distrust him? What in your past led you to have issues with trust? Can you see the difference? It does not matter if person A called you or not. The issue is can you trust this person. The lesson is trust, and the experiences are the roads that will help you to build healthy boundaries in the area of trust.

Journey to Understanding

What versus Why in areas of Self-Growth

The word ‘What’ will always lead you towards self-growth, while the word ‘Why’ will always led you into running-around-in-circles. It is with this word, ‘What’, that the answers can expand your consciousness, while why will spiral you downwards into dismay. What sets you free, while why keeps you a prisoner. When you seek a psychic or tarot reading, change your questions to what, versus why. You will gain a lot more empowering information by doing this simple change. Instead of leaving the reading, after posing you zillion why questions, feeling as if you have a Band-Aid on the wound, at best, or you can opt to use ‘what’, and leave feeling empowered with root reasons and causes. This is always a better way to adjoin a reading. There is so much more valuable information that you can receive when you present the reader with a valid question.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 6 years ago from Arizona

      Why is the never ending question that births more why. Why is never really answered, without another steming. Good question, since i do get most of my answers through dreams, a book, or doing dishes:). This is a 5 part series with that last part giving the correct way of asking a question. What i am attempting is to show how most of our questions, even not presented to a psychic are asked wrong.

      Thank you for commenting, and excellent question.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Is there a chance that the why can be answered other than by the psychic? Can the answer be revealed without the seeker verbalizing the question? Say in a dream, or in a book someone reads?