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Free Dream Interpretation and Dream Meaning Analysis

Updated on July 30, 2014

How Real Are Dreams?

Dreams can feel as vivid as reality, paralyze with fear, or fill you with ecstasy. Waking up with strange images in your head can be disturbing and sometimes they feel so real you have to try to figure out what they mean.

Sometimes, things that are happening in real life are clues to what a dream may be about. For example, if you are apprehensive about starting a new job, then your dream may be the place where that feeling is revealed. Usually the feeling of a dream reflects what's happening emotionally for the dreamer at a subconscious level. Looking at your dreams can help you understand your true emotional state, underneath and beyond the superficial kinds of feelings people show each other throughout the day.

Keep in mind that not all dreams mean something important. The subconscious gets to play at night, and the unrealistic images and activities that are presented in your dream may just be a reflection of your creative side. In this way, dreams can be a useful tool for creativity. The famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali tapped into his subconscious to create his works of art by waking up and immediately creating a painting of what he had seen in his dreams. For that reason, many of his works are dreamlike and don't necessarily make much sense.

Are your dreams meaningless or do they reflect your reality? Read on to discover what your dreams might mean.

Do Dreams Tell the Future? Is Interpretation Witchcraft?

Some people wonder whether their dreams are somehow a window into the future. Many people believe their dreams are somehow linked to the future and point to personal accounts as evidence, stories of people having a scary dream, waking up in the middle of the night, and then hearing horrible news of someone close dying the next day. This could be explained by other phenomena, but it does make for interesting conversation.

Some Christians may tell you that dream interpretation is the work of occult or satanic psychic types of people, but accounts of dreams in the Bible tell a different story. Dreams are one of the means by which God can deliver a message to a follower. Or, in other cases, God may grant the power for one of his followers to interpret the dreams of another person such as in the case of Joseph interpreting dreams while in prison. So dream interpretation is not necessarily an evil thing, it's just that some Christians think that the provision of Jesus as a means of redemption closes any gap where humans might speak directly to God. Thus, some Christians may see dream interpretation as a useless or even alarming activity. However, dreams do show creativity and emotion and may help someone gain insight that might be overlooked if the dreams were ignored.

Let Us Interpret Your Dream

We can give each other free dream interpretation analysis. Even though I am not a dream expert and have never studied dream analysis, there are a couple reasons to let me (and others, in the comments section) interpret your dream:

1. You might not be able to interpret your own dream. Your conscious mind sometimes doesn't allow you to get a true dream analysis. Maybe the truth of your dream is too obvious, complicated, or painful for you to see. This may be the place to brainstorm interpretations of the true meaning of your dream, from an impartial source.

2. You don't have to pay me to interpret your dreams. This is a totally free place for dream interpretation. And even though it's free, you'll be surprised at how helpful and insightful regular people can be.

Directions for Dream Interpretation

Simply type your dream in the comments sections below, and others who want to join in on the fun will interpret your dream for you. You must come back and let everyone know if we analyzed your dream well.

This will be more fun if we don't take it too seriously. Have a sense of humor and realize that this is not the place for people who are super-serious about dream interpretation. This is a place to share your dream with others and look for some ideas for the meaning.

  1. Read one of the previous dreams that have been posted.
  2. Try interpreting that person's dream before posting your own dream for interpretation. In this way, everyone will get their dream interpreted. Pay it forward and use the honor system.
  3. Write your own dream in detail, so the next person can interpret it.
  4. Return to the page to see what you can find out about your dream's meaning.


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    • profile image

      Lala 3 years ago


      I dreamed about something that feels extremely significant last year, wondering if it was the message of God because I can still remember it all very clearly.

      The setting is chinese ancient kingdom. I am a common girl who falls in love with the prince, who is soon to be the king. The king also falls in love with me.

      However, the king has a tiger who follows him everywhere he goes. And that tiger doesn't like me at all. No reason why. So one day, the tiger growls at me while I want to see the prince. So I run away from the castle, far toward grassland. The tiger runs after me. I am very scared and I think about how I couldn't see the prince anymore but I get very frightened so I think I should save myself first. I run and run until I stumble and fall. I feel very very tired, and scared, like dying. Really dying. I think to myself: this is it. I'm gonna die. When the tiger is ready to rip me apart, suddenly there is a flash. Then the tiger dies. Just like that.

      I don't know what happen. I am confused myself. I see the tiger on the grass.

      Then move forward, suddenly it is ten years later. I move back to the castle, and meet a helper who is far older than me, then that helper encourages me to be with the king. Then skip to ten years later, I actually am the queen. I have kids. And I remember being submissive with him and feeling extremely happy and secure and in love.

      However one day, I am walking around my castle with my daughter when suddenly I find an underground room fills with a lot of cages filled with tigers, looking at me.

      Then I wake up.

      Even the feeling, after one year, I still remember it very clearly.

      Do you have any idea what this is about? I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!!

    • profile image

      Jennifer Schupper 2 years ago

      Might mean that there is more ways around something then u think. I keep dreaming about my best friend who is also my ex boyfriend ( James) coming back to me. And us working out this time because he tells his family if they don't like it they can go to hell. I tell my family they same thing. Both families accepts what we tell them. James and I get married on the 24th of January. Which is our one year anniversary. Then he adopts my oldest son because he always thought of him as his own son.

    • profile image

      urgent need for safety 2 years ago

      A stranger was holding my childs wrist and walking towards me. While walking towards me she was headed towards a hole in the massive floor and fell through. I watched as her arm was let go and into the hole she fell. I ran over to the hole to see she landed on a pile of staked hotel dishes. There she balanced herself the best she could then the stack fell over. She landed near the bottom while sliding onto her backside upside down. I went for help and I was interrupted by a knock at my bedroom door.

    • profile image

      Logan 2 years ago

      I'm In a room, my mom is there with me. I walk up to a tear of some sort to another dimension and walk through, here there is a giant painting of a woman in a chair with eyes filled with fire, I look to see another room, with double doors one of them opened and it's completely dark I turn around to where my mother was at and she is gone, I walk around the room to try to find the portal back. Directly across from the painting is an open square area with just a wall. I walk past the square area and see my dads ear poster, I put my hands on it and immediately warp back. the square place and painting are gone and I walk about four steps to the left. I look to the right and my mom is in a chair from my dads office, I walked towards her and a loud sound rang in my ears that dropped me to my knees. She asked me if I was ok and I looked at my mom and told her I was tired and tripped. We walked downstairs to what appeared to be my normal house. The time was 3:27 but it looked as if the sun had just come up. I told her It was late and I was tired and that I was going to bed, I asked her why she was up so late and she said she had to finish some work. then I turned away from my mom and the dream ended

    • profile image

      orva 21 months ago

      I dreamt I was in the kitchen my lil sis was sharing food on the plates and there were a few others just hanging around. I had some food in a plate from earlier that day so I was trying to eat it up so I can get the food my sis was sharing I was getting g stuff and wondering how was I going to eat the food she's sharing but I still continue to eat the food from earlier and I started stuffing my mouth with the spaghetti and started hysterically and so did everyone too. I laughed so much at my silliness I woke up laughing . What does that mean?

    • profile image

      mae 20 months ago

      The only thing about my dream that I remember is that there was a white chair turned upside down.

      What would an upside down white chair have to do with anything?

    • profile image

      mae 20 months ago

      Dear "urgent need for safety"

      Perhaps you are a working mother or father who is trying very hard to balance life with your children while working, or some similar scenario. It is a balancing act per say.

    • profile image

      ashley 17 months ago

      It seems you maybe insecure about something

    • profile image

      bailey 16 months ago

      So in my dream me and my sister move to Corpus Christi where my sister wants to rescue a baby alligator and we go to rescue the baby alligator when I come up on a pastor that I used to know and if we just get around the corner will be able to save it then all the sudden it turns into like a boat dock and were being chased by somebody and we have to save this little alligator and then the people that were chasing us come up behind us it was someone I know but first didn't recognize them it was somebody from my childhood his named Colton he lived across the street and we're best friends forever until I moved here from school and seventh grade I haven't seen or talked to him in forever but he was in my dream and all the sudden we were in a jeep driving back to our little house in Corpus Christi and we were happy and then we were playing around in the car and he kiss me what does that mean?

    • profile image

      Christi 11 months ago

      Last night I had a dream I've previously had about a week or 2 ago. My dream literally begins with an overwhelming fear for my life as I'm watching about 4 (maybe 5) women brutally beating and killing someone I know. I don't see the person they are beating but I know it was someone I knew and was female. I don't know if they're using other weapons but I see one girl holding a bat when she holds her position with the bat in the air, full of blood, about to take another swing when she spots me on the other side of a fence with a terrified look on my face. It felt like it was my grandmothers backyard I was in but I just know it wasn't. In any case, I can vividly see the look on this woman's face when she looked up and it was just a look of evil. No human emotion, no remorse or hesitation to just "kill". I immediately start to run and somehow end up in a car being chased by the same women. I honestly felt overwhelmed with the feeling of certainty I was about to die. I was 100% sure. And that's it..

    • profile image

      Tatty Crow 7 months ago

      What does it mean when you want to say hi to someone in your dream but can't in real life?

    • profile image

      Mary A Sapp 7 months ago

      i dreamed I went to go outside and there were Bengal tigers wandering aroung in the yard.

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 months ago

      I dreamed of a shiny green scaled fish with a big fin. Its head was cut off and the meat was healthy and pink. It was laying between my husband and I in the bed. Right now im trying to trust my husband with finances again and am thinking about making a big investment with him. Dont know if this a good or bad sign.

    • profile image

      Patti 4 months ago

      Ok my dream was about my 34yr old daughter. I was mad and upset in my dream that my daughter was not treating me the same as her babies daddy parents. Better pictures of grand baby was given to them and not me. I was screaming and yelling and then I would pull her hair and scream that I hate her. I was so upset after this dream I am still bothered through out day

    • profile image

      Steph 2 months ago

      I always have dreams in third person, the most common ones are watching myself in a panic and trying to get everyone's attention but nobody listens or helps, I try to scream at people or anything to get them to help and all I can do is watch it all happen like I'm just a fly on the wall, does anyone know what these mean?

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