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Great Seljuk State

Updated on December 2, 2019

History of Oguz

The Turks who established the Göktürk state, while organizing their own administration in Central Asia, began to form unity among themselves in the tola - selenga region, the number of the tribes that joined this union was nine, that is called nine oguz.

At the end of the seventh century, the Göktürk regrouped and achieved their independence. The Göktürk army under the joint management of Ilteriş and Tonyukuk started the war of the Oguz and the Lake of Cows in 682, and defeated the oghuzes, rejoined in the reign of the Kapgan Khan, and this time the wise and ash tigin was able to suppress them with difficulty and tough battles.

In the Uyghur state, which replaced the Göktürk, the Oguz played an important role, a part of the Uyghur khanate, as in the Göktürk, also formed nine Oguz, the Uyghur Khan appointed the wise khan, his son Moyençor to the Oguz, but after a while. They rebelled, moyençor, who passed to the Uyghur khanate, worked hard with the oghuzes, a part of the oghuzes were defeated on the shores of the selenga river, the oghuzes started to migrate thereon, this migration movement became more intense at the beginning of the nineteenth century, When it collapsed in the middle, the more crowded oguz mass joined its western relatives.

Oğuz Devletinin Sınırları


Oguz Yabgu State

In the first half of the 10th century, the oghuzes were seen around the steppe of the seyhun and the black sea, ie farab and sayram cities in the geography. There were more than a thousand cities in Central Asia.

In the first half of the tenth century, the Oguzs had established a state with a winter center, the first was the faction, there was a ruler with the title of ash power, and the army was led by the soldiers.

At the time of Yabgu state, the oghuzes were divided into two branches and had

The important roles of Oguz in history

The expression Oguz means political unity of the Turkish tribes as we have stated. According to this, all the Turkish states have been considered oguz since the Asian Huns. Communities of the heir length, bulgarian chuvash are also included.

However, the Oghuzes were the Turkish tribes in Central Asia, which were under the name of Oghuz in the midst of the seventh century in the history of the Turkish homeland.

During the eleventh century, the Oguz descended from the Asian steppes to the Middle and Near East, taking Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, and Syria, then besieging Egypt, North Africa, the Balkans and Vienna and Europe.

Respectively, the great Seljuk state, the Seljuk state, the atabeyler, the Turkmens principalities, the sons of Ramadan, the sheep of the black sheep and the sheep of the state, the widow of the kadirli, safari in Iran, the Afshar and Qajar dynasty, the principalities of the western Anatolian principalities and established the Ottoman state.

Root Although Asian hun based on social, political, more GökTürk Khanate of age living cultural traditions and values ​​oguz's cultural life, founded the republic of Turkey states.

Seljuk state

The Seljuk dynasty was named after the ancestors of the Seljuk soldiers, Selcuk Bey was a soldier of the head of the Oghuzes, his father was Dokak, that was an iron springer, he was an important person in the state of Khuzgu, and he was known as an iron spring among all the Turkish tribes living in the Caspian Steppes. He was a powerful manager who was consulted on everything.

Seljuk Bey, 18 years old when his father died, tenth century, was found next to yabgu, his father's death took over his

Migration to Maveraün River and acceptance of Islam

Seljuk bey oguz troops under the commander was crowded, the pastures were limited, the livestock livelihood of these tribes were experiencing difficulties, selcuk bey soldier manager, opened with oguz birgus, therefore, selcuk bey began to migrate to the river meveraun all the length of the migrants have to migrate And they took all the fattening large and small head animals with them.

Cend was an oghuz city on the banks of the Seyhun River, it was on the border between the Turks and the Islamic countries.

During this period, a lot of Muslims from the crowded Turkish masses became widespread, there were Turks who had come and settled before, Islam spread even more with the Seljuk soldier manager. After Selcuk Bey and the people around him discussed these ideas, they asked the clergy from Islamic countries and then Islam. The Turkish mass has thus gained a political and social identity,

The word türk turkmen Og, which is used as a political phrase for Oguzlar, became more widespread by taking the meaning of Muslim Oghuz.

Seljuk bey's military administrator to accept the power

Seljuk bey, after becoming a Muslim, entered the struggle against the oguz yabgu state, which protects the old religion, provided the help of some Muslims in these wars, and also participated in the Turks who wanted to help him in the war, in this way, Selcuk Bey, Cent Made.

Seljuk bey died in 1009, when he was a hundred years old, he laid the foundation of the Seljuk State, organized it and consolidated it with his wars.

Selçuklu askerleri bir savaş alanı

Seljuk soldier
Seljuk soldier
Sultan Sencer
Sultan Sencer

Sons of Selçuk brain

Selcuk Bey had four sons, Mikail, Arslan, Yusuf, Mosa.

His eldest son, Mikail, was raised by his grandfather Selcuk Bey, who was called by his sons, Selcuk Bey, who was the son of Michael and his sons.

Yusuf, who took his place in the new state with the title of Yinal, died at a young age.

Tuğrul and call brothers

At the time of Seljuk's death, the brothers and brothers, who were 17-20 years old, took their place in the administration.

The members of the Seljuk family were at the head of their Turkmens, who recognized the high sovereignty of Arslan Yabgu.

Relations with the Black Khan.

There were new developments in the Maveraun river, the western land khanates, the sons of straw had eliminated the state, they had seized the region of Bukhara - Samarkand, they were in agreement with the Ghaznavids, as a result, the Seljuks had to face the land khanate state.

The black khans were afraid of the Seljuks, they wanted to make a deal with them to take advantage of their forces, but both sides did not trust each other, so the war was inevitable.

Tuğrul and the call brothers previously applied to the eastern land khan ruler Bugra Khan and went to the Talas Circle at his request, where Tugrul Bey was arrested by the Khan. The gentleman was rescued.

The Seljuks came to the sides of the steam again to get out of the congested situation, this place was under the administration of Ali Hanig from the Kara Hanim family, but he was afraid of the brothers and call brothers, he wrote letters to get away, he failed and then raids towards Anatolia.

Türk ordusu, farklı bir süvari saldırı anı

Turkish style attack
Turkish style attack
Picture depicting a war
Picture depicting a war

Anatolian raids

Tuğrul and the call gentlemen agreed to make an expedition to the west in order to find more favorable areas where the bluff had fallen into a bad situation in the river.

Cagri Bey, the resources of the period indicated on the wind flying horses, long-haired, stringed and spearful with the Turkmen, under the direction of Ghaznavid horasan and azerbaycan 1018'de entered eastern anatolia, invaded the territory of the Vaspuragan kingdom and defeated the forces directed to the north The Georgian forces retreated because they did not dare to fight, then tried to stop the sudden kingdom call master in the north, but the army of the sudden kingdom was defeated.

The indigenous nature of the Eastern Anatolian geography left their homeland and emigrated to the central Anatolian region of Byzantium.

Call for a while remaining in the Caucasus countries, the blue river returned to the side of his brother and Turkmens on the year 1021.

Arduous war, a real old painting

Table representing two sides fighting
Table representing two sides fighting


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