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Do our Life follow our whims and fancies?

Updated on November 30, 2011

Even our choices are restricted to our destiny!

Our life do not depend upon our whims and fancies. If it is so, every body would have achieved their heart's desires. But Providence play a greater role. Some times our plans succeed but at other times we fail miserably. Our perceptions of life are mostly incorrect. In fact, we have no control over our thoughts and our body too behave differently against our own volition. Hence many people say, "In spite of my efforts, things turned differently and they easily blame their own fate or God. The fact is that we carry a 'blue print' of our life while we take birth. In a way, it is fixed but we have got a leeway to work out for our progress withing the fixed points and dimensions of the blue print. I will explain this point a little more. In rural villages, cattle is tended for milk and other needs. But we won't let them graze as per their instincts. In India, what we generally do is, "Tie a rope to the neck of a cow and tie the other end of the rope to a tree or post leaving a length of several feet for the free grazing. In the life of human beings too, this hold good. We are allowed certain freedom to act but at the same time our over all destiny is fixed like the rope length. The cow can not graze beyond the length of the rope. It has to graze within the circumference to which it can move based on the length of the rope.

During the birth itself, we are restricted to a great extent. The affluence or otherwise of the parents dictates our well being. We have seen the marked difference of children taking birth in a capitalist country and affluent home to that of poverty stricken countries. When we ponder over those differences, we can understand that there must be a reason for this. This proves that the child had a previous life and the activities and thinking of those previous births influence the present birth. It is just like the Newton's law of action and reaction. If you consider God as a just One, there should be no disparity. But God is Love and God is Justice as per the religious scriptures and philosophies. Hence we can not blame God for our follies. He has given us discriminatory power and intelligence to act. We are aware what is good and bad. But animals and other species do not have this discriminatory power. They act based on their instincts. When man exercise a choice, the results will follow him without fail. Hence saints and prophets warn man to heed to the conscience and act as per its directions. If you are not able to hear the silent whisper of the inner conscience, you can follow the scriptures or your parents and elders. Never hurt any body. Then you won't come to grief. If you cause paint to others, you will definitely reap the same amount of pain in future through somebody else. Hence even powerful autocrats fall after some time.

Hence nobody has a free choice over life since it is already determined by the actions of previous births. In Civil Engineering, there is a plan based on which the foundation is laid and the basement is raised. You can not construct a wall where there is no basement structure. Hence you have to strictly follow the basement for continuing your superstructure. This plan is already fixed during our birth itself. It is the invisible blue print which charters our future course of actions.

My students are My Life-Saibaba!


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