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Do not worry much about Fate and Freewill!

Updated on November 14, 2015

Game of cards!

Do your duty, leave the rest to God!

There are varying interpretations about fate and free will by many learned pundits around the world. If fate is a steel frame, what is the role of free will granted to human beings? As I have already posted a hub on the question of fate and free will, I will try to gather other opinions existing about the twins. We unintentionally gather many impressions through sensory inputs. But we have an option to ignore the senses altogether and focus only on the real truth. But more than 99.99% of the people are unable to ignore the promptings of the sensual mind and freely fall under the trap, maya or illusion has cast upon. Even though, many are aware of the impermanence of human existence, we still indulge in many wasteful activities which will render us weaker. We observe that many people are addicted to various harmful habits like drinking, gambling and other carnal pleasures. At the end, the individual become weak and his thinking power is paralyzed. To avoid the depression and grief, he indulges more in such nauseating activities. Ultimately he ruins himself and his dependents. This is really a very sad state.

People attribute the reasons to his parents and other family members, poverty, illiteracy and many other causes including the society in which he lives. But we have seen that there are many people who fought this entire negative environment and rose to prominence in society. We have many people in history that broke the chains that bind them and rose as real achievers in every undertaking like innovations, in politics, in teaching, in literary field etc. How these people single handedly fought the negative environment? It is the Will power! At the same time we find people who exert minimum efforts and gain a lot. The hardworking category is not always fortunate to achieve their goals. Hence we cannot assert that ‘hard work alone will fetch us laurels. It is hard work combined with intelligence and making a right move at the right time lifts one. Hence time seems to play an important role. We can come to a conclusion that fate is nothing but the results of our own efforts or inaction! At the same time, all those who strive do not get appropriate results.

A riot toils day and night in the field to raise crops. When the crops are about to be harvested, there is torrential rain submerging the entire field. He had worked hard but nature has spoiled his efforts. Here we can attribute some unknown cause which resulted in loss to the riot. It is unexpected. In another case, a man tries his luck through lottery ticket. He finds that his ticket number fetches the coveted fortune and he becomes a millionaire overnight. But there is a proverb, “Fortune favor a few”. Hence we cannot always depend upon fortune. Human effort is necessary. God helps those who help themselves. If we sit idle, blaming fate and god, none will come to our rescue. Put your best efforts and leave the rest to God! “Idle mind is devil’s workshop’! Hence, none should remain idle. We are born in this world and god has granted us a mind with thinking capacity, discrimination and choice making abilities. At the same time, we should use our intellect to choose good over pleasant. Many people choose pleasant over good. This is the real choice we have to make. There is one more way. Perform your duties and well and leave the rest to god!

Only a pessimist will talk about fate and blame his stars. Even among the handicapped persons, there are several achievers. The inventor of “Braille” is a blind person. But he never bemoaned his fate but choose to help others with their blindness by opening a new concept in learning. Today we have many post graduates and Phd holders among the people who are born blind. Of course, there is a grand plan in creation and a particular blue print is adopted for each era. The world has witnessed golden times as well as dark ages even during previous eras. Conflicts will be there always since each person thinks differently and act differently. This variety really adds colors to creation. God has created varieties in every species of creation. Among human beings, no two people are similar except in the case of twins. Hence the crime branch is adopting ‘finger prints and iris’ to identify a criminal among others. In 99 out of one hundred cases, the finger prints lead the police to pinpoint a criminal. Several factors go in the making of each person. His family, their affluence, the society, the teachers, the peers and many other factors go into the making of a person. I cannot be markedly different from my parents. I will exhibit only such traits which was present in my parents and friends! People visit temples and churches to purify their conscious. Though they go there to pray, the vibes in the temples and churches enter into our conscious without our knowledge.

In places where huge quantity of electricity is produced, we are prevented from going into the vicinity of power plants. There will be a great thrust due to electro magnetism though we never contact them in person. These magnetic forces are similar to the microwaves in atmosphere. After the invention of mobile towers and microwave towers, environmentalists talk about harmful effects of radiation from mobile towers. Even indiscriminate use of mobile phones harms our brain. In the above circumstances, we should desist from venturing around places where radio waves are in abundance. Also in atomic power plants, the employees wear a special suit to prevent harmful radiation affecting their health. Here we perforce make a decision not to go near such plants.

Hence, it is futile attempt to think about ‘fate or freewill’. Instead let us do our duties and rest in peace without bothering about the outcome or results. If we are concerned more about the results, we will never perform our work perfectly. The very idea of outcome will prevent us to concentrate on the task in hand!

Fate or free will?


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