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Don't trust bible thumper

Updated on December 23, 2009

If you are reading this, I must warn you about bible thumper in this nation and around the world. They are the one who carry the bible in church on every Sunday just to take a break on what they do best, using the bible to condemn other, including you, for their sin and yet they attack you for doing the same thing back toward them. They are no difference than the Pharisee that Jesus cannot stand two thousands years ago, only thing that different is that the Pharisee do not have to join the church to be a hypocrite while the bible thumper did.

Sure, there are some good things about the bible thumper like they have self-control over their own live as well as they managed to stay out of trouble. They never got themselves arrested, have a drug problem, and they are not alcoholic. Sure, they are expert as far as the bible is concerned. I do, however, warned you not to follow in their lead because they are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrite.

They are so bad that if you got into an automobile accident on the Interstate 15 in Norco, California on the way to going to church and there are three peoples, a catholic, Protestant and a Nazi skinhead with a heart, who there when you are so injured by the accident that you need hospital care, nether a catholic nor a Protestant won't help you because of either they don’t want to be late for church or they think that it was God that is punished for your sin, the Nazi skinhead with a heart took his own risk just to help you to go to the hospital and tell the hospital staff that the Nazi skinhead will help you to take care of you along with every hospital bill that came in your way.

The only good thing about the bible thumper is that not every one of them is a hypocrite. I am not condemning them for their fault, it just that all they do is to use the bible to condemn everybody.

Do what I say, not what I do.

The liberal

The bible thumper is not the only one who is a bunch of hypocrite, most of the liberal in this country who are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrite. They want you to believe that they are for equal right and yet they favored the underdog and they want to bully everyone for owned socialist cause. For Example, if you work hard in your job just to provide you and your family for their need while the homeless. Who is on welfare, have nothing over his head because they are too lazy to work, that neighbor told the liberal that the only reason why he got nothing is because you took all of his procession away from him, the liberal will back the homeless and forced you to give up your procession to him.

Do they realize that you have paid the price just to have the item that you need, there are some people in this world who rather ride a bike to work than having to lose their honor just to get a corvette

The liberal will favor every religion but the Christian because they think that the Christian is the majority in this country, and not just for the so-called separation of church and state. For example, If a student in the public school system was caught having a knife to school, all they get is temporary suspension. If a student in the public school system was, caught reading a bible on a bench on his lunch break, that student will get harassed by the school board because they think that you are offended those who is not Christian all because you read your bible.


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