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Does The Bible Truly Testify About The Existence of a Mother God?

Updated on October 23, 2009

Throughout humanity and even in nature, we can see that every living thing has both a father and a mother. We know God is the creator of everything, from plants and animals, to heavens and the earth. Even the Bible testifies that everything was created by God, and that everything that was created has a purpose of being on this Earth, nothing has not been made with out a purpose. (Revelation 4:11) So why did God create the family system with every living being on this Earth? The reason why is because God wanted to reveal His spiritual qualities through what has been made. (Romans 1:20) Just as on this earth where every living thing has both a father and mother, God wanted to show to us the existence of God the Mother and God the Father. So let's come to understand the existence of God the Mother through Biblical evidence.

In Romans 1:20, we can understand God's spiritual qualities through what God has created on this Earth from the time of Adam and Eve. The only book in the Bible that speaks of creation is Genesis, so we must go back to see what it testifies about God's spiritual qualities. In Genesis 1:26-27, God speaks about the creation of human beings. If you look closely on verse 26, you can see that it is God speaking, and He says,"Let us make man in our image, in our likeness." Here God is speaking in plural form, not singular form, which many people have a preconception that He is one being. However, many people come to a conclusion saying that it is the Trinity, (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) speaking, but in verse 27, we can see God created man in His own image, male and female. Through this verse, we can see it is not the Trinity speaking, for the Trinity is three images, but the Bible says God created two images, male and female. Then again, the three images of the Trinity are all male images. Of the two images God created only one was male. The first human beings the Bible speaks of are Adam and Eve, a male and a female. Later they had two children, named Cain and Abel. They did not refer to their father, Adam, by his name, but they called him 'father', in the same sense, they referred to Eve as 'mother'. We can see that Adam represents the male image of God the Father, and Eve represents the female image of God the Mother. 

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    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 2 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I know Mother God and call her Azna.

    • profile image

      No mother God 2 years ago

      This is complete garbage!!!! They so twist the scripture to make it say what they would have people believe!!! Blasphemous and very dangerous!!!

    • profile image

      Daisy 2 years ago

      I am sure there is a Mother for the world and it is GOD, because he made the world.No one in his right mind can claim it.So if you know who is Mother of the world beside GOD then good luck when you have to anwer to GOD.

    • profile image

      thubb 3 years ago

      Bible never says there's a mother God

    • profile image

      Lueghr 5 years ago

      God the Mother really exists ! And people must really have to know this ! She is Wisdom ! And all things cannot be created by God the father without Her !

    • profile image

      Priscila 6 years ago

      Yes,the bible clearly testify about God the mother......... in whole 66 books of the bible

    • profile image

      elohist 7 years ago

      I have studied about God the Mother And WOW it is amazing how Clear the bible is testifing about her Existense this is something the Everyone has to Know