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Dream Interpretation Facts

Updated on May 5, 2015

Dream Interpretation

There are many theories about why people dream. In most cases than not, many dreams are geared towards self fulfillment, however, dream interpretation specialists argue that not many people are subconsciously strong enough to allow dreams to end. On the other hand, dreamers choose the happy ending dreams to last longer compared to those that threaten their lives.

Simple Dream Types

There are many questions surrounding the various dream meanings. While there are straight forward ones which are easy to interpret. This, for example differentiates between a chronic bed wetting dreamer and under the pillow millionaire. The one who wets the bed derives pleasure in subconsciously relieving themselves only for their conscious to awaken the brain to reality. The under the pillow millionaire, on the other hand, dreams of what makes life better hence sleeps the entire night only to check under the pillow of the money he dreamed of.

Complex Dream Types

Some of the complex dream involve the self and the other or spiritual world. These types have deeper meaning and only dream interpretation experts are able to shed light on. These dream types involve the dreamer and others who might have died, had interacted with in the past or imaginary images in their minds. These types connect the living and departed or dead. The connection between the two worlds is usually vivid and some people can narrate the entire encounter clearly once they are awake. Nightmares and bad dreams fall under this category.

Messages in Dreams

Dreams involving the living and the dead are not necessarily evil but contain messages which are what can be classified as evil, form of warning or good news. Dream interpretation specialists usually analyze these messages based on the dreamer narrative. These specialists have the power to connect with the spiritual world

Time Bound Dream Interpretation Methodologies

In dream interpretation, when based on the past occurrences, dreams tend to become myths and this is not effective. This method is mostly used by commercial interpreters and the results are usually vague. Once based on the present, these dreams usually comprise of warnings to the dreamer, relatives or a section of the community and seek immediate action. Dreams that ate focused on the future are rare and people tend to ignore them until they come to pass.

Psychology Role in Dreams

According to the Freud theory, the human brain is quite complex and keeps many processes running all the time. When used when awake, people become fatigued and once one rests in sleep, the sub conscious mind takes over turning the processes into dream which are closely related to what thoughts occupied the mind when awake. When doctors prescribe medications for dreamers, they slow down these processes to suppress the mental activity.
Not all dreams have meanings though. Persistent dreams might be a wake up call which may need the services of a dream interpretation expert. Where these are not available, a qualified psychologist can help especially for those disturbing and scary dreams.

Causes of Dreams

There are many reasons why people subconsciously dream. The major one is for self actualization. People expect so much that the idea gets stuck in their minds and once they fall asleep, the subconscious self takes over turning the thoughts into dreams. On the other hand, fear of the unknown is known to contribute to a big percentage of dreams. Love, lust, worries and unfulfilled needs are other factors that lead to dreaming


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