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Donald Trump and Christianity

Updated on March 15, 2016
Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Source

Pope Francis Talks Shit

Pope Francis responded to questions concerning Donald Trump's proposed policies about border control by saying, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian…”

Reasonably, this statement caused quite a bit of discussion. Is he correct in his statement that the presidential candidate is not a true Christian? There are many ways of looking at this, and honestly it doesn't seem that a definite answer can be found. Religion is a very strange and multifacetted thing. Christianity very much so! There are many, many different forms of Christianity.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis | Source

What Makes Someone Christian?

Some may say that the pope is the highest religious authority. When a man becomes pope, some consider his word to be religious law. The leader of a religious group has final say in a lot of religions, and in the eyes many of that religion's followers. Are these people truly Christians?

Yet some Christian followers consider the religious texts, the bible, as the true authority. There are groups that follow the texts word for word and claim that what is written in the bible is the true religious law. Are these people true Christians, even if the bible and the pope are in disagreement?

Even other Christian groups follow different versions of the biblical texts. Follow specific interpretations of the text. Are any of these people truly Christian?

While the basis of most Christian sects remains the same, individual beliefs vary drastically. Is it the specifics of one's values that makes them Christian, their personal habits/behaviors, such as following the traditions, or just their devotion to God and their decision that they are in fact Christian?

Considering the situation objectively, the fact that Pope Francis disagrees with Trump's values does not necessarily mean that Trump is not a Christian.

It's the Bible, yo.
It's the Bible, yo. | Source

To Clarify

Personally, I'm neither Christian, nor a Trump supporter. This question was brought up in a discussion in my Religious Literacy course, and I felt my answer was worth sharing.

It's interesting to make arguments about things that I have no personal investment in, and I like feedback.

What do you think?

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