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Dream Dictionary – Meaning of Numbers in Dreams

Updated on January 24, 2012

For many, closing their eyes and slowly drifting off into the blissful world of sleep is a dream in itself. For some waking up and wondering why they’ve just dreamed of a certain number leaves them somewhat bewildered for the day. Questions swirl around number dreams including should I play those numbers in the lottery? Should I put a few pennies on the ponies? The answer is maybe. Many numbers have little to do with gambling ad more to do with a deeper meaning.

Dreaming of a number or numbers, but no particular number – self-respect, dignity, good self-esteem and pride.

Counting – you will hear some good news.

Counting Wrong – someone will lie to you and deceive you.

Watching Others Count – love will be all you expected and more.

1 – you are a very ambitious person who is passionate about what you do.

2 – a romantic relationship will end.

3 – your religion will become more important to you.

4 – you have authority and influence over people.

5 – you will be or are in a happy marriage or committed relationship.

6 – you strive for perfection – especially in your work.

7 – high activity level in all aspects of your life.

8 – preserving things is important to you.

9 –you aren’t feeling well – emotionally or spiritually.

10 – the period of sadness is ending and you will be happy

11 – watch out for a law suit.

12 – emotionally, physically, spiritually – you will have the best.

13 – there is so much you dislike or disapprove of right now.

14 – someone will cause you to lose something.

15 – you are compassionate.

16 – you are happy in love.

17 – you will be caught if you lie, steal or cheat – don’t do it.

18 – always tired.

19 – sadness, sorrow, grief

20 – too strict, stern and firm – loosen up.

21 – things will go as planned.

22 – you will solve a mystery.

23 – wanting to settle a score.

24 – you will have to follow basic directions.

25 – your child will be very smart.

26 – your business will benefit many including yourself.

27 – strong mindedness

28 – you will be loved and cherished.

30 – you have a chance at being famous.

100 – God will answer one of your prayers.

200 – If you hesitate you will put yourself in danger.

300 – you have a philosophical way about you.

365 – life goes your way.

400 – going on a long vacation or business trip.

500 – will be elected.

600 – a perfectionist.

666 – be careful and know what your enemies are up to.

700 – you are a strong person and leader.

800 – a leader.

900 – you are wanting of something.

1000 – someone will forgive you.


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    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      The funny thing is, if you have this list, there is a real chance that the manifestation of those numbers in your dreams will mean exactly the table definition provided. Why? Because dreams come from three sources: Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Satan, and from "mind". Mind can be your own mind, or even the minds of others. But, dreams from the Kingdoms want to communicate, and so will use the numbers you know to effectively speak to you. In the same intent, we all receive dreams in our own native language. The mind will, of course, generate numbers to mean what it believes they mean, or even what it has agreed they mean.

      However, it is always important to interpret by the Wisdom of God. Interpretation (of dreams, visions, et al) belongs to God. Translating strictly according to a table or dream dictionary will create problems and will reduce the value of each dream.


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