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Don't lose this key

Updated on May 24, 2010

Don't lose this Key




          Prosperity is the blessing of the Old Testament, adversity is the blessing of the New Testament.

In the game of Cricket, you never score a run unless somebody (bowler) throws ball at you. Jesus was lied against by the Jews, tried in their courts and crucified.         

A rebellious crowd stoned Stephen to death. The Philippians wrongfully imprisoned Paul and Silas.

          Jesus prayed for the Jews that crucified him, Stephen prayed for all that stoned him to death, Paul and Silas preached salvation to their jailers. Have you ever asked yourself what is the power behind this attitude? Why would someone do evil to you and God expects your heartfelt prayer in return?  What is God saying through the bible as regards evils that men do unto us?

          Friends, I am not selling anything to you, I am not inviting you to a church neither am I asking you to join a network. My business here is to give you a Key, a Key that is relevant and extremely important in the Kingdom of God. Many people like you are struggling and are locked outside their destinies and fulfillment all because they do not understand the use of this Key. Friends, spiritual things are received, they are not taught. I pray that heaven will give you the revelation of this Key.

          Those who study revenge keep their wounds fresh. For this reason an offended person can not think straight while carrying the seed of offence. When your emotion prevail (in split second) over your spirit, you cannot apply the word of God at that moment. However, if you want to enroll as a student in the school of the Spirit; start loving God’s law. ‘ Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall OFFEND them’ – Psalm 119:165 (Emphasis mine).

          Until we understand offence, we can not effectively use this Key, neither can we celebrate it or appreciate God for it. Unlike man, God sees from His finished works backward to the present. For example, before Jesus was crucified, the Lamb (Jesus) has been slain (before the foundation of the earth)(Revelation 13:8). Isaiah said that God declares the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). So God sees from the finished work back to the present, and from the present (if you allow Him), He gently guides you to the (determined future) finished work. Hear what He says to Jeremiah:

‘ For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, the thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an EXPECTED END’ – Jeremiah 29:11(Emphasis mine).

          From this scripture, we realized that God has an expected end for us all, this end is no evil at all. Our understanding of this scripture will go a long way in our dealing with offences. Offend simply means off – end.

So whenever our emotion rules over our spirit, it makes the written word to be without effect; and so we go off God’s expected end. At the end of the day, we are off – ended. Another term for offend is off – track. However fast a 100m athlete may be, if he is not finishing on his lane, is disqualified because of off –end (offend).

          In order for us to finish at God’s expected end, He gave us a Kingdom Key – FORGIVENESS. The very moment you forgive your adversary, you are back on track and your success race continues. This is the very Key Jesus used to complete the offering at Calvary. ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing’. Stephen said, ‘Do not lay this charge against them’. Whatever you are doing outside forgiveness, is operating under a closed heaven. The mission of your adversary is to take you off – end, your mission is not to be moved – your mission is to forgive. Your joy will be full if you can actually forgive, then call or write those people that has offended you in one way or another, extending the peace of God through you to them. The testimony of forgiveness is Peace. Your sincere ‘Hello, how are you?’ is a wonder key to the hearts of your adversary. Open it NOW

          Don’t lose this Key as you journey with God to His expected end for you.

It is well!


Preparing the Bride,


Segun Tewogbola



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    • Segun Tewogbola profile image

      Segun Tewogbola 7 years ago

      Nera Woods/ Smireles

      Thanks for your wonderful confirmative comments of this hub. Jesus said, if we do not forgive our offenders, our Father in HEAVEN will not forgive us also. How then can we enter into heaven with unforgiveness in our hearts? This is why we are teaching this truth hard.

    • Nera Woods profile image

      Nora Tamba 7 years ago

      Yes, forgiveness releases peace, although sometimes the hurt still stays. By the way, why do you always end your piece with Preparing the Bride? Thanks...

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

      Hello, I can confirm that you are telling the truth. Learning how NOT to be offended is a difficult task but the rewards are never ending. Many times we are sure someone meant something evil when in fact they may just be thoughtless or not thinking about you at all! Great hub. Great insight!