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Does Sexuality Separate Us from God?

Updated on June 5, 2015

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Making a Name for Yourself as the I Am

Does Sexuality Separate Us from the Creator?

There be many things called God. In the spiritual realms there exists many Gods. Some of these Gods have pet peeves with sexuality, some don’t. However, practically none of them are the Creator God. You can be separated from other realm Gods because of your sexuality, but not from the Creator God. We are told to choose this day what God you will serve. I suggest doing your lifelong research and deciding consciously for yourself. As for me, I seek the Creator God. I know very little of Them. Christian tradition, not the only one I’m interested in, calls some of them Elohim. Further revelations identify the Elohim as the seven spirits of God spoken of in Revelation. They were in the Garden of Eden and it was their representative to mankind that Adam and Eve hid from when they knew they were naked.

Isn’t it usually something sexual that causes humans to fear separation from God? They were afraid that they were naked – shamefully sexual, and made clothes and hid themselves from God. The clothes were so that they wouldn’t see each other naked. They became Victorian prudes. They saw no evil speak no evil, but like all humans they found themselves compelled towards sexuality on a regular basis. So human sexuality is built upon this foundation of forming constructs to hide our sexuality out of guilt, shame and fear of condemnation. This became the socially accepted norm.

Perhaps this is the reason why sexual diseases came into being – through the mental constructs of the mass consciousness superimposed on planetary evolution over time. Don’t viruses have components smaller than atoms visible in electron photographs as legs stemming from the nucleic acid chain under the phage head? These legs are visible, yet they are much smaller than atoms. What are they made of? It is likely that they have a spiritual component seeing that they are smaller than atoms by far. Quantum physics has proven that thought can affect material reality. Until the mass consciousness outgrows prudery we are stuck in a world hostile to sexual freedom.

The key to outgrowing prudery is a direct revelation from God concerning sexuality. This aspect of human living is too important to leave up to someone else’s philosophy. We have to find within ourselves our own personal philosophy concerning sexuality. This can only be done through seeking God consciousness as the ultimate form of living. This is a lifelong process, but we don’t have lifelong to feel good about our sexuality, so what do we do in the meantime? – Listen to others? Some choose to do so, but I choose to listen to myself. I know what feeds my spirit and these are the things that I choose to do with my time, energy, and resources. Even if Jesus himself came and gave me instructions, I doubt that I would believe him. I know what’s good to me, and for anyone to tell me otherwise only makes me suspicious of their motives. How can you be loving if you deny me what feeds my spirit especially if it harms no one? If the only harm is a mass consciousness imposed disease, then the problem is not with your behavior, it’s with mass beliefs. What is the solution?

Answer – separate yourself from the mass consciousness metaphysically as much as possible. To do this you have to do your research and find out more as I know little about it myself, but I know that the knowledge is out there. Then you won’t have to worry about STDs and there will be no reason to abstain from healthy sexuality. God consciousness states that I am. I Am a spiritual being who likes human sexuality. Take the college course in human sexuality. I got an A+.

I Am also sick of petty Gods and their pet peeves with my sexuality. I tell them to go to Hell and then go to Heck, and then go to Hell again. I am who I am. I Am gay and that is a direct revelation from God – Me – the I Am. I Am empowered. I Am God conscious. I create my own identity. Nothing else matters.


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