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Dream Recall- What is it And How Can I Use it to Lucid Dream?

Updated on January 13, 2016
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Having Lucid Dream experiences at 3 years old & with over 30 years experience in LD, Robert hopes to share his passion for LD with the world

Dream Recall is Simply Remembering Your Dreams

Some amazing things can happen in your dreams, you can find some tips in this article to help you remember your dreams
Some amazing things can happen in your dreams, you can find some tips in this article to help you remember your dreams | Source

What is Dream Recall?

Dream recall is simply the ability to remember your dreams after you wake up.

Every single person dreams many times throughout their nightly sleep, whether or not they can remember them. Even people who do not get much sleep have dreams, they are just very unlikely to remember many details, if they remember any at all.

Typically, people forget as much as half of their dreams within the first five minutes of waking up. After ten minutes of being awake, the average person will forget almost everything about their dream other than the very most basic details.

Dreams Can be Fun

You might be amazed at what your own mind can create
You might be amazed at what your own mind can create | Source

Is Remembering Dreams Important? Am I Missing Something, Here?

Dream recall can be useful if you are interested in psychology and you would like a deeper glimpse into your own subconscious. Dream recall is also an absolutely necessary aspect of being able to enjoy lucid dreams. For the most part, being lucid helps people to remember their dreams, but every mind is different.

If these concepts seem interesting, then remembering dreams is a pretty important step towards achieving these things for yourself.

There Are Many Things You Can do to Remember Your Dreams

Being ready to write down your dreams helps increase the chances that you will remember them. Writing down your dreams is a great way to increase your chances of remember more dreams.
Being ready to write down your dreams helps increase the chances that you will remember them. Writing down your dreams is a great way to increase your chances of remember more dreams. | Source

Is There Any Way I Can Remember My Dreams?

There are many things you can try that might help you to remember your dreams, or to remember them more clearly. Here, we will quickly cover five tips to help with dream recall

  • This first step might seem a little strange for some readers, but asking your own mind to help you remember is a very effective option. Autosuggestion, or programming your own brain through habits, repeated words or actions, or through other means is no myth. Neurologists study autosuggestion all the time and there is no sign that they will stop endorsing their belief in its effectiveness. Try asking your own subconscious to talk to you in your dreams. If you know yourself and you think asking won't be as effective, tell your subconscious that it will remember your dreams. Treat it as a task you are ordering it to fulfill. This can be done by simply telling yourself that you will remember your dreams.
  • The easiest step is to write down every detail of your dream immediately when you wake up. No detail is too small. Many people keep a dream journal for this purpose. It would be wise to avoid writing anything else, such as your current feelings or what you think your dream means during this time. Simply writing your memories of your dreams when you wake up creates the habit of actively seeking to remember your dreams. Keeping a mini dream journal in a smaller notebook you can keep on you throughout the day can also help. If you try to remember your dreams, it is more likely to happen.
  • Getting a full night of sleep can help as well. If you are not getting enough sleep, it can affect your memory while you are awake, not to mention that it can also cause your memories of your dreams to fade more quickly, if they even form at all. You also might not be producing the correct hormones needed for dreaming properly if you are not sleeping in normal cycles.
  • If you are sleeping well every night for a full night, making an attempt at breaking up your sleep for a moment might help you to become lucid, which can help you to remember your dreams.
  • An alarm clock can break the sleep cycle too rapidly for a memory of the dream to be formed. The action of turning off the alarm clock can be all the distraction your brain needs to forget valuable details of your dream. Instead, try going to sleep earlier and waking up naturally, taking a moment to remember your dream before making your dream journal entry. Staying still for a few moments after waking up gives you a short time to reflect on your time dreaming.

Will Dream Recall Help me to Become Lucid?

With all things, changing habit helps other new habits to form. This is no different when considering the human mind.

Typically, when people are lucid within a dream, they will recall the dream. I you cannot remember your dreams or if you were lucid, making a solid effort to remember your dreams puts you in the practice of seeking awareness in and of your dreams. This is very possibly something that can help you to become lucid if you try.

Every mind is different, so different strategies can be required for every different mind to achieve a lucid state. It can take lots of effort, but you can manage to become lucid, there is no limit to the things you can do and the things you can see!


May your dreams be clear and memorable

© 2016 Robert Cassady


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    • Oneironaut profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Cassady 

      2 years ago from Glendale Heights, IL

      Thank you for your interest. I find it fascinating, as well. I will continue to update these articles and expand upon them, as well as continue to post more articles about aspects of dreaming as the ideas come to me.

    • daydreamer13 profile image


      2 years ago

      This is interesting to me as I have always had a fascination with dreams and their purpose. Dream interpretation is something I do regularly, and still find it extremely helpful and fascinating. Understanding dreams is a very useful tool.


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