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Does life go on after we die?

Updated on July 17, 2013

Where are you on the life after death issue? Yes, it goes on, or oblivion is all right by me?

I’ll admit up front that I do believe we do go on somewhere; maybe into another dimension. The truth of the matter is there is only one way to find out for sure, and I’m not ready to pass over just yet to find out. So we a left only with conjecture, because the antidotal evidence we do have is not very convincing.

Is there life after death?

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I just finished watching this movie (I will post it below), and was pleasantly surprised to see my Facebook friend Chris French is one of the featured skeptics in this movie. He doesn’t buy any of the evidence presented in the film THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS – Breakthrough Scientific Evidence for the Afterlife. I too was immediately suspect because one of the male figures they keep showing a picture of as having come through looks just like Arthur Conan Doyle, but no one in the film mentions this. It is very important as Doyle was a very influential spiritualist during his life. Another of the mediums contacted a Madame Bradshaw who happened to be arrested during her life for medium-ship of all things. And Reg who happened to be a scientist at SPR a scientific research group into the paranormal. Coincidental or opportune?

I do not want anyone thinking I'm picking on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so I have included a link here to a report from someone else on the issue. I felt sorry for Sir Arthur, because in his golden years he was much maligned for his belief in fairies and Spiritualism.

I can tell you that I personally believe that very soon if there is a life after death, technology will probably be able to prove it. Not sure where the discovery will come from though. Maybe from someone at the IEEE (Institute of Electronics Engineers), or from the people of quantum theory. Metaphysically this is a hot topic of discussion and study and has been for eons.

The Skole Experiment

I mentioned my Facebook friend Chris French being in the movie THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS – Breakthrough Scientific Evidence for the Afterlife.because the movie focuses of The Skole Experiement carried out by the Bennett's and another couple and lasted five years and a supposed 1000 hours of coverage. However, they repeatedly show the same stuff over and over?

I would love to take part in another experiment with scientific controls updated to match today's technology. Maybe someone reading this knows of such an opportunity? Please let me know. Anyway here is the link to the movie. I hope you enjoy it.

© Margaret Bennett

THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS – Breakthrough Scientific Evidence for the Afterlife

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    • Maggie Bennett profile imageAUTHOR

      Maggie Bennett 

      5 years ago from New York

      Thank you so much Colleen for stopping by my hub and reading. I hope to write more on this topic soon.

    • profile image

      Colleen Mcgrath 

      5 years ago

      I think life definitely goes on after death. I can say that from my personal experience andthis very informativearticle


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