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Do you Listen When GOD speaks?

Updated on August 6, 2011

Who will be heard?

With so many pastors, preachers, evangelists, etc today, one is moved to ask:"Who speaks for GOD?" It is indeed sad that the world is filled with those who would use the desire for hope and willingness to serve god for their own financial gain and desire for status. Many give themselves titles in order to portray that they are official; but Truth Is...They are false and not of God in any way

Take the charismatic preacher, the most popular of all today. The meaning of the word charisma is taken from its Root word: "charm"; to charm is to cast a spell upon, or in other words it is a form of witchcraft. Yet, this is the pastor many if not most gravitate to in modern society. Why? Because they tickle the ears of their listeners, they speak only of the rewards and promises of GOD and rarely or never of the requirements laid forth in the bible. 2timothy4:3,4 speaks of this.

We are now living in the time of the end. The times spoken of at Matthew 24:14, @Timothy 3:16, and other places. Yet many fail to grasp the true essence of what Jesus taught in order to prepare TODAY's christian for this time.

Jesus continually stressed LOVE, love for others, family, friends, strangers; Paul and the other apostles did the same.Hebrews 13:1,2. Over and again I have spoken of our unwillingness to help others outside of "our circle" of friends. This of course is against everything that Jesus taught. Jesus said that if you help only those who are your friends, then what difference is there between you and the rest of the world? Considering that we are to be different than the rest of the world that is strong words of admonition and correction indeed!

Sadly, many are willing to risk their salvation in order to hold onto their own views of how God is to be served, totally ignoring what HE says in his word the bible. God means what HE says and there is NOTHING you can do to change that.

God now has me stressing continuously the need for us to genuinely show, feel and have intense love for one another and those outside our circle. The time is fast approaching when your money will be of no use to you and you like everyone else will HAVE to rely on GOD and the presence of his love in others in order to survive. Now you may be one of those Christians you know will be under great and intense stress and peril. If you have a red letter bible you'll notice these words are in RED meaning JESUS said it; care to call him a liar? Well you do every time you talk of prosperity in these troubled times and also when you name it claim it in the name of Jesus who actually said the reward would come AFTER he returns.

It's time to get real people. it's time to learn how to love others and to help others, and to care about more than enjoying yourselves. We talk a good game but when it comes time to act on things we always seem to throw it back at GOD and tell people:"you need prayer", or "Talk to the Lord and He'll help you". God uses people, and YOU are the one HE intended to help when HE sent that person to you. HE is giving you the opportunity to SHOW the love you claim you have. 1John 3:17. In other words, if I or anyone comes to you asking for help and you have the money for the outing you plan to attend in your pocket, or the club, party, shopping, dinner out etc, and you turn that brother away, GOD SAYS you don't have the love of GOD in you. This is in the bible, and not from my mouth. TRUST IT!

I again offer that every time someone comes to you seeking help and you deny them you place yourself under judgement, THIS too is found in GOD's word at Matthew 25:31-45; I suggest you pray before and after reading these verses and see if and how it applies to you.

God has expressed his attitude towards those who refuse to follow his will HIS way and cling to doing things their way. You can't mix your way with his way and expect a positive response. Soon we all will see just how serious HE is.

In the time of the end there will be more and more crying out to the Lord and many will go unheard. Contrary to what is widely taught and believed, there ARE prayers that GOD does NOT listen to, and those are the prayers of those who know or have been told and taught what HE really wants and they do what they want instead. Isaiah 1:12-17

How about you? are you willing to let go of your materialistic mind and ways and reach out in obedience to others as it is required of you? If you want to be heard when you cry out to GOD you will! Truth Is...

Yes, there will be MORE discussion of this matter, consider this the Prelude!

B-blessed, be obedient


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