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Do you doubt, God's Justice?

Updated on February 25, 2016

Fear not God's justice!

God is not a tyrant!

There is absolute justice in God’s kingdom. We are using our body through various sense organs and the mind is the vital force behind the misleading senses. Hence, if one utilizes his body to commit some bad deed, the particular organ which aided the bad deed as well as the mind is affected. When justice is met out, physically, the organ responsible for the bad deed is affected along with mental worry. Some people suffer from cataract and other eye problems. We may surmise that the eye was engaged in some sort of evil deed and hence the eye suffers through the mind. The eye and mind connived together to commit some bad deed. Hence, in the books of god, each such transgression is accounted for and it will be nullified only when the particular organ suffers due to defect.

Hence all the defects in the body parts could be attributed to some past deeds. In a similar manner, if one commits good deeds through the eyes, ear, tongue and hands, he will be blessed with perfect eyes and other organs. Hence, we notice some octogenarian flaunts perfect visions and hearing capacities. We also notice even young boys and girls are born with defective vision or defective hearing. Hence for all these handicaps, there are causes. Without a cause, no effect could take place. I heard an episode narrated by a senior devotee of Saibaba, who has easy access to Saibaba. A wealthy and handsome couple reached the abode of Sathya Saibaba along with their two beautiful kids. On the first look, none can notice any disorder in the family. The couple approached the senior devotee with a request to intercede with Saibaba for a personal audience.

The devotee was anxious to help the family and hence, he approached Saibaba and conveyed the request of the family for an audience. The devotee said, the family and the kids are beautiful but there seems to be some want which they want to convey to you. Saibaba remarked ‘you are saying they are beautiful. Do you know that their children are blind? The devotee could not notice the defect since there was no indication that the beautiful kids are blind. He returned to the family and enquired whether the children are blind? The couple affirmed that the children are born blind and hence needed the blessings of Saibaba for a cure to the blindness. The devotee again approached Saibaba and conveyed the news that the children are blind and Saibaba should bless them and relieve their suffering. Saibaba did not reply and went away. In the next morning, Saibaba himself came to the senior devotee and shown a newspaper article. The devotee read it and he was sad to note that a step mother has blinded the boys born to the first wife. Saibaba asked him, “What will you do?. The devotee replied with anger, that he would blind the eyes of the step mother. To this Saibaba replied, “God never do that. He sees that the children born to the step mother are blind!

God never engage himself in tit for tut acts. He wants to correct the mindset of the stepmother by giving her two blind sons. This way, she will learn in the long run, that she is responsible for her present condition. Regarding the blind boys, leave it to my concern. They will remain happy! On that day, the devotee learned that a great riddle was revealed regarding karma and cause and effect’. It has become evident on that day that none can escape their past deeds. Whether it is good or bad, we are the cause. God is a mere witness and he is not responsible for the happiness or sorrow of anyone on earth. He has blessed the human beings with intelligence and discrimination. But, it is we, who fail to use them in proper way to engage in beneficial acts. How god is responsible?

Saibaba once narrated an example to clarify this point. He said, God is like a Postman, who simply delivers the letters to the CORRECT ADDRESSEE, but he is not concerned about the contents of the letters. Some letters may convey good news, yet some letters may reveal sad news. But god simply delivers the post and there ends his work. It is we, who are responsible for the news, the letters convey! Hence never blame god for your acts or mistakes. Desist from evil and you can live happily. Engage in bad deeds and reap the results for sure. Having planted a neem seed, how can you expect a mango fruit?

Love and Justice!


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    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 24 months ago from India

      Yeah now you have clarified your point and I agree that the law of karma is above all.