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Do not rely on the false EGO!

Updated on April 16, 2016

Fine teachings!

Ego relies on a perishable body!

Very often we are confronted by the ego which creates unpleasant circumstances. We project our ego but end up in despair. It is natural that ego always end up in grief. We may boast ourselves as better than others and raise our voice when someone contradicts us. Actually, the anger brings restlessness in us. We have watched many political leaders who are always fretting and fuming during election time. They expect landslide victory for their party but the ground realities are different. Hence there is always apprehensions, anxiety and distrust brewing in them. This is highlighted since it is election time in US and India. In day to day life, we have encountered many such unpleasant situations in the family, in the workplace as well as public domain.

The main reason being that ego is a negative force. It stems from body consciousness which is a fleeting one. We have observed that bodies undergo much number of changes from the baby stage to grandpa stage. The same individual undergoes so much of changes. But the identity of the individual never undergoes any change since the ego persists with the body consciousness whether it is a baby, child, student, youngster or middle aged man. Whichever changes can never be true. The self is the changeless base over which the creation is projected and the ego plays a vital role in creation.

The ego differentiates everyone, judge every other and pass opinions. The ego made us to think that we are always correct and the other man is wrong and hence the judgment and criticisms. We never consider that others too love them in the same way as we love ourselves. Hence more than scholarship, one should possess common sense and the ability to consider others in their true colors. Hence there is a proverb that we should enter into other persons’ shoe. Then only, we can understand their view point. Perspective is an important part of engineering drawing. The same structure will be seen differently when we stand at a particular point and view it. This is also termed as ‘perspective view’. This is important in aesthetic points of view. While the plan and elevation is the view as we stand in front of the building, the perspective is from a different view point.

The vital point in human life is, ‘how to subdue the ego? Yes, we need to subdue it before it brings more grief to us. Since the ego is founded on a body, we need to shed our attachment to the perishable, temporary tabernacle called body. What is a body? It consists of different elements found on earth. The skin, bones, nerves, blood, pus and phlegm are some main component of the body.. These are formed out of earth, water, air, heat and ether. Also, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, iron and other elements constitute the body. When the life force leaves, the body is consumed by fire or buried under the earth where the fundamental elements join earth and other places. Some bones are retrieved after the body is cremated on fire. These bones are thrown into the rivers or oceans as per the customs prevailing in the families. Hence, the ultimate residue is ‘ash’ which can not be subjected to any change. In Hindu culture, the ash is treated as the most holy talisman. Hence, in the Hindu temples, ash is given as god’s protection to all those who visit the temples.

We need to put our faith in permanent things instead of transitory things like the body and mind. Everybody dies all over the globe. Even the most powerful dictators have perished. Even supreme emperors have passed away leaving their empire. Even incarnations leave the world once their task is completed. Hence, the ego relying on a body is a temporary phenomena and it is illusory. Instead of relying upon the false ego, we need to focus our attention on permanent entity which is termed as Self or Atma.

Acceptance is a gift.


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