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Does God Exist: Arguments With Myself

Updated on July 28, 2011

Does God Exist?

Everyone ponders it at least once in their lifetime. Does God exist? Does ANY God exist? Is He a person? An object? Like the sun? An idea? What about the bible? What about the people in the bible? Why doesn't God send ANOTHER son down to die for our sins? Isn't the world bad enough to warrant it? Which religion is right? Are any of them right? Am I going to hell? This article probably isn't going to answer all of these questions. The intent here is to deliver some perspective onto religion from a person who isn't very religious, but not to persuade anyone to draw conclusions.

We Are ALL Unique

It's obvious. We're all unique and very different individuals. We were all brought up on different circumstances, made different life choices, and freely flowing thought processes. We were born in a variety of areas, lived a certain lifestyle, and were brought up on ideas and principles that were either passed on to us or learned throughout our existence. The thought that we are different isn't too impressive, but the fact on how different we are is mind blowing.

There's the physical differences, some of us have blonde hair, some of us are brunette (which, random thought, I just realized I'm a brunette... that's a pretty feminine word...) blue eyes, brown eyes, etc. Physical differences aren't the highlight of this article, however. It's the personality traits. Why are some of us happy all the time? Why are some people grumpy? Some of us are outgoing, and some shy. Do animals possess these traits? Never saw a grumpy dolphin before... I wonder if those exist... We as humans have these strange personalities about us, and even if animals do possess them (which I'm sure they do), you have to wonder why? Why aren't we drones? We have the free will to do whatever we feel like doing, when we want to. Sure there's consequences for every one of our actions, but the idea that we can actually do what we want is substantially amazing.

We have hopes and dreams. We wanted to fly, so we built airplanes. We wanted to go faster so we built cars. We wanted entertainment so we manipulated science, electricity, technology to create televisions. It's incredible that we as humans did this. What does this have to do with this article? It's when you ask why?

To be clear, I think a large amount of the bible is BS. I don't mean to insult anyone, but thinking that some guy parted a sea with God's help is pretty ridiculous. Same with healing someone with a touch of the forehead. But free will is where my mind wanders. This world, or even the universe, could do without it. From what I've found, nothing in this world exists just to exist. Everything has a purpose (I'll get to that later), except free will. It just does. And it's not physical. It's an invisible thought process that we all hear in our own minds, and it's as sacred or as public as we wish it to be.

I know some may say that "people will react based upon their upbringing and their surroundings," basically meaning that bad people will act bad because they had bad parents. Or they stole because they had to. Or they killed because they had to. It's true, and I won't argue that. However, people still have the choice. Some people steal because they just want what they are stealing (I.E. Winona Ryder). The fact of the matter is, some people do the things they do, just because they feel like doing it.

The World is Too Perfect

The largest things we can see, the sun and the moon, both have affect our world. We need the sun to survive, and based on what I've read, the moon helps with gravitational pull. From the largest object we can see in the sky, to the smallest, this world is way too perfect. The sun gives us warmth, we need it to survive. It gives us vitamins, it allows trees and plants to grow, and without it, we'd all be nothing. Then we look at what we can't even see at a molecular level. We need oxygen to breathe, we need blood cells, proteins, potassium, nitrogen, and then we move up from there to larger things that we need like plants for food, and animals for food, all the way to the top of the food chain. All the elements for life are just here for the taking! Even disease can help. In Africa, Malaria runs rampant, but people have developed Sickle Cell and can't get Malaria anymore. Evolution at its finest! And you religious nut jobs who say evolution doesn't exist need to open a book. We have magnetic fields that protect us, gravity, radiation that we manipulate for X-Rays, all this science is just here. And we need it.

I'm curious as to how far this actually goes. I mean, we have all this stuff we can't even see, yet it's so important to us. What about the other planets in our solar system? Do they somehow benefit us? Will the benefit us in the future? With no scientific backing on this, I have a thought process that goes somewhat like this: Most of the other planets are gasses, what if they are the provider of the elements we need? What if we're getting streaming doses of nitrogen from (whatever planet has a bunch of nitrogen)? Oxygen from the same planet? What if elements from the space around Earth are having their own chemical reactions and sprinkling our beautiful planet with life? It's too perfect. Even without my stupid theory, the facts that we KNOW are too perfect, as if someone had drawn them up. If there was a big bang, I would think that the odds of a planet as inhabitable as Earth being created are slim. Extremely slim.

And what about life on other planets? Where would God's jurisdiction end? Would he reign supreme over all of them? Is there more than one God? Again, people who are strictly science, I agree that the odds of no life on another planet are slim to none, and I'm not stating that there is a God, I'm asking why? We can answer why things exist, that's easy. Dirt grows grass, grass is there to feed animals that we use to live, etc. But big picture... we have this big ball that we live on, that lacks NOTHING that we need to survive, and I want to know- why?

Why is the Bible BS?

Look, I have no problem believe in anything until I'm offered up proof. Jesus could have been, and probably was a real person. He was probably a good guy. Did he heal people by touching them? Probably not. We see it on TV all the time! Some idiot punches some lady in the forehead, and she walks again! If this were the case, we wouldn't need doctors. My point is- people believe in that crap! People go to that guy's show and cheer and pray and freak out! People buy into these psychic hotlines, which, news flash, if psychics could predict the future, they'd have won the lottery and wouldn't need a job as a con artist. And I'm pretty sure, in today's modern age, that we're much more educated than the people were back then.

In my understanding, the bible is made up of a bunch of stories that a bunch of people threw together, and it was reported as truth. If the world was so in-touch with God, and he communicated with these people, why doesn't it still happen? Why did the bible stories end? Shouldn't God still be present? I mean, we're still here, we kind of need him sometimes. Look, nobody can heal people by hand unless they have a scalpel in it, and nobody can walk on water without trickery, and nobody can part a sea. There's plenty of religious people out there who deserve that honor, and God hasn't granted them that wish.


As you can see, after basically arguing with myself, I'm not positive on what I believe. I hadn't even touched on everything. There's an infinite amount of thinking a person can put into when it comes to God, religion, and just plain science. I do think there is a God, and I'm not sure if he/she/it has a plan- other than to let us enjoy this amazing journey we call life. I don't know if there's a hell. I don't know if there's an afterlife. But I have faith that there's someone who has created our home and is allowing us to live here, rent free. Regardless of who is right or wrong, we should all live our lives in a way that make us happy, without hurting the ones around us. There's more than enough world for all of us to make it into something we all can cherish.

I didn't mean to offend anyone with this article, and if I did, I apologize. Just sharing my thoughts. Feel free to share yours in the comments!


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    • profile image

      gobangla 6 years ago

      I find your arguments with yourself very interesting. I went through a lot of questioning like this on my road to becoming an atheist. I think god belief is very desirable for people, which is why it is so prevalent. I had a hard time giving up on belief in the afterlife and accepting that we humans are alone in the universe with no one looking out for our interests.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 6 years ago


      I never intended to denegrate your personal beliefs - after all, they are yours. I merely point out that there is a natural division between the known real and the hoped-for real. This line is rationality.

      Rationality (or reality if you prefer) is observer-independent. It is knowledge-independent. The only way we can divide the discussion is by using unambiguous definitions. If we say "that rock exists" and at the same time say "my soul exists" how can we possibly know what we mean or even what we are saying?

      Precision of language and definitions is required to make a specific claim.

      Belief has nothing to do with it.

    • profile image

      Thought-Provoking 6 years ago

      We all have meaning, you've found yours, i have found mine

    • profile image

      Thought-Provoking 6 years ago

      AKA WINSTON, i just wanted to throw out the fact that you think you are seeing the whole, that's why you say what you say, i do admit thought, you are right about rationality and irrational. But in the end it's easy for you to sit back in your seat and speculate how irrational supernatural things are, when you never experienced them yourselves. Now there's a limit to the amount of supernatural things i believe, but you think that is all religion is, and that is false, very false. Now I'm not one to bother with debates about the supernatural or God or anything like that. I have looked at things rattionaly, and from what i have studied in Philosophy, I have convictions to make me believe in a God, and let me also say this, just because you believe in a God doesn't mean that you have to believe in supernatural things and Magic as you say it. I mean many of the things we do today, would be called magic by many people in the past. Besides the figure of God you've been introduced with does not resonate with science all together, so you dismiss the whole idea. The eastern Perspective of God resonates beautifully with science. You've been introduced with a physical Matterialistic God, that god is easy to put down and can be easily proven not to exist. The thing is, when you rely on science, your not going to find all the answers to existence. But when we look deep within ourselves, and not just the physical world that surrounds us. We can find something greater. Whether you call it God, truth, Krishna, doesn't matter to me. you have found that meaning. But being an atheist is easy isn't it. There are many questions you guys have to ignore to be atheist. When you look at it. Does science tell us why we are here, who we really are, where we're going. Atheist can't find any proof or things to answer that. They just completely dismiss the whole notion of an all powerful being and anything else that isn't backed up by hard evidence. Then they accept that the universe is just random things happening one after the other. I'm not saying you have to believe in a God of some sort to find meaning in life, but in the end, I'm just letting you know, the type of God your trying to disprove is just never going to work. No one in the end can ever fully disprove that. No matter how hard you try it. In the end, you have your Beliefs, i have mine, as long as those beliefs aren't hurting other people or ourselves, and we are still benefiting society in some sort of way that is actually good. I see no reasons to hold unto our beliefs. I mean after all, as you believe we will all cease to exist after we die, so why the hell not. So if that turns out to be the fact, i see no harm.

    • nickshamrock profile image

      nickshamrock 6 years ago

      True we have no evidence of a God, but I tend to think about the science of things as well. We have energy in the universe, whether it be heat, mechanical, etc, and we have protons, neutrons, electrons that we're currently throwing together in a collider and creating matter that we've never witnessed before. My thought process is- 100 years ago, we would have never dreamed that these things existed, and the technology we have today would ever exist. Now the evidence is here and it's known fact. Now- there's evidence in the world that there is some poor information in the bible. And I get that, but there's no evidence that says there is no God. And until then, I'll have faith.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 6 years ago

      There are two points of view - the rational and the irrational. It is irrational to believe without evidence in the supernatural. That does not make it wrong.

      It does divide the discussion, though. If we talk about physical objects, we are talking about known realities.

      God talk, on the other hand, is about faith without evidence, the same as ideas of ghosts and other supernatural events.

      I never said you were wrong - just irrational.

    • profile image

      Thought-Provoking 6 years ago

      AKA Winston, I'm not going to get in a whole philosophical debate with you about God or anything. Let me just tell you this, the way you see the world is the way YOU SEE THE WORLD, you just disregarded what i just said, and completely squished in everything philosophy and religion with your experiences and how you see life. The fact of the matter is, your perspective no matter how universal you think it is, is not fact. It's OK if your an atheist, I have no problem with that, but when you start stating things from your perspectives as fact, even if you say i have science and this to back it up. That will never be enough. So before you start using your experiences and the way you've learned things in the world as the only fallible way of things being done, stop and think. Then realize that what you think you understand about the world isn't iron protected is right against everything. The universe and existence itself is more complex then any of us will ever comprehend, in the end it all falls down to belief. Being an Atheist requires as much faith as a believer needs faith to believe in what ever supernatural being that it is they believe in. When person starts stating their beliefs as fact, I believe that it is very foolish, and quite childish in itself.

    • Michael Davis profile image

      Michael Davis 6 years ago

      Great hub. I am a Christian pastor and was not offended by your article. Loved it! Thank you for being honest and causing all to stop and think.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 6 years ago

      The greatest wisdom from the bible is this: When I became a man, I put away childish things.

      Belief in magical creatures is childish thinking - regardless of which side of the world it comes from.

    • profile image

      Thought-Provoking 6 years ago

      If you start reading eastern philosophy, Your perspectives on things may change, trust me, the only reason the west has so many atheists and people who defect is because of the religious nut jobs that have used the teachings of the bible and jesus wrong. The west has an arrogance and idiocy unlike any other. I have struggled just as much as you in my faith also, sometimes i feel it's hard being a christian, because many of western religion is shrouded by dark history of human follies, but who knows maybe one day that will change. Anyways good Article

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 6 years ago

      The key question to ask yourself is what do I mean when I say "so and so" exists? What does exist mean?

      Physics has a strict and unambiguous definition: physical presence, that which has shape and location.

      If you hypothesize god with shape and location then you can say he is a physical object and exists, but then you would have to explain where he is located and how he interacts with other physical objects.

      If you propose an immaterial god, you have just admitted he does not exist in any real sense - a god without shape and location is no different than a fairy or an invisible flying dragon - in other words, they only live in the land created by magical thinking.


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