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Dream Interpretation: Past Lives

Updated on September 27, 2011

Past Lives

There is a great deal of belief in reincarnation, past lives and even concurrent lives (parallel universes). As fascinating as those are I would like to focus on the dreams that we have that may in-fact be a previous life we have lived. With that said there can be a bit of confusion when those who have psychic abilities and are able to utilize their dreams to see others. There can be somewhat of a cross-over of sorts, but let us assume that we are not psychic and believe in the possibility of reincarnation.

Past lives are lives that a soul has lived prior to the one that is currently being lived. The amount of past lives we are able to have in my opinion are infinite but that technical aspect is up for your own personal interpretation as we all have varying beliefs. Many people have gone to psychics to find out who they were in a previous live expecting to be told that they were some famous person and may have in-fact been told such a thing yet the reality of it is that you more than likely were not. The best way to find out who you were in a previous life is by tapping into your subconscious through dreams and seeing for yourself the life you may have led.


The Link

Tapping into this part of your psyche can be difficult and may even be impossible depending on your attitude and motivations. For some people, finding out that they may have been something they were not prepared to know about can cause distress and take away from your current life. If you are prepared mentally and are confident that whatever you may learn from your dreams will not affect your current life then please read on. If you feel that you may not be prepared then please wait until you are ready.

One of the more prominent ways of learning about past lives is through meditation however I am not the type that is able to sit still for too long. I will tell you what worked for me which may or may not work for you. It is really quite simple. Right before you go to bed you can say a little “prayer” or “mantra” asking for help in discovering your past lives. This “prayer” or “mantra” has to come from you. It isn’t something I can write out for you. By having it come from your mind and heart your intentions will be clearly relayed to the subconscious. This may take a day, weeks, months or even years and there is the possibility that it may never happen.


The Dream

Once you have had a dream that you believe may be related to a past life try to remember as many details as possible and write them down right away. The next thing you want to do is fact check it. This may seem silly at first but you may be surprised to find out just how those simple details that you have written down can make a huge impact on the ability to fact check a dream. Some of the things you want to be aware of are the items in the dream that stand out, the feelings you felt, if you were a man, woman or child, smells and sounds, dates and times. You will have to weed out a lot of items that may be related to your current life as well that may have floated in. Typically though a past life dream will be much more vivid and profound then most other dreams that you have had.

I’ll give you an example of one of my dreams (it will be a bit choppy): I saw flashes of myself as a woman getting married, happiness, love, then moving into a home, a bedroom in the attic, referring to the fridge as an icebox, giving birth to a baby girl on the couch in the living room, then there was a jump forward where me and my husband had three daughters and I remember him being disappointed because he really wanted a son and I was getting chubby, he started drinking, the girls were all teenagers and came home late in an old modeled truck with some boys and they had been drinking, their father didn’t seem to care and I told them to just get up to their room, I was very mad at them. The next thing I remember was being in a town, a sunny morning then all of a sudden there were explosions and I saw yellow and red smoke, people were running around screaming and I was trying to find my daughters, there were dead people all around and they had made the school a temporary morgue, I remember being near water and ships and when I woke up I had a very strong smell of sulfur still lingering.

Texas City. TX Disaster
Texas City. TX Disaster | Source

The Reveal

This dream for me was very compelling and was so vivid that it left me in a state of panic and sadness. After this I had thought that maybe this was a past life dream so I started looking into the facts of my dream. After a great deal of research I found some compelling similarities to the Texas City Disaster of 1947. Texas City is a major port town and the disaster that took place was one of the worst industrial accidents in US history and one of the lesser known to my generation. I had actually never even heard of it until I started researching this dream. Everything in my dream had taken place during that time and the only part I am unable to prove just yet is a wife and husband with three daughters, which I am still working on.

If this is a past life of mine it was nothing glamorous, was tragic and interesting. I was able to prove aspects of my dream which made it more real. The fact checking is what makes it more believable. Yet there are always skeptics and you as well should always be skeptical. As the timeline gets further back the harder it will be to prove aspects of your dream as real but ultimately it is up to you to believe it or not. If you have a dream that you feel is a past life dream but lacks details keep trying to advance the dream and maybe more details will present themselves to help you on your journey.

Dreams can be fun and entertaining, scary and weird but the more attention you pay to them the more you may find out about yourself and the world around you.


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    • profile image

      Sean Harford 19 months ago

      I have been getting alot of Deja Vu, ever since I was about 3-4 years old, which I first got my insight of my future, about 8-9 years further into my future, as going to high school, and seeing my best friends existence years before I have ever met him, I couldn't remember any of my dreams until it actually occurred, in which when they did, it had a twist as I did an action that I did not do in my dreams which gave it a different ending, as like one of my dreams, it showed of me turning my head to have a fraction of a second of a full water bottle deliver an impact into my eye, but months later I had a strange feeling that I have been here before, and I moved my head out of the way to find a bottle shooting past me, and im not sure if its supposed to happen or if I do not follow the path that have been set, then my future would either turn out good or bad, which gets me really confused

    • profile image

      shruti 5 years ago

      I wana to discuss something asma most of the dream that i have seen were related to ma current aspects that were gona to happened ... Don't know why with me ?

    • jadeddragon profile image

      jadeddragon 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you for commenting and reading my Hubs. I really believe that dreaming is not just a fun thing to do but is also a survival tool. There is so much we can learn from dreams but there is also a great deal of stress relief that can come from dreams as well as answers to many common life concerns currently taking place.

      Deadlines are a pain'm trying to manage through some of my own. Good luck with yours!! :)

    • profile image

      stessily 6 years ago

      jadedragon: Very interesting and well presented. I especially appreciated the example of a past-life dream which you personally experienced and which you researched.

      An important point which you make is being ready for dreaming about past lives and realizing that the past life may not have been glamorous or may seem depressing.

      Dreams do convey information and insights. I agree that learning from dreams requires time for understanding, which comes with time and effort.

      Well done. I look forward to more, as I wade through some deadlines and realize that my dream life is suffering as a result of my inattention and busyness.

      Kind regards, Stessily