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Does God Care About Life & Death

Updated on July 28, 2016

Does he or doesn't he?????

Let me make it simple for you to understand this concept. Imagine there is a wound in your hand. Now, does it pain?. Yes it does. But, what will happen to the dead cells in the wound?. It gets replaced by new cells. That's new life. Now, are you worried about the wound after 2 days?. Not really, because you are not looking at the wound, you are looking at the whole body. As long as your wound doesn't kill you, you are not much worried because you know that wound will heal and new cells will replace old dead cells.

Now, take the case of God and this entire living beings on earth. Certainly, God is not worried about one person's life, just as you are not worried about your wound. God is worried only about sustaining life on earth. It doesn't matter how many people are killed or how many animals are killed. God sees life as a whole. For God, life and death is just a continuous process. And clearly he doesn't care much.

Does God Care About Life & Death

Does God Care About Life & Death?????

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