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Do you dream within a dream?

Updated on October 6, 2016

We live in a dream state!

We are always in a dream state!

Have you heard the dictum, ‘a dream within a dream’? What it means to us”? Someone dreams and within a dream, he gets another dream! This phrase itself is the outcome of non-dual philosophy, advocated by many saints and sages! The chief among them was Aadhi Sankara, a famous recluse who lived during 6th century, born in Kerala in a pious Brahmin family. His father expired when he was a small boy. Once, he went to the river for bathing. He was crying calling his mother! He said, ‘a big crocodile has caught my leg! If only you give permission to me to embrace ‘sanyasa’, the crocodile may leave me! His mother was inconsolable. She blurted out, “I want you to be alive, If embracing ‘sanyas’, the crocodile leave you, I have no objection! Most painfully, she gave him permission and the boy ‘Sankara” chanted the ‘sanyasa’! He was let off! There are many things which catch our eye!

The mundane life is comparable to the ‘crocodile in the river’. By opting to become a recluse (sanyasi), one relinquishes the present status of life (bounded to life through the body/mind complex). In fact, Sankara was never interested in leading a mundane life. His very purpose of coming to earth is to revive the philosophy of non-dualism or Advaita. After observing his entire life spanning only 32 years, many wise people have come to the conclusion that he was an incarnation of Lord Parameshwar or Shiva! Yes, the supreme creator always sends sages, saints and prophets to the world, to maintain the equilibrium of good and evil. If people were allowed to lead their life as their mind dictates, the world would have descended to chaos and anarchy long back. This was prevented by the Lord by sending a galaxy of great people at different points of time in different places such as Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Vivekananda, Sri Yogananda and the like. I have not included all. The number of such holy incarnation is legion. Because of the presence of holy man amongst the people, there is some sort of semblance to peace!

Atma is the only reality!

Non-dual philosophy!

It was those Advaita philosophers, who pronounced that the world of creation as unreal, illusion and manifestation of mind. In reality, the Self alone exists. But most of the worldly people are engulfed in deep ignorance and we believe that we are here to enjoy the sensory pleasures. Wealth, wife and children, job, status and fame are the only aims of human life. We have seen that many billions of people lived in this world, but left empty handed after earning and acquiring wealth and properties. Even the great emperor Alexander has realized this great truth, when his end was nearing. He conquered many countries but at the end departed with empty hands! What is the use of wealth and properties, relatives and friends, if none could save one from death?

In all the religious scriptures of the world, this plain truth is emphasized many a times! During the great Mahabarath war, Lord Krishna accepted the role of ‘charioteer’ to the warrior Arjuna was eager to embark on the war, since his cousins cheated his brothers, Draupadhi and others. They usurped their Kingdom, offering them nothing in return! Hence Krishna himself interceded for the sake of brothers of Arjuna but he accepted that his mission was a ‘failure as far as Kaurava’s are concerned”. He wanted to broker peace, which was not acceptable to the wicked Kauravas. Hence the war has become inevitable. While the Kauravas had gathered many warriors on their side, Arjuna had Krishna as his guide and guardian. Only few kings and their army were with Pandava brothers. Even the army of Krishna was with Kauravas as per the promise given by Krishna. But, the wicked Kauravas never understood the power of Krishna! He was an incarnation of god. Though he had not wielded any weapon in the war, his timely advice, and many a times saved Arjuna from death! Thus Krishna saw to that the righteous path adopted by Arjuna and others succeed in the end. In the battle all the one hundred brothers of Kaurava clan were killed along with their supporters and well-wishers. In Arjuna’s side, there were many losses of people! Arjuna lost his own son Abhimanyu due to the wickedness of many people surrounding him. As per the rules of war, only single combat is allowed but in the case of Abhimanyu, many people surrounded him and attacked him! Before the commencement of the Great War, a seminal teaching in the form of Bagawat Gita was disseminated to Arjuna by Krishna! In that, Krishna explains the illusory nature of the world and human existence! He clarifies that the Self alone is real and all else is illusion! This is the seminal teachings of Krishna!

Krishna teaches!

Bagawat Gita teaches "Desire less actions!

Initially Arjuna argued with Krishna, ‘what is the use of killing my own people like my great grandfather and preceptor? With the blood stained hands, how I can enjoy ruling the Kingdom? Then Krishna explained him, “you are just an instrument in my hand’, it is your duty to fight! DO NOT BOTHER ABOUT THE OUTCOME! Yes, this single teaching is the essence of performing ones duties in the world! We have right to perform actions or duty, but we have no right over the outcome or results. Perform the duties and surrender the results to god! Relinquishing the effects, the duties will be performed in a perfect manner! If one has an eye on the outcome, the performance will be thwarted!

If every individual perform his duty without bothering about the results, the world will remain in harmony and peace! These are all dubbed as “DESIRELESS ACTIONS”, which are supreme ways to reach the abode of god! We won’t incur sin or merit when we perform our duty without an eye on the results! Even now, this philosophy could be applied by all in the world. Everyone can achieve the aim of life by performing ‘desire less actions”


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