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Do traditionalist male's feel challenged by Christ as head of the house?

Updated on May 5, 2010
Take good care He is in all places
Take good care He is in all places

Does Jesus sit at your table

Jesus was certainly not afraid to elevate women to the rightful status we see throughout the BIBLE. And he always remembered his Father, though it's clear that he held equal status with God in Heaven.

I wonder sometimes, like a lot of others, I suppose, how would i treat the savior in my own house, especially if he took on the character of a homeless person, an animal, or a woman? Jesus alive, shunned the bright lights, fancy clothes, and wealth of those who felt righteous before him, and was enraged that people would elevate their affairs above those of God.

The temple priests, with their alms, fancy robes and tall hats must be like some of the reverands' today who tout money, fancy clothes, huge auditoriums to gather larger and larger crowds, and "big choirs" to help promote whatever they wish to sell. Would Jesus be on television or on the internet? Remember how poor he and the disciples were?

Jesus said to pray in silence and hide good deeds from others lest others assume that we lack humility. He loved to be around people, not just when he was preaching but at a wedding or festival, where he plainly enjoyed the company, the food and wine. He was not above a little sorcery either, when food or wine was running low, or when he quelled the storm for the sake of his beloved desciples, feared for thier lives.

Whatever Jesus set out to do, it was to demonstrate his love for mankind and not to elevate himself in the eyes of others. Even his death was chosen in a way that would serve as a lasting sacrifice for everyone. The fact that this simple man tranformed almost all of the known world without riches, cannon, or armor, is both amazing and humbling.

The fact that others wish to transform the world for their own ends by controlling others through force and bribery, further adds to the mystique of Christ. He acknowledged that we are sinners, nevertheless, man in his pettiness, tries to overthrow the will of god by banishing the sinner from church and by judging him to hell. Christ never taught control through fear but that we are to love one another.

Many say that there is nothing after death. There is a loving presence at death and after that makes the trials of our life here seem like nothing, and the hereafter like coming home. Having made that mysterious journey three times now, only to be sent back to "get it right" is a humbling experience.

I wanted to shout the last time: Now God? Can i stay now? But I was roughly torn back to my battered body where I could hardly keep my secret. The next morning I was bombarded with questions from orderlies, nurses, and doctors. They could not believe that I survived 2 comas and a massive infection after surgery in a matter of 19 days.

One doctor who had "brought me back" was staring at me and looking up. then he asked me: "What were you pointing at while you were out?" You were clearly pointing up at something while in a deep coma" We had already called your daughter for permission to "pull the plug" the morning you popped up and scared the nurse almost out of her wits."

Thanks for letting me share. This is the first time I have recalled for others in depth the event that changed my life, permanently.

Jesus As Head of household

Who is head of your household?

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    • profile image

      Darlene 6 years ago

      I lift my hands in Praise to the One and Only TRUE GOD!!! I too have experience an after death situation and Know that Jesus gave his all for us sinners who is worthy of nothing but have everything through Christ...Thank you brother for allowing GOD to use you.

    • Hussains profile image

      Hussains 7 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Thanks for sharing your experience and wonderful thoughts.

    • davidisaiah profile image

      davidisaiah 7 years ago from Klamath Falls, Oregon

      If we all were to treat one another as if we as if we were Christ, as if angels were in our presence, at home, on the road, or in others' homes what a different world it would be.

      After having a heart attack, I too was pulled back. Once after accidentally, (or are there no accidents?) overdosing on medication, I was in a coma for 24 hours and came back.

      Love is powerful. Whatsoever we do!

      Thanks for posting this hub!