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Do your blessings often come in disguise?

Updated on March 27, 2012
Believe In Yourself
Believe In Yourself | Source

I'm a firm believe in everything happens for a reason, whether we realize it right away, after awhile or don't realize until we've been welcomed into God's Kingdom. I've gone through a lot in my life and have relied on prayer and God saving grace. There have been times my prayers either weren't answered or answered in a different way. You see, when in prayer we ask God for something he may decide it's what we want yet, not what we need. He will give us what we need. There have been plenty of times I've received surprises not always realizing that He is answering my question in his way, not mine. That's why now, I always tell myself not to get worked up because God will do what is best for me and I leave it in his hands.

Just recently I was concerned because my youngest daughter is graduating this coming June and she will be turning 18 years old the end of that month. I currently get social security death benefits for her that stop at that time. I was desperately trying to budget my income so that I could keep our condo and the numbers just don't add up with only my income to rely on. I couldn't talk this over with her because it was cause her anxiety and she already voiced her concern so adding more stress wouldn't be fair. But then, what am I going to do? I kept asking myself, is there a way I can work this out? Can I cut back on household expenses? Just have a house phone, no cells, or only cells, no house phone, the questions kept coming yet there were no answers on the horizon or so I thought.

My older daughter is getting married the end of this month. She has two children and a step son, making them a smaller version of the Brady Bunch except, they will be the Goguen's. She approached me with an idea, she, her husband, the kids and my youngest could live at my place, take over the mortgage, insurance, taxes, water and sewer bill with the understanding that they will buy the condo from me at a later date. I could get my go rent my own place and cut back on quite a few of my expenses. We all talked this over and I agreed with the stipulation that yes but only if my youngest was okay with those arrangements. She was, apparently she had talked this over with her sister before I was approached. This is a four bedroom condo and would be to big for just us two and we wanted them back in this area. Those times that I was praying and trying to figure something out I kept saying if I win the lottery I could pay off this place, pay off all my bills and then we would be all set. Well, God was listening and he answered me in his way which is fine with me. I did win the lottery, my daughter and grandchildren will be living closer and that's a winner to me.

That's just one example of how I received a blessing from God. There are quite a few more where that came from but I will leave them for another time, another place, another hub.


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