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What Does Your Dream Mean?

Updated on February 13, 2018

Are Your Dreams Awakening You?

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night from a dream that you just do not quite understand? You are fascinated by this dream and would love to understand what it means. A lot of people will say, oh don’t pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are just a mix of events that have occurred during the day and do not mean anything. While it is true that some dreams occur because of something we heard, saw or something that happened, some dreams help us to better understand what is going on in the inside. They can sometimes reveal feelings that we were not even aware of. Often we are so busy with life we push away our true emotions and thoughts because we simply do not have time for them.

Tips on Interpreting Dreams

I would like share some of my interpretations of dreams and help you to figure out what yours mean. The first thing I do after I wake up from a dream is write it down.If you are not planning on staying up to figure it out at that very moment, odds are after you go back to sleep and wake up again you would have forgotten some of the key elements of your dream.

Next have a dream dictionary handy or you can look on the internet for dream dictionaries. Though dream dictionaries will not tell you everything, they can be helpful in helping you figure out the main idea or subject or theme of your dream.

Tip: Writing down your dreams will also make them easier to understand. Writing and using a journal can be very positive towards learning to understand our emotions and help to reveal our deepest feelings. You can read about using a journal here.

Things to think about when trying to interpret a dream:

· First you want to figure out the mood of your dream. Do you feel happy, sad, confused, mad, etc?
· Next you want to remember the colors you see. Is it dark, light, dark with some light?
· Do you remember any specific object, person or something that stands out from the rest?
These are just a few things to think about when trying to interpret your dream. I will explain why each is relevant and what they may mean.

Figuring out the mood:

Usually your dreams come from your subconscious and really do have to do with what is going on in your life or in the life of a person close to you. So finding out what the mood is will help to rule out certain events in your life. If you get the feeling of anger from your dream, you can focus on recent events that have made you upset or mad.

Colors in dreams:

Colors kind of intertwine with mood. If the mood of the dream is happy the colors in the dream are probably not going to be dark, they would be bright and colorful. If the colors you remember are dark and gloomy then the dream will be regarding issues, concerns or problems that are occurring in your life.

People or objects:

It is important to remember who is with you or what objects you see. Just because you see a certain person or a certain object it does not mean that the dream is related directly to that person or thing. They can be a symbol of something else. For example, if you see an ex in your dream it does not mean that the dream is about them, the person could represent an event or a feeling that that person gave you in the past.

Here is an example of a dream where one thing really symbolizes something else.

Let’s say that you have a dream and the sky seems really gray. You are standing in the ocean and a huge wave is going over your head. You feel scared and worried like you are going to drown.

Most likely this dream has nothing to do with water or the ocean. I would say that a dream like this would be interpreted as an event in your life in which you feel overwhelmed or you feel like you have no control over. The dark gloomy color would represent the mood which would be scared or worried. The wave in the dream would represent the main issue that is happening; meaning the problem or event which has happened in your life. This wave (or event) is making you feel as though you are drowning. It may mean that you feel as if you have lost control and that this person or event has taken over you and you feel as though you cannot get out, being overwhelmed.


How Dreams Help Us

Dreams can help us understand ourselves on a deeper level. When trying to figure out what your dreams mean, you are digging deep into your soul to get to the root of the problem. It is important that we take the time to listen to what our bodies and minds are telling us. This is one of the best ways to do that.


Nightmares are a bit different than dreams. There are usually two types of nightmares, one that will occur once after watching something scary or seeing or hearing something that makes you uncomfortable. Or reoccurring nightmares; a nightmare in which a person will constantly go to sleep and have the same dream. I will get into reoccurring nightmares a little later.

Like I said earlier. Dreams and nightmares can happen because of the things we see or hear. Our minds can produce crazy events and situations. Usually when we have the occasional nightmare, this is what has happened. These dreams usually do not need interpretation either, because these types of dreams really do not mean much other than scary things bother you.

I know I am a chicken when it comes to watching scary movies. In fact, I do not do it anymore, but here are a couple of tips that may help you if you watch a horror movie or a bad event has happened that you just cannot get out of your mind.

Before you go to sleep, make sure that you watch a TV show or read a book that will amuse you. Something that will take your mind off of what you saw heard or watched. Make sure that you do this long enough so that the other thoughts are out of your mind. I would say at least an hour of comedy or amusement.

Here is another easy tip. If scary movies bother you, do not watch them. It is as simple as that. If you watch something scary at 10pm and you know you have to go to sleep right after, avoid watching it until you know you will have time to get it out of your mind.

Reoccurring Nightmares

Reoccurring nightmares are usually different than your occasional nightmare. They usually stem from some sort of fear deep down inside. You may even know the reason why you have this nightmare. It may be from a bad thing that happened to you. Something that happened which is extreme and has caused you a lot of stress. If an event like this has happened to you, and you are having reoccurring nightmares, it may be best to speak to a professional to help get you through this.

Here is something that you may want to try on your own if reoccurring nightmares are a problem for you.

Have you ever heard people say that we can control our moods and our feelings? We ultimately have a choice to be happy or sad. It is very true. We do not have to mope around when we are sad, we do not have to hold a grudge against another person if they have wronged us, we can control that. It is our choice. We can let our emotions control us or we can learn to control our emotions.

I believe that we can help reduce our reoccurring nightmares and maybe even get rid of them.

The very first thing you would need to do is to work on the healing process. It is important to let go of the thing or the event that occurred in order for it to stop controlling you. It may not be easy to do, but remember you have control over your emotions, so if another person has wronged you, you need to forgive them in order for you to move on with your life.

Another thing you need to do is envision yourself as a victor and not a victim. Fantasize or daydream about how you would like nightmare to occur. If it is a nightmare in which someone is chasing you and you keep running and running because you are scared, then instead of being scared and running away envision yourself standing up to this person by turning around and telling them to get lost. Tell them to leave you alone. Let them know you are not scared. The more you tell yourself that, the easier it will become to believe it. Once you stand up to your nightmare, your nightmare will no longer have a reason for you. Think about it. If you are no longer scared then it is no longer a fear.

Do You Dream?

How often do you dream?

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I would love to hear some of your dreams. If you have had a dream and are not quite sure of what it means, I would love to help you figure it out.


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    • jennshealthstore profile image

      Jenn 3 years ago from Florida

      Hi Tony: Hmm. I wonder if you feel as though you are not being treated fairly at work, like you are stuck and not getting as much credit as you deserve. Is your shift manger the one not seeing your potential? When you moved out of the cell you were in, you found your girlfriend, a place where you are happy. So maybe the move or a different opportunity is something that you are really desiring.

    • profile image

      Tony 3 years ago

      I recently had a dream where I was incarcerated. But the place I was incarcerated in was my job. We had gotten a new employee and I was furious. I ended up fighting the man. The dream was bright. With light. I seen my shift manager in my dream. I was told to gather my belonging and was transferred to a different holding cell. While walking to that holding cell I happened to see a good friend I was locked up with not too long ago. Once I entered to tank I seen my current girlfriend in there. We kissed and got in trouble but the guard told us to do it on the downlow. That's pretty much I remember.