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Does Christianity Explain Anything

Updated on July 14, 2019
david tee profile image

Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

It is an interesting question

One that does not originate with me. It comes from Alister McGrath’s book ‘A Fine Tuned Universe’. many people turn to science because science is supposed to be the tool that explains different organisms, how they work and so on.

Sadly, science fails as it is incapable of explaining everything. While science is good at explaining how evaporation and similar processes work, it cannot explain how life originated on this planet or how the universe came to be.

It also fails at explaining how gravity works and why, along with many other issues called scientific mysteries. To find answers, we need a better source of information.

Does Christianity explain anything

It would be easy to say yes to that question but the reality is, Christianity is the faith that follows the God and the book that can and do explain many things. While God leave sit up to science to figure out how certain processes work or how we can get different colors by mixing other colors together, God did not give science the capability to explain other issues.

For example, God did not give science the ability to explain our origins. The rise of different languages, the rise of different nations and so on. Nor did he give it the power to explain where sin, good and evil and other aspects of life came from.

That he put in his book called the Bible. The Bible does explain our origins, it explains how the universe came t be and it also provided the source for sin, good and evil, different languages as well as the origins of a vast amount of people.

So indirectly, yes Christianity explains a lot. Christianity, through the Bible also explains how to get to the truth.

Does Christianity tell us how to build a desk

When someone wants a desk built a cabinet maker does not turn to the bible to find step by step instructions. He turns to his knowledge, more experienced cabinet makers and so on to get the desk built.

What Christianity does, is tell that cabinet maker how to be honest in his work, how to have integrity and other vital personal characteristics needed to build a fine desk that is worthy for someone else town. It also tells the cabinet maker how to sell that desk to a customer, always telling the truth, and so on.

Science can easily tell a cabinet maker how to build a solid desk but since it has no morals, it cannot instruct the cabinet maker on how to be an upright citizen who has a great reputation. who is known by elders of the city.

Science doe snot have the authority needed to compel the cabinet maker to follow a certain path or morality because it does not have rule over any moral standard nor possesses any.

What does Christianity also explain

If one looks at the New Testament, one sees that a full creation account is not recorded in its first book. This tells us that God does not have to be redundant and repeat himself when a new testament is given between him and his people.

The acts he did and were recorded in the Old Testament do not have to be re-recorded to have any validity. Christianity tells us that those events are only going to happen once and will not fit any modern secular science model.

This includes Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Jesus is not redundant either and does not go through that act every time someone wants it done.

Christianity, through the Bible also explains that the order of things that God has instituted on earth. In both Testaments, the man is to be the head of the family. Then the Bible gives the man his instructions on how he is to lead and govern.

Christianity, through the Bible, also explains why so many men fail in their duties as head of the family. That failure is not permission to throw out the Bible and God’s ways but a plea for others to spring into action and help those who have lost their way.

Christianity also explains right and wrong

If done right, the people who are members of the Christian faith cast a long light into the shadows and shows the world that there is such a thing as right and wrong. The faith takes its message again from the Bible where the God who sees and knows all explained the difference to his creation.

Without this teaching, the world would be like Nineveh in the time of Jonah, not knowing their right hand from their left. Those who do not want to live by God’s standard of right and wrong work hard to obliterate it through the championing of rights.

If everyone has the right to do as they please and live as they want, then there would be no need for judges, lawyers or a legal system. Laws would be useless as well. Anyone would be able to do as they please because they have the right to do it and that attitude would extend to sexual sins and crimes.

Women and young girls would never be safe nor be treated in the manner that God wants. Christianity explains how we are to live and its teachings come from God and Jesus.

Unfortunately there is such a thing as false teaching and the people of the world cannot blindly accept a point or instruction blindly just because someone claimed to be Christian.

Some final words

Yes, Christianity explains a lot of things about life that science cannot do. Science is incapable of doing it because it does not have the moral authority or any authority to be the final say on anything.

Science cannot explain how we are to live for it doesn’t know how to live correctly itself. To find the truth one needs to go to the Christian faith and read the book to find all the answers they need.

Of course, they would need the help of the Spirit of Truth to understand what they are reading but that is explained in the Bible also. If you want the right answers, you need to go to the true Christian to find them.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      21 months ago from Philippines

      it would depend on how you define morality. leading sinful lives is not leading a moral life even if you do not commit crimes. obvious, atheists can lead generic moral lives but their denial of God and Christ is still an immoral act.

      lying is immoral, as are other similar acts that do not follow God's rules and instructions.

    • John Welford profile image

      John Welford 

      21 months ago from Barlestone, Leicestershire

      If you are saying that it is impossible to lead a moral life unless you are a Christian, you will have to explain why it is that millions of non-Christians across the world do precisely that.

      Unless - of course - you prefer to go for the circular, and utterly specious, argument that says that they cannot, by definition, be moral people, however much they might appear to be, because they don't follow the moral teachings of one particular religion.

    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      21 months ago from Philippines

      I am not sure if I understood you correctly or not

    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      21 months ago from Philippines

      I would be interested as I do freelance writing to make ends meet.This site hasn't paid off for me yet.

      We can chat and discuss fees etc. Oh and thanks for the fan mail and comments.

    • Martin Visconti profile image

      Martin Visconti 

      21 months ago from USA

      You certainly make several good points. Obviously you have thought about these things at length and apparently are educated in writing skills. I have been brainstorming and placing essays on a WP site to compile for a possible ebook or publication. I will need a writer, editor at some point. Maybe we can collaborate in the future.

      Enjoyed reading,



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