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Doing one's duty without any expectation!

Updated on November 21, 2016

Pope's message!

It is difficult to relinquish the results by all.

The gist of Bhagwat Gita can be told in two lines, Do your duty but relinquish the results! In practical sense, this is a toughest task. Even before embarking on any work, people calculate the results beforehand and wait for the results. In the mundane world, every task is done with an eye on results. When we deposit a huge sum in the bank, we always expect sizable return by way of interest. Hence people opt for fixed deposits. If there is no interest, none will go to a bank. Hence there is an interest behind everyone’s acts. But in the Kingdom of God, there is a different kind of deposit! It is not money but good deeds, service to the poor and sharing our extra resources with the have nots! Yes, in God’s books, all these deeds are recorded and one day without your being aware, you will reap the results. Most probably, it is in the ensuing births! We have seen many sacrifice their life for the sake of Nation’s security! Do you think god will leave such acts of sacrifice without acknowledgement? No! The man who sacrifices his life for the sake of Nation will get a noble birth in the next life and will become a honest leader of society!

Every day, many babies are born throughout the world and if you observe them, there will be marked variation and differences in the circumstances in which the children are born. Most of the parents will be poor or middle class. A few babies are born in rich environment with many people in attendance. They get costly treatments while the poor seek government hospitals which do not charge much! If we think god is biased, it is not a correct view point. There are many kinds of sacrifices and charity in human environment. Those who fight for their countries are the real beneficiaries in their next birth! They are either born in affluent families or in noble families. Whereas those who are self-seeking in this birth, full of ego and pride take birth in poor families where there is lack of food or resources. Hence we find many babies born in poor families since majority of worldly people are selfish and greedy and they never perform even a single act of merit during their entire life!

Krishna teaches.

How Yama dispenses justice?

Here, I remember a funny story. In Indian mythology, the god of death Yama is the dispenser of justice. Every soul who dies will be brought to the presence of Yama, just like in court rooms of countries, wherein Yama will dispense appropriate punishment or forward the soul to the next birth! A miser was brought to Yama’s court on death by his assistants! On seeing his entire record, Yama mentioned “you have not performed even a single merit! Do you remember any merit which we have not recorded? The miser accepted his inability to remember any such acts. Finally he told Yama, “Lord! Once a beggar cried for a piece of banana fruit I was eating. Finding the other half is not so tasty, I handed over the half to him and hence kindly do not punish me in the hell. However the assistants threw him in hell but fortunately, the half banana he gave to the beggar came to his relief and extended its helping hand to the falling miser! The miser immediately caught hold of the opportunity and caught the half banana which was somehow suspended there due to the single act of charity. Suddenly, one more man from the hell jumped and caught hold of the miser’s feet in order to escape the hell. Instantly the miser pushed him down stating this half banana is due to my act of charity; I will not share the merit with anyone! Immediately due to his negative attitude, the half banana left the place and he fell down headlong inside the hell.

This is how people get enlightened by narration of mythological episodes and desist from bad behavior. These stories goad them to practice charity! Along with the above episode I heard a funny prayer from a miser! He implores, “Oh God! Save me, my wife and children but NONE ELSE! Surely god might have listened to this peculiar prayer and save all else except the miser’s family!

Karmic debts

Our own sins punish us and it is not God.

These are all mere imaginations of confused minds. In fact, god never punishes anyone but their own sins punish them. God is a mere witness of the illusory universe! It is we who make our life heaven or hell. Hence the sages and exhort the people to be good, Do good and see good and that is the way to God. Also our thoughts, words and deeds must be in sync. But today we find that people do not speak what they think and they do not act what they speak. When these three coincides, the person is termed as “Mahatma”. When there is no unity in thought words and acts, he is verily a demon! In previous eons, evil was personified in the form of demons and ogres but nowadays, every mind contains both evil and good. In the previous yugas, if the demon or ogre personifying evil is killed, morality is restored. But, if god chooses to annihilate the evil doers now, no one would be left on earth since almost all the people are mixture of good and evil tendencies. Hence in this present age, God has chosen to transform the evil doers and make them good. But it is a very long process and god never interferes with our free will. Hence we find evil is still rampant in large extent in all parts of the globe, giving rise to terrorism and violence on innocent people! In the end, all these accumulated evil has to be removed from the face of the earth! The only way is destruction through natural calamities!

Terrorists all over the globe think that they can conquer many regions and establish their regime! Sadly they are mistaken. Evil will never be allowed to rise its ugly head once again on the earth! God has grand plans for this planet. The good and innocent people will be protected from evil soon. There will be widespread destruction of evil forces by the forces of god! There is going to be confrontation with the evil forces by God’s holy army as it happened during Rama’s time and Krishna’s time! Truth will always triumph!

God is witness

God is a mere witness!

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