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Don't Be Ignorant

Updated on September 30, 2011

In the western culture of the United States it is a negative term to be called "ignorant." Yet that is exactly what the Apostle Paul did not want you and I to be.

In fact we read in 1 Corinthians 10:1 Paul stated, "Moreover brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant..."

If you look up this word in a Greek dictionary you simply find a word that means "not to know (through lack of information or knowledge)." In this definition we are all ignorant in some area of life.

I have used as an example many times how you would not want me as your surgeon should you need surgery. The reason: I am ignorant. However, there are individuals who are educated in these areas and can do a fine job.

My example above is an illustration of not possessing the natural knowledge to accomplish something, but what about spiritual knowledge?

Spiritual knowledge is much different than natural knowledge because it is spiritual. We call this type of knowledge "revelation." There is a vast difference between a person who "knows" by intellect the Word of God and a person who has revelation of the Word.

Intellect makes you smart where revelation makes you powerful!

Take the subject of faith. There are many preachers who can preach a message on faith, expound on faith, quote scriptures on faith, teach seminars on faith, yet they still don't know how to live in faith. When we gain revelation of something it changes the way we operate.

Take the subject of money for a moment. Most Americans know that having credit card debt is a bad thing (intellectual knowledge). Yet most Americans have massive amounts of this type of debt. The reason is because they have not gotten a revelation of what the debt is doing to their lives.

If we look at the subject of health. Everyone knows that if you eat right and exercise you will be healthier, but most of us don't eat right or exercise. It is the difference between intellect and revelation.

You may know someone who has lived through a massive heart attack. Notice how their life has changed. They eat differently, they exercise more all because of revelation. That which they once knew has a deeper and more powerful meaning to them now.

As Christians, many of us have learned the "game" of Christianity. There are Christian things that we do, but Christianity is not an adherence to rules and regulations. Christianity is about a relationship with a Holy God that operates in the Spiritual realm.

Just as we learned about our future spouses as we courted them, we then stepped into revelation knowledge after we married. We saw things we hadn't seen before. We learned things of them that no one else knows.

We have the responsibility of coming to revelation knowledge of God. How the Spiritual realm works. Romans 8:29 declares that Jesus was the first born of many. We are to be the many.

According to John 1, Jesus was the Word manifested in the flesh. In John 6:63 Jesus declares that the Word is spiritual. We are to be spiritual beings operating spiritually for the glory of the Lord.

Let us never be ignorant! There are too many blessings contained within the Word of God!

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    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      This is very good instruction and a lovely devotional. You have presented this in a loving and professional manner that encourages without talking down to a new believer or an unbeliever.