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Does it matter if God exists or not?

Updated on August 19, 2013

Does it make a Difference if there is a God or isn’t a God?

Does it make a Difference if there is a God or isn’t a God?

Where do we come from?

Is it Possible that God does not exist?

What makes people believe in God?

What is the other side of the argument?

Why is god important?

We all wonder about God. We view our lives from a minimal perspective that does not consider existence from a distance.

Before we can pose the question of God it is important to discern where we came from. While the basic genetic structure of a human is traceable and can be defined, the essence of who a person is, can not be traced or defined. We do not know with any certainty where we came from. People and creatures are born with specific traits that are their own and do not follow a genetic pattern. Even with genetic technology people and animals can not be replicated.

Mans feeble attempts to enter the world of the divine end in disaster, just as the experiments with Dolly the lamb ended with her death. Dolly the lamb was cloned from another sheep. Dolly looked just like the host animal however she aged rapidly and eventually had to be euthanized. Almost every life form on the planet has been created by parents or by the hands of people. The most common theories about how we came to be are;

Reincarnation which means that our souls are recycled back into the world

Born of God; We are all born through God

Or that we are Manifestations of consciousness having no creator or cycle

Depending on the person any of these ideas might be appealing. After all each one of these ideas is a theory that no one can prove.

Since the beginning of history we have seen what happens to societies that do not believe in God. The progression into barbaric acts is common in societies where strong faith in God and following God does not exist. The Mongols from China were barbaric in there treatment of people. Civilizations that worshiped idols like the Aztecs and the Romans were eventually destroyed or taken over. The Societies that do not recognize God, do not see the purpose governing laws or rules. People who do not have faith, do not have issues with murder or cruelty because, the original laws came from the ten commandments in the bible. We live in a world today that is fraught with famine, destruction and war. In the United Stated protests have begun to take God out of our daily lives. Even though our governing laws came from the ten commandments people insist on removing the commandments from courthouses and public buildings. In times of disaster, famine, war and disease it matters more than ever that there is a God.

Let us suppose for a moment that there is not a creator, that there are no rules in which to govern our lives, would society progress or regress under this idea? Without the rules that keep people in check our society would flounder. Men by nature are not peaceful, to govern a a society without the idea of God would be Chaos. According to Jesus himself we will know men by their fruits meaning that good people will produce good things. In a society of chaos the good people would be the first to fall victim to the violence.

God is real. For millions of people throughout the world feeling the presence of God happens on a regular basis. The comfort of knowing God is there brings joy to those who seek it. There is scientific proof that people have healed from injuries and illness miraculously. Man has a limited knowledge of the world. God guides believes to a knowledge of things that are beyond what we can currently prove or understand. An example of the guidance God offers is when he told the Hebrews not to eat pork. Pork was not safe to eat. The people could not have known that pork carried parasites. The last logical argument that there is a God is that people are able to carry out amazing tasks with the help of God.

There is a modern misconception among the uneducated people of the world that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution discredits the idea of a creator. Darwin himself was a Christian and believed that God was the creator of the world. He also made many statements that back up the idea that a creator was necessary to bring about the complex organisms and life forms on earth. Darwin merely offered the idea that animals and people would evolve over time. Darwin did not set out to change the setting of creation. Over his lifetime many of Charles Darwin's children died from diseases and illness.

One of Darwin's most notable quotes concerning God was “To suppose that the eye with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree”. The origin of species did not disprove God and most of the studies were inconclusive.

William James believed that faith in God was higher than any other forms of morality and ideas. James believed that moral ideas rooted in religion were needed to sustain a society. The reasoning behind the need for a strong moral structure in society is simple, once you discount morals the society will literally kill itself off. In the united states we see this mentality in the gang warfare that occurs. The people involved in gangs do not live by the morals given to man by God. As the United States strays further from the rules set by God the substantial the negative changes are occurring. Children today are disrespectful to their parents and other adults, violent crime is on the rise as well as vandalism and theft. William James had the right idea, we have to stick close to the moral ideas set forth by God to keep our society moving forward.

George Berkeley maintained that the sensory experiences that we can not explain are brought about through God. Experiences that people have which are not within a normal everyday realm were considered part of the gifts we are given by God. The manifestation of human consciousness over the other creatures of the world has never been explained. Therefore it is possible that Berkeley was correct.

Possibly the greatest point ever made concerning the existence of God comes from Pascal. The wager states that even if God does not exist a man could lose nothing in this life from believing in God the reverse of the ideas is that if God is real and man refuses to believe in God the consequence is eternal damnation. Pascal's Wager leaves people with a tangible reason for believing in God. In a society that functions with the; what is in it for me mentality Pascal's wager provides the answer.

It makes a difference if there is a God. It makes a difference to society if the rules we use to govern our action are the key to returning to God. It makes a difference to people if God is there to guide and protect them when nothing else can. Without God man would be left to his own selfish motivations. The commandments have been passed down as rules to keep us safe now and bring us back to God. If everyone actually followed the commandments then the earth would be heaven already.

In society today a set group of people are bent on removing God from everything from court houses to schools. While the laws of God were good enough to govern the United States, God himself is no longer welcome. As society heads further away from the ideas of God hedonism is becoming rampant. Gang warfare, drugs, pornography, violence and crime are becoming common. Taking God out of society is detrimental to civilized manner in which we are accustom to living. Without God the rules disappear. It does make a difference if there is a God.

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