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The Gospel of Jesus vs. The Gospel About Jesus...Truth Is...

Updated on June 18, 2014
To the Glorication and Praise of God's Holy Name!
To the Glorication and Praise of God's Holy Name!

The Real Gospel Of Jesus

As we move forward in gaining ACCURATE Knowledge of god's will, let's clear up a few more pieces of disinformation so diligently passed-down thru time...

Take the so-called "Gospel of Jesus", on the surface you'd easily accept what has been told over the centuries: That we must believe Christ died for our sins, we must accept him as lord and savior, and that we must be born again in order to be saved,,,sounds good right? But that is only part of the gospel and it's actually the gospel ABOUT Jesus. What generally is ignored is the gospel OF Jesus: What did Jesus actually teach?

The fact that Jesus died for our sins and he is the way to salvation is a given. Even those claiming atheism know the many mantras about Jesus. So-called Christians who are little more than ranting fanatics (misguided ones at that) have yelled "You got to be born again", I'm washed in the blood!", and "Jesus Loves you!" to no end. Mercy! If all I had to look forward to is becoming a rigid, bible quoting, foaming at the mouth rabid maniac, I'd turn away from Christianity too!. With all their talk about cults, 95% of today's Christians are members of the biggest cult there is: the cult of totally misguided, misinformed, mis-taught false hope having delusional zealots. Why am I, a Christian, so hard on other christians? Other than the fact that your complacent self assured, self satisfied smugness and over-the top piety is an embarrassment you are an abomination to God! Not just self-condemned, but you also condemn all who follow after you in search of hope.

Yes this message is an unpopular one indeed; but so was Jesus' message in his time. Who opposed Jesus's message the most? The clergy, and their died-in the wool followers! My does history repeat it'self!So now let's get past the gospel about Jesus and look at the real gospel OF Jesus, the actual message that he taught.Truth Is...

Turn to Matthew chapter 5 for a really fine example of Jesus' gospel. verses 3-12 contain what's commonly known as the beatitudes. Here Jesus' words encourage mercy, compassion, meekness, a thirst for truth and righteousness. For the most part, these are "attitude" issues Look at it again. This is essential as Jesus words at the very beginning of his ministry are there; the majority of those hearing these words not only saw the wisdom of them but they knew without any doubt they were words from God. These early listeners included James, John, and Peter, the core of Jesus' followers who remained even after his death and resurrection.If you really read the bible for yourself you will find that these followers although they did speak a great deal about Jesus' coming, they spoke more so along the very same lines as he did.

There are those who would and will say that my words are those of someone who is "bitter" or angry or something else to deflect your attention away from the true message; but I encourage you who seek the truth to maintain focus and fol ow-along as we look into the real Gospel of Jesus: Truth Is...You have to remember that when God became so fed-up with the religious leaders, etc. or He had something terribly profound to reveal to the people, it was NOT what they really wanted to hear for the most part because what He was saying was that they had to change their way of worship. As we now move along well into the "Last Days" of prophecy and even more-so well into the tribulation spoken of therein; once more Jehovah has sent forth a message for those who seek after him in earnest and honest effort and wish to please the one and only true God..

Again, these matters first discussed by Jesus dealt with attitude. Not only ours, but the way that God feels about what we do. Example: The matter of of our having a disagreement with someone else. How often we find ourselves saying something like:"Well I'll pray on it...", or "I'll pray for them..."; but Jesus said no, don't even approach the altar,m don't call yourself going to God in prayer without first settling things with the person you have the disagreement with.. How can we ask God's help, guidance and forgiveness when we won't work at getting along or being agreeable with others? If this weren't a serious matter Jesus wouldn't have brought it up; Truth Is...

Further the mater of divorce is mentioned in verses 31&32 of chapter 5 of Matthew where it tells us the ONLY grounds for divorce that are acceptable to God:Fornication. Nothing else is mentioned there; not "irreconcilable differences", abandonment, or any of the other excuses we now use for severing the ties with the person we stood before God and man and vowed to remain with through all else.But the prevailing attitude of mankind today is that it is better to serve our own reasoning rather than that of God.

Jesus' next words about letting your yes mean yes and no mean no, along with loving your enemies and giving to those who ask all condemns the present day attitude of revenge, selfishness and the lack of charity toward the poor as well as hidden agendas and half-truths. That with the admonition to love your neighbors as opposed to only caring for and reaching out to your closest friends and associates should really give us something to think about. "Where do I sit as to these things?".

Chapter six next addresses the self-righteous. Think about how folks screw-up their faces and walk around making a big show piety. It's so bad that the world mockingly portrays "church folks" in movies and comedy acts.

The next few verses have been discussed in previous articles where it is discussed about prayer. I will refer you to the other articles but I must mention the very first thing Jesus said is NOT to use vain repetitions as well as his encouraging us to pray for the praising or glorification of God's name: Jehovah, which is NOT done in today's churches.

Well Truth, Jesus next talks about judging; isn't that what you are doing? NO! What I am doing is the same as others in God's word did when He instructed them to relate his indignation toward those claiming to be his people. I am simply the messenger. If the things that I say offend you or you feel put-off by them, then perhaps they are not meant for you and you must work out your salvation in some other way. My message if for those who have become disenchanted and disillusioned by the true fact that today's church is indeed full of hypocrisy, lies, the ways of the world. I will not lie to you, I am not "better" than you or anyone else, I sin daily and seek forgiveness and guidance. I also do not HIDE my sin as many do who claim to be evangelists, ministers, pastors, etc. I am on this journey right along with you and am simply blessed and honored to be used by Jehovah to be a conduit and purveyor of truth . This by no means denotes that I am immune to sin nor am I assured salvation. (1 Corinthians 9:27) But as Jesus finishes-up chapter 6 he advises that we "seek first the kingdom and God's righteousness..." t,hen everything else, God will work out for you. Seeking first God's righteousness means to work diligently to attain to the things that we KNOW for a certainty are of God and are the way that He would have us be, do or act. Often we create our own "Grey area" in order to avoid simply doing what we know is the right thing. Each time that we do this we remove ourselves further from the true will of God though. Food for thought indeed!

Chapter 7 of Matthew next tells us that we have to diligently make our requests known to God (although He already knows what we want AND NEED!) What we are told is to "Keep on knocking, keep on asking with the assurance that as we ask for the proper things they will indeed be forthcoming from Jehovah, the ultimate parent as it were. Don't we those of us who are parents LOOK for ways to reward and give to our children when the work very hard to do what's right, to please us, or are mindful of the things that we teach them? So much more so with Jehovah God. This is what Jesus taught, not "ask and claim it" as many teach.

Finally Jesus addresses the false prophets to which there is NO shortage of today. Faith healers, televangelist, Worldwide conglomerates claiming christian deeds, others who amount to little more than entertainers and charismatics who sound good but teach nothing of what Jesus actually taught; are abundant for sure. But Jesus taught the praising of God's name, Jehovah, Jesus prayed to Jehovah, Jesus taught pure and unadulterated love without applications, committees and processes when it comes to charity; Jesus taught to reach out not to those close to you(we only help members of our church), but those who DON'T LIKE YOU, even hate you; Jesus taught putting love and getting along together as a priority that must be addressed before calling ourselves worshipping or worshipers. Jesus taught not to talk about it but to be about it!

Jesus did NOT teach performing and shouting and dancing, he did not teach prosperity now or "catching the holy ghost", Jesus did not teach building huge opulent churches and forming agencies that claim on the face to do great things in his name while right in the midst of these people or even right down the block people suffer from need.

The real Gospel of Jesus was about LOVE, seeking God, seeking God's wisdom, giving and being not just our brothers keeper, but that of ALL mankind. The real Gospel that Jesus taught was NOT about glorifying him, he repeatedly stated that GOD would do that; but rather about glorifying GOD!\

So the next time someone tells you something about "the Gospel" send then to hub-pages and have them do some reading about the Real Gospel of Jesus! Truth Is...


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    • daledad8 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from pittsburgh

      The intent of Truth to incite you to actually READ the bible for your self...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Why don't they teach this in churches?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is something that really needed to be said. All the time they yell Jesus! But rarely do they discuss what he said other than to believe in him. teach on man of God!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is something different thn what we learn in church but it makes a lot of sense.

    • daledad8 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from pittsburgh

      Misstikal1, I invite you to read Why Does God Allow Suffering !


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You are much more than a Truth Seeker, you are a truth teller! A real messenger of God.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Truth, you have some really weird and misinformed people reading your stuff! But that's why you're here I suppose. Keep on writing and keep on teaching. Maybe some of them will catch-on!

      You have been blessed with a wealth of knopwl;edge and spiritual insight. Many are learning from you such as myself and others. Continue in doing what is fine and good to the praise of the Lord!

    • pjk_artist profile image


      9 years ago from Turkey Point, ON

      You said:

      "With all their talk about cults, 95% of today's christians are members of the biggest cult there is: the cult of totally misguided, misinformed, mis-taught false hope having delusional zealots."

      To which I say:

      "Well said!" BUT!

      I believe you may be one of the mis-informed as well my brother. You come so close to actually saying it...yet you continue to perpetuate the mythology.

      Then you said:

      "Truth Is...You have to remember that when God became so fed-up with the religious leaders, etc. or He had something terribly profound to reveal to the people, it was NOT what they really wanted to hear for the most part because what He was saying was that they had to change their way of worship."

      To which I reply:

      "Very well said!" The so-called spiritual leaders of mankind have rarely done anything positive for mankind's spiritual advancement...instead they have created useful philosophies to control the thoughts and actions of mankind...they had to...because a few of them knew the truth... a truth that would make enslavement of their fellow man impossible. What is this truth?

      God exists IN you. You have available to you right now all the powers of God. God in you is Jesus. Jesus was not a man. Jesus was/is a state of mind in men. When these men experienced the re-birth of God in themselves, in the form of a dream they wrote of their experiences in "the gospels" in an effort to pass the knowledge and experience to the next generations. The best way to do this was IN THE FORM OF A STORY!!!!

      I ask you to re-read some scripture and as you do, do not picture Jesus as a man...picture him as a character speaking to you in your dreams. He seems very real yet he is but a creation of your imagination. Gospels and scripture really start to make sense when you treat it symbolically and parabolically. Every character in scripture represents a state of mind that you will experience.

      To believe Jesus Christ was a man, is to believe in scripture tainted by the spirit of man.

      "Moses" was told by God his name is " I Am ". So to pray in the name of God, one must simply first say "I Am"

      Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the men who would control us through religion if everybody started realizing the truth and developing their own God-like abilities? Its hard to control someone who can create anything they need.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      WOW!!!!You are serious!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This and many other hubs you wrote are very powerful pieces. This should be shared by everyone who reads it!

      Continue on Messenger of the Lord!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You have once more presented the truth and I am blessed to receive it. I pray God's blessings upon you and your ministry.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 

      9 years ago from Roseville, CA

      The Word of God, straight forward, and unadulterated! This is the real preaching of the Lord! I praise God you die to self and don't seek "popular" preaching ~ this is the Spirit of God. Even within our own relationship with our Abba, we hear His admonition, correction, reproof, instruction, teaching and LOVE in it and through it all. God bless you!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Love the way you preach. You can expect many not to like what you preach, but I hope that you continue forward.

      God bless you!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You are a eye-opening tacher of the word for sure!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You have the workings of a great ministry through your God inspred words. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by the naysayers who simply don't understand that what you are presenting in in all actuality the truth.

      Maintain your resolve and continue in prayer Truth Is as we shall remain in prayer with and for you. God bless!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Now this is a really good article!


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