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Do not compare with others!

Updated on December 15, 2012

Penetrating look!

Why compare with others?

When we look outside, it always looks greener! There is a proverb in Tamil, “Distant greenery is always pleasant to the eye. The idea behind this proverb is ‘comparison’. When we compare our positions with the neighbors or others, we feel miserable most of the time. This is the problem with comparison. This is actually ‘psychological’ and not ‘real’.

The other man who looks at us develops jealousy. Why? He feels that he lacks something which we possess. It is common everywhere. You are envious of his spacious flat and he envies you for the loving family which he lacks. There is only one solution. Go to the house of your neighbor and appreciate the spacious flat he possesses. Of course, he will narrate the troubles undergone by him to possess it. But he will start complaining about the unloving wife and uncaring children. This is life. God has not granted everything to all. It is a mixture of sort. If a man is wealthy, he has unruly children. Also we observe that many ailments assail the wealthy. No doubt, the poor too suffer from ailments but to a lesser extent compared to the rich. Obesity, Diabetes, and hypertension are the common ailments, the rich suffers. Some may be very affluent but they lack children. They will be hankering for children and they are ready to spend any amount to get a baby!

In a way, the world is ridiculous so to say. None possess everything. None lacks everything. If one is healthy, he lacks wealth. If wealthy, he lacks health. These are all common and a general description. There are peculiar problems faced by people. It may be problems with neighbors and colleagues. We witness volatile economy throughout the world since every thing is interconnected. Any problem anywhere in the world causes repercussions elsewhere. Unemployment, high cost of living, inept administration, communal problems and terrorism are the common problems faced by most of the countries of the world. In a way, we can say “communication has played havoc in the life of people on earth. When there was no technological breakthrough in the olden days, people lived more happily since their needs were less and they were satisfied with minimum needs. Even newspapers were absent in many of the remote villages. Hence people helped each other as a village community. People worked for the common good of all. But, today in the internet age, ‘selfishness has grown into monstrous proportions”. Everyone is living for themselves and none has the time to spare for others. Their sole aim is “How to become rich quickly and how to live happily without the hindrance from others.

The reason for the sad deterioration of human values is ‘stark materialism’. Unemployed youth from the third world countries seeks greener pastures from Western countries. Dollars, Pounds and Riyals are the dream of the youngsters. Once they cross the Oceans, they would come to know ‘how miserable life is’. Hence never compare. The present situation in your own country is by far better than those obtaining in other countries. Be happy and content with what you are endowed with!


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