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Do you like your cup of tea spiritually light or dark?

Updated on October 28, 2015
PD- US, 1923 Antonio Mancini- 1907 via Wikimedia commons
PD- US, 1923 Antonio Mancini- 1907 via Wikimedia commons

We all have heard and seen the memes of the green frog sipping that cup of tea but it’s none of his business. Social media frenzy and all the ways of communicating has facilitated bullying. It’s wrong and unacceptable and no one is immune to it. For the purpose of this article I’m going to focus on Psychic, Spiritual, and Metaphysical Facebook groups and what occurs behind the computer. It’s so easy to sit behind a computer with a fake profile and bash someone who is trying to learn and develop their spirituality. I have been on Facebook since 2010 I do believe, so you could say roughly 5 years. I’ve seen and experienced the brunt of Facebook bullying firsthand, so I speak from personal experiences and observations.

What prompted me to write this article today was that I was utterly and surprisingly shocked by people bullying a member of a spiritual group because of the way she looked in her picture. She was asking for a reading and was cyber bullied for her appearance. The worse thing is that many members of this group are in the group for all the wrong reasons. A couple of people responded negatively and then others followed suit? Only a few light workers actually defended this person and others mocked and made some very virulent and atrocious comments. What is wrong with this picture? We are all adults and way past high school. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles I can relate to these attacks because growing up I experienced this on all levels emotional, verbal and physical. I immediately prayed for this lady. She had just experienced a psychic attack.

The words you use have POWER! That’s right, words are POWERFUL! Most people become members of a spiritual or psychic group for the following reasons.

  • Spiritually awakenings – You’re becoming awakened on a conscious level and more spiritually in tune.

  • Curious – You may be skeptic or wanting to learn more on the topic of spirituality.

  • Light worker – You are already awakened perhaps and want to help others while learning yourself.

  • Professional – You are a professional and gifted and you want to help provide insight and help others on their development.

  • In the Closet – You may be in the closet and not wanting others to know your identity but there’s a willingness to learn.

The list could go on and on but if you are a member in any group there are rules to follow. I’ve seen many people attack others for the following reasons.

  • EGO – The person is blinded and only their opinion is the correct one and others are automatically wrong.

  • Beliefs – Your beliefs are very different than someone else. Therefore you will let it be known publically how you feel. Sometimes this is disseminated in a helpful or hurtful way.

  • Venting– You might know the other person but you are going through some personal issues and need to vent.

  • Attention – You want attention drawn at all costs and regardless of the situation you will hurt others with hateful or toxic comments.

  • Self-Hate – There’s something not correct within yourself that needs to be addressed therefore you suppress your emotions and lash out at others based on how you feel.

  • Dark Workers – Any individual in any group and they are there for dark purposes and just to cause or incite drama. They operate from a darker perspective and this goes way beyond EGO. They will private message you and attack you.

Now going back to the power of your words. If you are attacking someone within any group. You words can have a profound effect on someone else. You may or might not realize that you have unleashed a chain of events that not only impacts the other person but yourself as well. Yes, KARMA! The words we speak and how we use these words often affects the person who uses them. You can create good or bad KARMA using your words. Here’s some of the effects caused by negative attacks.

  • Psychic Attack – Your words have just attacked someone on a spiritual level. Kind of like a curse or a hex, you have thrown bad energy at someone. This person may even suffer physically from headaches, nausea, body pain, and just feeling ill because you didn’t think before you spoke. This is VERY serious!

  • Ripple Effect – Kind of like influential people, your negative attacks aimed to someone else can have a ripple effect and cause others to join in and jump on the bandwagon. It’s a trend that occurs daily. Some people are followers and not leaders.

  • Self Esteem – You might have hurt someone so bad with your words and expressions that they are broken. They may feel really bad and emotionally cry or feel awful for days.

  • Stagnation – You might cause someone who was on their spiritual path to feel confused and lost. They might stop trying to learn more all because you wanted to inflict pain.

  • Leaving – Good spiritual people often leave these groups because they can feel the negative energy of these bullies and often want no part of it. They will leave the group or stop participating.

You might have a pre-conceived notion about someone but that’s your opinion. Never judge someone by their appearances or beliefs. It’s WRONG. If you are a member of the group please let a member of admin know so they can become aware and stop this. If you don’t agree with something feel free to express it in a mature and insightful way. Don’t hurt someone else for attention. Remember how you treat others is not a reflection of them but of yourself. Your words show your true colors and who you really are. So if you are sipping some tea make sure it’s full of light not darkness. If you serve darkness then you’re probably in the wrong groups where light workers or spiritual individuals want to grow and learn.

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If you are going to sip some tea here’s things to put in your cup.

  • LOVE – It’s free and doesn’t cost anything – share it, sprinkle it, and give it to others.

  • KINDNESS – Be kind to others. Someone may look at a picture and think the person is happy but you never know what they are going through personally.

  • UNDERSTANDING – We are all on different learning curbs and learn differently. Don’t bash someone else because they are learning.

  • LIGHT – As light workers spreading your wisdom and light to help others is amazing and helps you.

  • PATIENCE – You might get discouraged because someone is learning faster than you or received a reading and you haven’t. Don’t rush and be patient, your time will arrive.

  • DEFEND – Don’t just sit there and allow others to bully someone. Defend them or report it. If you do nothing you are just contributing to the situation. Remember we all have freewill. You know what’s right and wrong.

Always ask yourself if what you’re about to say is KIND, HELPFUL, and POSITIVE. You can impact people in so many ways that you can’t imagine. If you do something do it with LOVE always. You will always prosper and be successful. This is not just for groups. Apply this to any other area or place in your life. You will have a long and successful journey and you never have to wonder if KARMA will come back to haunt you. Speak lovingly and you’ll be blessed. Thank you and blessings in love n light. X


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