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Does God Really Exist to you? God doesn't get it, we need him too!

Updated on December 26, 2010

Always unanswered prayers no matter how hard, we pray.

Man in need of help.
Man in need of help. | Source

Woman looking for Hope.!

Woman looking for Hope!
Woman looking for Hope! | Source

All of our life they push god on us!

Since I can remember, I've been told that god is the way to our solutions and to our problems. Well I am still alone; broken; emotional devastated and trying to surviving day-to-day. And they keep on professing it, that this is the only true way. I am still waiting! What do I have to offer a sacrifice or pray more for unanswered prayers. I have broken down to praise god and no answers or solutions! Should I confess to a man, that's not going to happen.

I ask my self, why all this pain in the world, suffering, hunger, sickness, famine and wars? If I recall correctly god made us in his image, right? Then if he made in his image why all these torturous times. Do we have to hurt in order to Pray or ask for help? I don't think pain or suffering is needed or necessary for us to praise god. If he made us in his image and he wanted to us to adore him and pray to him without pain and sorrow in the world, we would have gladly done it anyway.

It doesn't make sense to me. The almighty Pope eats every day and very well I may add, he doesn't come to me or any other person and offers me a plate of food or a months' worth of groceries and he has a very nice bed and he also sleeps very peaceful too. The Christians "boy there's another winner" , Always up-to no good. I doved them the birth name "The Hypocrites". Because in all honesty that what they. The Jews, well the word says it all. They don't worry about you, me or a lot of the times their own love ones. Their god is simply "money and more money". Then you have the best one of all, the infamous Koran, and they say that this is worth killing and dying for.

To me religion is a sham and phony. If god would have not allowed any pain and suffering and at the least minimum allowed us to be happy and no worries, we would have still have worship him. I don't think pain is the answer to god's "Jealousy" ..."I guess god doesn't get it". That we need him too but not by causing us suffering and pain.

In any forum in where the conversation is god, there's the believers and the none-believers, at anytime the topic of god it's going to spark a huge argument. Because some need prove-of-existence and some are complaisant with the image of who god is to them.

I just want to make this statement known: That to me if there's a god! Well my family members and friends have helped me and done more for me, than anything that might or might not exist. That to me is who are my saviors and angels. Its' a tough thing to believe and fathom that an image such as god exist. A famous book called "The Secret" made us open our eyes, that our mind is so powerful that our " Laws of self believe" is what makes us, it's all within us. And sorry to say it but this thing about "it's all within us" it's more real than anything that we may conceive to be real or not.

What or Who is god to you, think about it?

The greatest mind Einstein on God!

Does God Exist ? Albert Einstein 1879-1955

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    • donnatru profile image

      Donna 7 years ago from Danville, IL

      We do not know the all the answers of the universe. But were dying to know.