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Do you believe in Fairies? We do in our home.

Updated on August 22, 2016

Do you believe in Fairies? We do in our home.

I could remember since a little girl believing in fairies and their wonderland. My first being Tinker Bell like most young girls. What a beautiful character to look up. She brings children to a place of wonder and imagination. Flying, spreading pixie dust, and my favorite tinkering around. Looking back, I used to do the same. Taking things apart such as old radios, toys, or putting things together to make my own creation. I would do these things without question and be proud what I came up with even though to an adult would be nothing.

With that being said we continue to believe and honor the fairies in our home. We have fairy doosr, furniture, and status of them all over in our home and gardens. They keep my children’s mind open to a world of wonder and that just believe factor of life.

So what is the true history of fairies, in brief. Well I think most would agree they come from the home land of Europe and such. I meet a few people from the home land of Ireland and asked if they believe in the fairies. Their response was promising that they do!! How exciting to bring that world of wonder back and actually believe in them as adult. It brings smiles to my heart as that of a child would have.

Before organized religion took place in the Mother Lands of Europe, people of the land believed in fairies. They were thought to be spirits and called Little People or the Hidden People. Before Christianity and other organized religions, the nature fairies where gods, goddesses or spirits of nature and to be honored as such.

We welcome fairies in our home because it’s part of our heritage on my grandmother side. She herself has been honoring them and remembering them since I can remember. So in a sense we honor our ancestries and our true roots. Besides how fun to make fairy gardens and play ticks on the kiddos to keep their world of wonder and dreaming going. Such as the poplar Elf on the shelf has done for the kiddos. Whatever your beliefs are, keep the world of wonder open to our children as they need this in a world that we have today.

Check me out on Periscope to see a video that goes along with article. You can find me by searching @RevHolly on periscope or

Check out Carolyn Emerick @ She does a beautiful job with her article’s and research of folklore, myths and legends of Europe.


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