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Do not succumb to the senses!

Updated on May 9, 2017

Senses are part of Ego!

Senses are treacherous!

The deer loves smell, the elephant can be enslaved by touch, the snake will sway to the tune of music, and the moth enters fire by mere sight. Each one of the above is slave to one sense but what about human beings? Man is slave to taste, smell, touch, vision and sound. Thus man exposes himself to more danger than the above animal species. We are imprisoned by the senses through the sense organs. The sinful deeds man commits are due to the above sense organs. People without eyesight grieve much that they are not able to visualize the beautiful universe and nature. But the saints praise such persons stating that they are rid of bad vision. Man uses his eyesight to view bad things. Once he looks at the face of a beautiful girl or woman, he is automatically enchanted by the beauty. He is not aware that beauty is skin deep and below the glittering skin lays pus and plasma. The ugly skeleton frame work is filled up with odd muscles and nerves which are covered by skins of various colors. In certain persons, we may notice a glow in the skin which attracts everyone! Surgeons are aware what lies below the skin.

God made senses turn outwards.

Beauty is skin deep!

If beauty is everlasting, why people feel worn out after a spell of fever or dysentery? Even a baby donkey looks nice, once it grows up, none would like to appreciate its shape and form. All babies look beautiful because of its bubbling nature and smile. Look at a old man with tottered and sagging face. The bodies are like water bubbles and we are not aware when it will fall? Why people are attached to the physical body? It is through the body, man enjoys all kinds of pleasures. We should not rely much on faulty instruments like body and mind. If we are enslaved by the senses, the body will wear out quickly. Look at the tortoise! When it perceives danger, it withdraws its head and legs inside the hard shell. We too should withdraw the senses from sensory objects like a tortoise. A man was roaming in a thick jungle without knowing the way out. Meanwhile, he was chased by a lion. The man was running for his life and without knowing the path, he stumbles upon a ground well which was deep with no water. He fell upside down into the deep well. Fortunately, the plants grown on the side wall entangle his body with its soft branches. Hence he was dangling precariously. To his utter dismay, a big cobra was hissing at the bottom awaiting his fall. The lion was looking down at him. He could neither climb up nor descend down. Meanwhile two rats were cutting the tree branches with its teeth. Death is only a few feet down! Strangely, there was a honeycomb on the high branches of the tree and due to swaying of the branches, few drops of honey fall down. The man intent to taste the honey put out his tongue in the direction of honey drops!

When senses fail...

Stories in scriptures illumine our conscious!

This is a story written in the scriptures. This is akin to the life of a human being on earth. Man was forlorn on earth and he aimlessly wander here and there. He is not aware of the dangers that lurk on every corner of the earth. Chased by some misfortunes, he runs and get entangles in family life. Neither could he escape from the family ties nor the troubles that chase him. In such a condition, the foolish man is after few honey drops (sensual pleasures) of family life. The rats that cut the plant chords are day and night which shortens his life on earth. The jungle is nothing but earthly life. Hence the wise one will be aware of the pitfalls of family life and try to escape following the guide posts (scriptures which show the correct path) and escape from this life. They journey in the royal path of spirituality and reach the abode of god. The ignorant worldly man is caught up deep in the jungle but instead of escaping, he tries to enjoy trivial sensual pleasures of the world.

It is only the skull inside!

How to escape from the clutches of senses?

How to escape from the clutches of senses? No doubt, it is a tough job. If you want to put out ragging fire, what will you do? Either you pour water or remove the fuel logs. Fire will burn more when more fuel is fed. If we satisfy each craving of the senses, it will clamor for more and more. Do not feed the senses. Remain indifferent to their demands; this is the only way to control the senses. Do not cater to the taste buds. Eat to get energy to perform duty. Tasty foods are never nourishing. Hence avoid fried, spicy and hot foods. Eat moderately and avoid excess sleep. Six hours of deep sleep is enough. Have a regular schedule of work and rest. Wisdom dawns when our limbs become weak. What is the use of such belated wisdom? Start early; drive slowly and reach safely! This must be our policy in life. Start spiritual practices early in life and do not hurry. One day or other we will attain our spiritual aim if we persist diligently!

Chanting the name of God means, remembering him with every breath. Even if we start chanting mechanically, in course of time, taste will be developed and we will adhere to chanting regularly. Of course, God has no specific form and hence we can visualize him as per our imaginations. As per mythological descriptions, painters have depicted god. We need a form along with the name. Once the name is remembered, the form comes to our mind and seeing the form, the name is recapitulated. Name and form are inseparable. Form may fade from our memory but the name is eternal. Hence children should be taught to lisp any of the names of god we adore. By this way, children will develop devotion in their own way which will guide them during the turbulent years of their life! By this practice, we can subdue the attraction of senses to a great extent!

Never rely on the senses!

Do you believe that sensual life is degrading?

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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 8 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Senses will enslave man easily. Hence we should subjugate them for our own good!

    • lovetherain profile image

      lovetherain 8 months ago from Untited States

      Why would you want to control the senses? They are our outlook to the world.