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Do not despair,the Light is very near!

Updated on October 2, 2014

The many effects of Kali and the dawn of new age!

It is only a cyclic effect, do not despair!

A circle starts from a point and ends in the same point. Likewise, the cycles of Yuga or time also starts when the creation commenced and ends when the creation is annihilated or absorbed in. None can say with certainty when the creation commenced? The scientific evidence points out the time as some 14.5 billion years ago. This may be correct with reference to the present cycle of Yuga. But the world existed crores and crores of years ago, if we believe the scriptures as correct. As per Hindu thoughts, there were three yugas before the current Kaliyuga. Many points out, that the Kaliyuga started around 5000 years back and some people assert that by the time Krishna left his body to ascend to Vaikunta, Kaliyuga has commenced.

Many events pointed out to this fact. When Arjuna was summoned to Dwaraka for the final time, only one message welcomed him. Krishna has written in his own handwriting about the impending events. It commands Arjuna to take care of the old and infirm, ladies and children who were left over in the holocaust of fraternal war in which the entire Yadava clan perished! Only few ladies and children and some old people escaped this catastrophe. But, when Arjuna tried to take them back to Hasthinapur, a barbarian group waylaid them and captured the entire ladies and children. They were pleading with Arjuna to protect them from the Barbarian group. Arjuna lifted his bow and aimed an arrow but he found that he could never recollect the mystic formulae to accompany the arrows! This has never happened to him before! He had a very sharp memory but with Krishna’s exit, his entire powers left him too!

Now, Arjuna had no other way to protect the ladies and children from the barbarians. Hence he had to use his bow, and started beating the barbarians but they never bothered about the hits and took the remaining ladies with them amid the cry of the desolate women folk. Arjuna really felt crestfallen. This is the first time, he faced defeat. Crestfallen, he collected himself and started towards Hastinapura to reveal the sad truths! This is clear evidence that the dark Kali age started on earth. When the Kali wield its weapons on the earth, there will be utter chaos in all the fields. First of all, there will be no morality amongst the rulers as well as the ruled. People will lock their houses. But this was something which was not heard during the previous aeons. First of all, there won’t be entrance doors to any house. None feared theft since there were no thieves.

Once, this Kali age dawned, the first thing people did was to safeguard their houses and persons. Ladies and gents were seen talking in the streets. This too never happened in the previous yugas. Elders were scorned and there was utter disregard to parents and elders. Husbands obeyed the whims and fancies of wives. This was contrary to the previous period of time when wives obeyed their husbands. They will never argue with their husbands even if he is wrong. There were immoral relationships between men and women. People cheated each other and coveted the properties of others. Even some had gone to the extent of taking other’s wife as his own! This could happen only in animal kingdom and not in human habitats. Scriptures and holy texts were jeered at. People stopped visiting temples and instead they were eager to visit the places where prostitutes lived. There were gambling and cheating everywhere! Husbands disowned their legal wives and children. The King too levied taxes from the people unduly and the king was hoarding the treasure for himself. Ministers become so crooked that they planned to overthrow the King and usurped his kingdom. There were frequent murders, robbery etc. None dared to come out during twilight and night hours. None could foresee what awaits him on the road outside.

Readers may well imagine the period of time in which we are living now! These are all the defined characteristics of this Dark Age! But what we are going to witness ahead is something unimaginable! People may rejoice soon that everything will come to an end in the nearest future since the atrocities are at peak and this foretells the emergence of holy power amongst the people. God will never let down his children, making them suffer for long. The rise of evil forces foretells the coming of the Supreme Power to redeem the humanity from the catalyzing effects of the evil. At the end of tunnel, there is going to be Light and freedom! Hence never despair. When we reach the shore of the ocean from mid sea, there will be onslaught of receding waves. But we will be glided forward to the shore by the same action of the wave!


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      A very promising message, and a very nice metaphor at the end. Hari Om Tat Sat!