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Don't Let That Straw Break The Camel's Back

Updated on September 19, 2012
what? me worry?
what? me worry?

Look On the Bright Side! I'm still Alive!

When I get overwhelmed with too many things to do, small emergencies, and everyday tasks, it is then that I step back and do absolutely nothing as I cannot see an end to all that must be done, just to maintain the lifestyle.

The lifestyle is not flamboyant. It is just the basics, like having hot water. I can boil water I tell myself, it's no prob. Yet I'd rather have the hot water in the pipes, not boiling on my stove. It's the time factor of having to boil the water that I think about it. Yes, I am one who watches water boil and time is running out on me.

Getting overwhelmed in life happens when you see factions of your existence that you formerly took for granted deteriorating while you watch. And it's always so that it's all about money, and not enough of it to maintain the poverty level to which you're used to.

People are thrown out into the street every day for nonpayment of rent. Whereas if you rent, you can get the landlord to provide you hot water right? What happens if the landlord cannot do this for lack of money? That too can happen and has to me. Although I own my property these days, it seems it's only after you move into a place you discover it's many flaws that went unnoticed at the outset of the purchase.
Such is life and it is what is on your table. Do not waste time crying over spilled milk I tell myself. As enlightened as I'd like to think I am, the truth is I'm just a spirit doing a human stint in a body here. I feel as average as a grain of sand on the beach, while occasionally feeling my sacred core mission, making it through one more day of life on a planet ruled by the money game, in a body designed to last only a certain number of years and which demands maintenance on a daily basis. Maintenance? To stay alive? We will not live forever in these bodies. It is my constant thought.

It is important to find out what is eternal here, and I believe it is not about religion nor clinging to the old rugged cross.

We have to prepare ourselves for when things go wrong, also preparation for dying must be accomplished. We even need to pay to bury our old, worn out bodies. Which do you want? Cremation or burial? Comes a time our thoughts should drift to the cost of dying here. We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Always the world turns on a dollar. It is part of the system and it is changing. I sense something more valuable than money arising on our planet. I'll talk of it, as soon as I get some hot water!

When you get overwhelmed with it all, that the world still turns on a buck, and you know that the buck is not eternal, it's OK to sit yoga style and do nothing at all until the calm feeling settles around you and directs you to the first step of action, but first, get rid of the overwhelmed feeling that keeps you trapped in immobility.

Here's How You Use Your Wings Little One!

If it could get worse, it could also get better

There will come a season when all goes well, nothing breaks down, all appliances and tools function as expected, friends and relatives continue to stay alive and there's no eulogies to perform or funerals. Life is good. Enjoy it and relax for a moment, but do not take it for granted that it will stay as wonderful as it is right now. Heaven has not come to earth yet. It will, but not just yet. We have work to do before work becomes play, which it can do just that.

Neither expect calamity when you are in the up mode. Stay as neutral as possible while living through the tides of time and circumstance. In the calm times, is where preparation for the less calm times comes from. Being prepared means not over reacting to every little thing that stops working, such as an object or a relationship. We are in a moving world, and nothing stands still long enough to cling to it for security. Reason will only go so far, faith in yourself will go even further.

Faith that you will keep keeping on, keep noticing that the cup is really half full, not half empty. Cultivating gratitude is an art of living device for the soul.

Life, we are here. We will not always be here. Change is certain, as uncertainty is certain. It is not what we do that counts, it is how we do it, whether we have done our best. The day is given, and this is as good as it gets, no matter what seems to be going wrong. In this acceptance you will see the day as a bit brighter, the dullness will be a little less duller. Go into the day, whether it be raining or sunny, for you will be the one who brings the sun into another life.

You will find the unexpected grace descending on the faithful who will not hold a sad thought of defeat and whose footfall will be sure and steady. And this is all that is asked of you, that you be there for another and take no other thought of how you will clothe yourself. Ask, and don't be flabbergasted when you do receive what you ask for. This is faith that will not be defeated.
A law of the universe made just for the likes of me and you.

We are the solution we have been waiting for. And what's more we are never alone as we travel a life onto it's conclusion; there are many unseen helpers, like unto angels we have called them in bygone times. Teach only love, for that is what you are. Only love is eternal.


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