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Does God Particle Negates God?

Updated on March 11, 2014

Compatibility of Higgs boson with believer's perception of God?

What does the discovery of the Higgs boson by CERN means to the Muslims & other Monotheistic faith groups, is a question of main concern to all and needs to be answered by the respective clergy of each faith group to advise the follower where do they stand in terms of blind faith compared to this scientific discovery & proclamation that it is responsible, presumably, for the big bang, with tremendous power to start time, space and the universe.

Obviously, the religious leaders will refer back to their respective scripture & book of revolutions to see what God says in this regard and conclude if discovery of God like particle (if true) is compatible with the divine messages or if it negates the existence of God?

For believers, God has revealed himself through various scriptures, advising mankind; how he created everything, including Adam & Eve to start the human race on this planet & given everything there in at the disposal & discretion of mankind to investigate, explore & discover to recognize, venerate, praise and has reverence for the Creator.

There is no limit and binding in this pursuit of knowledge, but scientific discovery like this is on a direct collision path with the perception of God as revealed in the sacred scriptures. This is not the first time believers are facing this situation. A few decades ago when man landed on the moon it was not accepted by believers who issued creeds prophesying doomsday at the corner.

Depending upon how we perceive the God particle without understanding the insight of it, in comparison to the spiritual God revealed through scriptures, it may confuse the believers due to its name as "God Particle" in comparison to the concept of God. It may still negate non existence of the spiritual God confusing people to fall into agnostics domain . Other matters of dire consequences may pose more immediate threat to the believers.

Though it is premature to say what attributes and power Higgs boson may have; can it be utilized to repeat the same creation as at the time of the big bang or it would just be an additional particle, in the standard model, that contributed mass to the other particles (solving mystery of mass), on this planet and the universe?

Standard Model of Matter.

To understand the Higgs boson or the so called "God Particle"' one has to examine theories that describe the way the cosmos works in terms of the standard model as per particle physics. We have to reduce our complicated universe to its most basic building blocks that is, we have to break the matter into smaller and smaller pieces. Eventually, we will get to molecules & atoms. This implies that every day matter is composed of atoms which used to mean indivisible. Till 1910 some physicist regarded molecules as mathematical illusion, but later on by 1930, subatomic constituent of atoms was identified as nuclei containing electron, photon and proton. Through quantum theory, protons and neutrons were found to contain smallest particle known as quarks,.

This describes the standard model that was developed in 1970 and according to that, entire universe is made up of 12 different particles and four forces (gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force). Gravity is the weak force of attraction that exists between all objects, the more massive the object, the greater the force. The electromagnetic force exists between charged particles and responsible for electric current, magnetism and light. The strong nuclear force holds protons and neutrons together and lastly weak force acts on subatomic level and we do not experience it directly.

Although all 12 fundamental particles of matter are known collectively as "fermions", and are divided into two sets of six quarks and six leptons, three of which are neutrinos and remaining three have an electric charge of -1: electron and its two cousins the muon and the tau. Each particle has a property called spin and depending spin, half integer spin particle are known as Fermions and integer spin particle carrying force are known as Boson. They are photons (responsible for electromagnetic force), W & Z bosons that cause the weak and strong forces.

The six types of quark, which are made up of protons and neutrons are known as: Up quarks, Down quarks, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom quarks. Members of lepton family include the electron, electron neutrino (its neutrally charged counterpart), muon. muon neutrino, tau and tau neutrino. These are all matter particles.

Scientists think that leptons and quarks are indivisible; that you can't break them apart into smaller particles.

Up and down quarks have the lowest masses of all quarks. The heavier quarks rapidly change into up and down quarks through a process of particle decay, the transformation from a higher mass state to a lower mass state. Because of this, up and down quarks are generally stable and the most common in the universe, whereas strange, charm, top, and bottom quarks can only be produced in high energy collisions (such as those involving cosmic rays and in particle accelerators).

Quarks combine to form a composite particle called 'Hadron', in which quarks are held together by strong forces (in a similar way as atoms and molecules are held together by the electromagnetic force). Hadrons are categorized into two families: baryons (such as protons & neutrons, made of three quarks) and mesons (made of one quark and one anti-quark).

Due to a phenomenon known as color confinement, quarks are never directly observed or found in isolation; they can be found only within hadrons, such as baryons (of which protons and neutrons are examples), and mesons. For this reason, much of the information about quarks has been drawn from observations of the hadrons themselves. All matter particles have mass-a resistance to being moved around. Where do these masses come from and why they are so different?

Discovery of Higgs boson

The concept of Higgs boson, a subatomic particle originated many decades ago when six physicists namely Francois Englert, Carl Hagen, Gerald Gurainik, Peter Higgs, Tom Kibble and Robert Broute, formulated Higgs Mechanism, around 1960. The particles are so small that it took 40 years of effort to develop the equipment and experiments needed to prove its existence and it took the name of the God Particle on the basis that it is impossible to find it, namely, similar to finding the God. The name was initially invented by Leon Lederman, who used it in his book in 1993 although Peter Higgs did not like it says that playing around with a name like this, could unnecessarily be offensive to people who are religious. Peter Higgs suggested that we should stop calling it God particle

The Higgs boson is supposed to have caused the "Big Bang", that created our universe many years ago. The nickname caught on so quickly (even though scientists and clergy alike do not care for it), partly because it's a great explanation of what it's supposed to do -- the Higgs boson is what joins everything and gives it matter.

Higgs boson could be described as making up an invisible field of energy through which other particles fly, and slowed by it as it imbues them with mass.

It is premature to say how Higgs boson will impact a believer, but its discovery is crucial and one must understand where it came from to avoid ambiguity it created in terms of God's attributes.

If it has the creative power and created the universe, then one may ask how it got confined in the small bowl, who planted it and how it exploded with tremendous power to initiate the universe or multi-verse?

For the time being, if the discovery implies that God Particle has creative power, then it is a serious blow to the concept of God perceived by believers based on sacred scriptures and it certainly negates the existence of God if we can't resolve the age difference between Adam and homo erectus and homo sapiens of believing that God could have created early humans by gradual evolution and then sent Adam & Eve to join them and start hybrid human race on this planet. Whether the universe was created by the big bang explosion triggered by God particle or not can be put aside to collect further information as at the moment it is just a particle that may be responsible for imparting mass to everything here.

Believers may tend to avoid answering the implication of this discovery & continue to follow the faith without indulging into the discourse on this subject, but it would be counterproductive in our understanding of ongoing scientific discoveries. This may alienate the believer into the domain of ignorance and convincing a believer to think on those lines are very difficult.

Most of the believer won't like to believe that the Higgs boson has anything to do with the creation of the universe or mankind on this planet, but they cannot overlook the dating of fossils and say that those human like creature turned into homo sapiens did not exist on this planet. It would be an intentional denial of genuine and proven scientific discovery.

One may ask the simple questions and seek resolution. For example,

A. Did spiritual God, created the universe and everything there in our

B. God particle is responsible for the creation irrespective of where did it come from. .

If we accept A above then there are many issues that go into grey area & can not be answered satisfactorily. For example, without referring theory of evolution due to slow and gradual change in the genetic material of any population of regenerative orgasm, one can evaluate the history of mankind and see how old is the concept of God and how it came into the human mind. How human came into existence, what is the purpose of life and where we are heading for?

However, accepting B that implies, God particle or Higgs boson is behind the creation is also not true. The Higgs boson has come into existence for a very short time and decay in different particle. The name God particles seem to be given analogous to the fact that it is very difficult to find Higgs Boston as it is difficult to find God and hence the name 'God Particle" It is premature to attaché creative power to the Boston. The scientist does believe that it plays an important rule in giving a resistive movement property (mass) to the oil particles.

Believers Views.

For believers most of the above questions are answered in their respective scriptures if one totally relies on the doctrine of faith and refrain looking backward into the history of earth in order to search and find answers for fossils of Islam and Lucy if they had existed millions years ago or not?

Religiously, it is believed that both earth and the heaven were together and then God smoked out the heaven. Then he got the clay from the earth and created Adam The creation of the universe with a bang was also revealed.

It is also believed that both Adam & Eve were the first Muslim as they were created by the God himself and sent to the earth as viceroy to start human race, but one would fail to understand why Adam & Eve did not convey the message to their children that God exist and they should worship the God who created Adam & Eve. If the perception of God was reveled to the children of Adam and they were well aware of their needs, then the mankind would have been worshiping the God who created Adam & not various deities. But contrary to that, the perception of God evolved gradually in the history of mankind as accepted by non-believers.

The quest to find the creator had always been the desire of mankind due to fear of death/extinction and in that pursuits the concept of God emerged gradually with the passage of time and has taken many shapes and figures till finally prophet Abraham propagated the concept of one God as creator followed by Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

At the time of Adam & Eve, the inhabitants were not what we see today and there was no civilized society on earth. Agriculture and communal life were not developed and people used to live in caves. Humans were roaming around in their natural dress; ethics and morality were non existent. So how the question of marriage or succession came from for Cain and Abel? -Any kind of social awareness was not recognized in that era. Most of the stories relevant to Cain (Qaabil) and Abel (Habel) can't be proven satisfactory and many things appear to be factitious and mind boggling .

Believers say that Abel & Cain fought for a girl they fell in love with or over the question of succession (different versions). They were advised to offer scarifies & Abel's scarify was accepted by the God. Cain did not accept that and eventually killed Abel.

There is also uncertainty about the number of children, Adam and Eve had. All monotheistic faith groups are not explicitly clear to declare how many children, Adam & Eve used to have. From few to fifty are being advocated whereas it is said that Adam had only four boys. Some say that Cain and Abel's were twined & their sister used to help Eve in the kitchen etc. Was their abode furnished with kitchen or where did the girl came from, they fell in love with? These stories did not hold water as in those days human were not used to living in abode built in the jungles.

When Adam was being sent to earth, he was informed that he will find habitants on this planet that may imply that there were human beings already on the planet. Where did they come from?

Most of the believer does not agree with the finding of human fossils dating back to 4-7 million years back compared to the arrival of Adam on this planet which is not more than 10K years, whereas hominids, homo erectus, homo Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens (~200, 000 years) goes back to many million years that does not synchronize with the arrival of Adam & Eve (6 to 10 K year ago).

Did God create hominids, homo erectus and finally homo sapiens, or they evolved due to natural process of evolution?. Believers do not want to answer this question and are stuck at the creation of Adam and do not want to look beyond this period. If God only created Adam then who created hominids, homo erectus & homo sapiens and where did they came from?

These and similar issues are not tackled by the clergy deliberately because if they think rationally, they may find that scientific discoveries are not compatible with the spiritual belief and hence they often refrain to discuss on those lines. This creates a more agnostic feeling than believers. An atheist may ask why did God come on earth & eat with Prophet Abraham, fought with Jacob, revealed himself to Moses on the mountain, came to earth as Jesus and got killed by his own creation and finally sent his messages to prophet Mohammad (pbuh). There were only a handful of people in that era and God repeatedly revolved himself, but there is no guidance for this era when a population of earth has exceeded 7 billion- why?


Proving or disproving the existence of God is not possible at this juncture of time due to limited knowledge of mankind and 2ndly it is just one's opinion based on perception of faith being followed. If we prefer to have blind faith than all relevant questions become redundant and irrelevant and will not make any difference whether we discover the Higgs boson, multi-verse, additional 07dimensions or explore string theory etc. Because believers would not like to think beyond their perceived faith.

Whether God exists or not, irrespective of that, mankind will always continue to investigate, measure and understand the universe. This pursuit of scientific knowledge has benefited both believers and unbelievers to know and understand their world. This is the curiosity of scientists, especially the physicist who wants to know how things work in the universe.

Higgs boson and God particle is not claimed for creation and does not negate the existence of God. It simply is a composite particle 'hadrons', through its field and force other particle fly and slowed down that create resistance in move ability of particle that is regarded as mass. Hence boson having charge and spin is contributing mass to the particle. Higgs boson or God particle is considered as responsible for the big bang that started the universe, presumably, but cannot be regarded as creating.

Having said above, it is also incumbent upon believers to find resolution for the time deviation between Adam and homo erectus to face the reality and create true believers rather than leaving believers in confusion.

I am a believer as I was born in a Muslim Family and had no choice to follow the faith of choice, like the majority of other people on this planet, based on my rational wisdom. I am satisfied with my faith as discoveries or perception change won't make much difference in my life span. People will continue to follow the faith because they were born in a particular faith group without questioning rationally by who created them and why are they here and where they are heading for. So it would be redundant to change the perception of God with the discovery of God particle as it has not been accomplished that cause of creation is certainly the Higgs boson.

I would like to mention here an incidence of an email exchange with local Imam, I mentioned that most of the clergy do not have in depth knowledge of the subject to declare categorically where do they stand on scientific discoveries to educate the masses. He objected, that I am brushing clergy with one brush but did not come up with his stance on the subject except to quote Ibn Taymyya, who emphasized for the pursuit of knowledge, that I had already started, but he failed short to comment on the discovery and its implication on negation of God, if there is any?. That was one of the reasons to equate some religious leaders & give blanket statement & convey the fact that most of them would be hesitant to accept the discovery if it negates any aspect of faith rather than rationally answering the question in the affirmative or negative format. I have not seen many religious leaders in the news media who could have supported the issue in favor or against. Most of them will remain quiet and won't touch the subject in their sermons.

At the end, I would like to say that this is one man's opinion and should not be taken as the collective stance of any religious group, be it believers or non believers.

Mohammad Ashraf

Winnipeg, Canada


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    • lifehealpraise profile image


      6 years ago from South Florida

      God particle - it conjures up such limitations to God's greatness. I have recently come across theories by Nassim Haramein who speaks about our universe and the inner world of our selves. I am still trying to grasp his concepts and discoveries which I find exciting. It's a beautiful thing when science and spirituality marry, and how when applied together, helps to define this notion of "oneness."


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