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Dream Interpretation: Black Vulture

Updated on July 11, 2015

Dreams are fickle things, they can hold so much meaning or mean very little. It is entirely up to the beholder of the dream. In this hub, we're going to explore some simple meanings of Vultures that swoop into your dreams and visions.

The Vulture

First and foremost, it's always good to look at a cut and dry description of the creature in your dream. Vultures in particular, are large powerful birds of prey. They prefer to scavenge rather than to take down their prey by force. When they do go on the hunt, they primarily go after sick or previously wounded animals, and rarely go after an healthy animals unless they're desperate.

Vultures often live in smaller family units called "committees" or "wakes", depending on what they're doing at the time. Vultures can be found on almost every continent on the earth and play a very important part in their ecosystems.

General Symbolic Meanings

There are many many dream dictionaries out there for you to wonder through if you're looking for specifics, so for now, let's just go over the basics of what Vulture general represents in dreams and visions...


Large birds with such long and noteworthy histories always represent some great power. In the case of the vulture, this power is usually lent from Death and transformation. In most situations, it's a figurative death, as in a part of yourself or a part of your life, and the transformation of that death that gives you power as you're reborn into your new state of being.


Birds are the messengers of the powers that be. Good or bad, they bring the messages you need at the time. Vultures generally bring you news of the need to change something in your life, and in this way, they are very much related to Butterflies and Dragonflies, who also often bring transformative messages.


Vultures are social creatures, and one way or another, a vision of a vulture is telling you something about your connection with the people around you.

Circling Overhead

When creatures appear to you in dreams or visions, it's important to note in what way they appeared to you. With birds, you want to remember whether they were flying or stationary, flying up or down, in a group or alone, in a nest or perched in another particular place. With birds of prey, is it hunting or attacking, is it attacking you or something else? Is is calm or excited? Is it being hunted by something bigger? With vulture in particular, you also want to note whether or not the vulture was feeding or not.

Here are some different potential interpretations of the different ways that vulture might appear to you...

Circling Overhead... If Vulture comes into your dream by circling overhead, it could be a warning of ill health or misfortune, or could equally be a sign of fortune coming your way, depending on the rest of the dream.

Soaring Up... When a bird soars up, it is usually a sign that good things are coming your way.

Soaring Down... Birds soaring downward is generally a sign that things are coming to a head in your life and are decelerating.

Eating... If your vulture is picking clean the bones of a carcass, it could be telling you that it's time to let mother nature take over and finish devouring parts of your life that are no longer necessary. It could also be a sign that any ill health in your life is going to get better.

Additional Considerations

If you want to get a little more in depth, you could also take into consideration;

Was there more than one Vulture? Numbers are significant, whether it's just one or it's 101. You can look at how many vultures, or total animals there were in your vision/dream and look at the numerological significance.

Left or Right? Augury using birds is a form of divination, but it can also be used to help translate messages from higher powers. You can gain a lot of knowledge from old practices such as this, which often focused on which side of the body or your vision the bird appeared, what time of day and whether or not the bird was seen or heard. It's an interesting practice for those interested in following it.

What is your interpretation or experience of dreaming about a Vulture?

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  • WiccanSage profile image

    Mackenzie Sage Wright 

    4 years ago

    Really interesting, and a good resource. I have dreams about birds sometimes but I have a hard time identifying them.


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