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In the Mood to Dream

Updated on October 23, 2012

Dream Dimension

Dream and What May Become of It

Is dreaming going to a different dimension?


Do you blame your pillow for bad dreams or do you praise your honey's hug for beautiful dreams?

Dreams take you to a completely different dimension whether it is a likeness of your experience or merely nothingness. Understanding your dream leads you to investigating the experience that is still fresh in your mind and feelings. The conclusion from its interpretation will put you in an odd or equivalent dimension. Do you believe in your dreams? Do you believe in what the interpretation tells you? Do you value the symbols in your dreams that motivate you or does it strike fear, symmetrical to a practical meaning? It is entirely to your belief and understanding, your feelings towards struggle and of contentment and your power of choice and engagement. ≈ ♥ ≈

The Depth of Dreams

Human and animals dream, a contributing factor of our existence. Animals dream of events while they were awake like when they were at play. Do you not replay a mental imagery of the events surrounding us? Of course you do, that is why you dream. Your slumbering mind is not fully fast asleep; it is half awake. Subconsciously, the mind rewinds to specific events where most of your energy has been transferred and conveyed into. When the body is rested and the mind is working, there is the connection to recreate stories. Our subconscious mind is like some machinery working overtime.

The “stories” that are recreated within our restless minds are dreamy from a chemistry of supply that take us back or forward encompassing who we are, what we have become; what we were up to and what we plan to do next.

Dreams are also conceptions of our intuitive mind, scripted in our sleep. You are not totally exhausted but you take a rest. Now that you have dropped your body to rest, you are in a dream state. You are now creating your own dream scene. The deeper we think, the more spontaneous a dream becomes. Your body absorbs a hypnotic energy while you are now experiencing a lucid dream.

Lucid dreams appear clear like crystal, because you script it, you put yourself in it as the main star. It will take you subconsciously to dreamland, wrapped up in conscious impression of awareness. In the projection of lucid dreaming, the dreamer realizes in the midst of a dream that none of it is real. In a draft moment, you as the dreamer will realize on impulse that you are in a dream, that it is all in the dream, then, you go back to dreaming.

Rainbow We are driving along an open circle island surrounded by blue waters on a sunset evening. The island's opposite sides are a.) a beautiful mountainside covered with rainbow colours from the ground wrapping the trees in full spectrum; and b.) a park above a cliff with a number of benches and trees curved in an arch setting around the cliff; a rainbow crawling from the bottom of the cliff mantling the whole area in its bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple hues. I find myself running along the coastline to pick up my camera. I then realized that my camera is still charging (yes, really charging that night before I went to sleep.)

My dream continues...I am lying on a mantle of misty grass from an earlier rain before the rainbow appeared. My eyes closed and I see my lips curled up in a smile facing the sky. My body seems breathless but feeling the wet grass beneath me. I'm dreaming. Dreaming seeing myself running to and fro on both sides of the island trying not to miss the beauty that the sunset unselfishly is giving out that day. I got up brushing my hair and dress off from the dew. I am looking around to see that my camera is nowhere beside me, but the rainbow still glowing vividly. I thought, I did not have my camera but everything seem to be just perfect.

≈ ♥ ≈

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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Greetings Mrs. Coffeegginmyrice,

      I wish your family emergency came to a positive end and if it did not, I certainly wish it will do so soon. I enjoy fluidity in Life and I wish others the same.

      In times of high energy I probably would not try doing exercises at night, just to conserve power and sleep without many adventures (lol). We are all different though. I can only really speak about myself.

      Regarding the gorilla video, I missed the curtains myself and only briefly realized that there was a black shirt missing but I did not have the chance to investigate that perception as I was busy counting the balls being passed. I thought it was a fun exercise to show how we only perceive and thus create our existence through our attention and by the choices which our attention makes.

      I think You were quite correct in saying: "Our life's perception indeed is molded and functions how we take a situation and deal with it."

      "Your experience being close to dying in your dreams is a scary thing. What do you perceive to control this from happening over again?" - I am not sure I understand your question here. The nightmares in which I was close to dying were very similar: a re-occuring nightmare so to speak. It has happened four times in the past three and a half years. It was similar in a way to what You described your daughter's nightmare to have been, in the sense that I was struggling to end the dreaming besides other things. Unlike sleep-paralysis though, these nightmares did not come as I went to sleep or as I was trying to wake-up. They happened in the middle of the night or while I was taking a nap during the day ... there was not much that I could find in terms of similarities of the circumstances I was in at that time. Actually the circumstances have been rather different each time.

      The last time I was dreaming and felt a negative energy in my dream was just last week but by now I have gained enough personal power that I can make conscious decisions regarding my personal safety even when I am dreaming. Thus, last week I was able to think clearly while dreaming and make a conscious decision. I dispelled the negative energy out from my dreaming and I found myself to be very happy about it. I cannot explain the feeling of dreaming, thinking and acting out our thoughts in our dreams, all at once. It is certainly strange but it was something that I was happy to have achieved. If nothing else, at least it was interesting (and for me interesting usually means fun).

      I have the will to live and the personal power to do so. I also do not belive in fear. Therefore, I have no issues with dying. At the same time though, I am not inclined to be careless in any way. On this topic You can check-out a piece I wrote last year titled "Death made another gesture: why am I one in a million?". It was an interesting experience I had and one of many with my Death.

      This is definately interesting as You well said. A favorite quote of mine and one who has been on my profile ever since I joined Hub-pages, is: "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." - Oscar Wilde

      Regarding your job, it's on its way and at this point if You have not read the book titled "The Power" and if You have time, You can give my strange review of it a quick look:

      What You love will come to You. This happens through your personal power, with persistence and dedication towards what we dream. And here we have come full circle. Hmm ... this white wolf is certainly running in circles sometimes. Haha!!

      You have a wonderful long week-end. Enjoy the gorgeous weather and keep the camera close! All the very best. May Wakan Tanka guide your path.

    • coffeegginmyrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      We had an emergency at home last night and got to bed at 5:30 a.m. I was too tired and all I want was to catch up with sleep. But I did remember what I have read from your message to me 16 hours ago...the dream exercise! I was so into it and wanted to dream, infact I had been visioning in my head my favourite element, my SLR camera (as you had set as an example as well). I wasn't able to focus on it too much, but it did swiped the object multiple of times out from my concentration like as you mentioned about "shifting". Each time I realized the shift, I return to the camera again seeing it with closed eyes. Then, goes the drifting back and forth. I really had no sleep for I was conscious yet tired; got up after 8 hours of my self shifting a lot too, hahaha! And you are right, Mr. Happy, it is NOT an easy task. I need more focus, try over and over until I experience the three dimensional perspective and what else would arise from it.

      I watched the "Gorilla" video and the two things I missed from this illusion were the changing colours of the curtain and the stepping away of 1 girl in black shirt. I got caught up with the gorilla "monkey business", lol. This is the first time I've learned about the Monkey Illusion. Thanks for sharing!

      Our life's perception indeed is molded and functions how we take a situation and deal with it. We are destined to seek what motivates us, what makes us passionate about other things and perceive to life's changes that composes "reality" of what we are made of, capable of and believe in.

      When we perceive that we are in danger, what do we do? This is intuition. To escape danger or prevent it from happening, man has to see what could cause danger to fall upon him and find ways not to allow it; but if man fails, that means he had made risks. Since life is a matter of perception, then, perception cycles with life.

      Since "everything is kind of real", dream or dreaming is part of human life and life is multi-dimensional that makes even comatose patients dream. And I think I believe that. I perceive that it could happen. Most say they do. Other patients who had undergone coma say that there was no gap in time but could hear voices around them.

      But in all life's perception, God is the core; His presence is in everything we do.

      Your experience being close to dying in your dreams is a scary thing. What do you perceive to control this from happening over again? Will "Controlling of a Dream" exercise help? Is this the same as some people just die in their sleep? If it is caused by a cardiac arrest, that could be because of a frightening dream that numbed the person to death? "Fear" is a negative energy and if we fear of so many things, it affects the way we dream, does it not? The impression about "fear of dying" this will haunt us through dreams and the dying experience will be felt like real.

      This is getting interesting and I am getting carried away. Re my dreams that coincides with my job search are all good since October, but how come there is none yet? Hahaha! Just wondering.

      It is nice also conversing with you...Cheers!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Hello once again,

      I would like first of all, to thank You for the conversation. I enjoy conversations, especially interesting ones (such as this one). Cheers!

      There are many things to say about dreams but I am no expert in dreams. I have been paying attention to my dreams over the past three to four years because they started turning into what we call "reality". That was pretty weird to say the least and that is what got me learning a little more about dreams and studying my own.

      The exercise I mentioned is an exercise to better our attention. And one must be specific with the object which is dreamed. It is not a certain circumstance that should be aimed at dreaming, like fishing or shooting photos in a park for example. The idea is to dream a specific thing and hold that image even when it begins to shift. We become aware of our actions in our dreams and control them - that would be the outcome. And yes when one masters it, one can dream-up entire events, places, etc. (I am not there by the way lol)

      As I said above, this exercise is really to better our attention and perception. Have You ever heard of the Monkey Illusion? If not, give this a try (a very short Youtube video):

      What I am getting at (in my opinion), is that our entire lives are perceived. Our lives are really just perception and so, dream or no dream everything is still perception. That is why I asked previously what is real? In my opinion, we perceive everything therefore everything is a kind of "real". being awake is a "kind of real" and "dreaming" is another kind of real.

      I was close to dying a few times in my dreams and I can certainly say that it felt very real. I would not want to try dying in my dreams. I just don't want to take that chance, just in case ... (lol)

      I will stop here for now as it is late. I do thank You once again for the intereesting conversation. All the best and keep dreaming (good things: perhaps about that job which is coming your way). : )

    • coffeegginmyrice profile imageAUTHOR

      Marites Mabugat-Simbajon 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      Hi Mr. Happy! Like you, I am fascinated about Dreams and Dreaming. I have been recording "some" of my dreams that feels like it is making an impact as I remember it when I get up. I search for the symbol and interpretation to find out if it falls closely to a recent feeling, mood, situation (problem) or event esp. targeted to my constant searching for a job. I need to find a job soon.

      Once you analyze your dream, you will learn where it falls under, what category, what type of dream. Very interesting. Then, the meaning of your dream- it does prepare us about something and what to expect. It keeps me hoping and watching for changes if what my dream tells me do come true. And with you, "often dreaming what is to come"... man, you sound like a psychic! That's cool and I wish that it is on the happy side of your life because you are Mr. Happy!

      I would try the dream exercise you have mentioned here focusing on something that I couldn't get away from, a favourite element. I do have a question for you, maybe you can tell me if it is the same as the exercise...

      If I thought of something before falling into slumber and this turned into a dream, a persistent object/subject in my dream...then it fades and another subject takes its turn but my mind dictates me to go back to the first subject (like I am aware of the shift of subject and my body shifts, tossing my position too which makes me subconsciously aware of my dream), is this similar to the exercise about "controlling your dream"?

      Thanks Mr. Happy! If I am successful with the "Control a Dream" exercise, I will mention it here or make a short hub about it.

      P.S. I have recorded too a very scary dream of my daughter when she was 15. It was like evil, demonic and froze her frightened, hearing only her heartbeat racing. She can't move nor scream. Her jaws locked, she said. She was very aware, wide awake because her eyes was scanning her bedroom and hearing our voices (we were downstairs in the living room while she was asleep up in her bedroom). So I believed her story. She said, it just lapsed and she managed to turn to the side of her bed and prayed; and was never able to sleep again. Then, the next morning, my older daughter, 21, exclaimed that she had a similar experience. So, we looked it up online and soon learned that it was a sleep disorder called Sleep Paralysis.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Interesting piece of writing. I am happy You enjoy dreaming. It is a fascinating ability which we have but many people ignore it or claim it as being rather insignificant.

      "In the projection of lucid dreaming, the dreamer realizes in the midst of a dream that none of it is real." - Here, my question would be: what is real? And why is what happens in dreams less real than what happens when we are thinking that we are awake?

      I ask these questions because I often dream what is to come: events, circumstances, places, etc. What I dream often happens when I am "awake". Therefore, many times for me dreaming is as real as it gets ... Strange but nonetheless true.

      I have a fun exercise for You if You are interested. When You go dreaming-away next time, try focusing on something You know well: something very familiar. It can be your hands, or your camera or whatever You wish. When You can bring-up that image in your dreams and it begins to fade (when one dreams images tend to shapeshift from one thing to another), return to it; bring-back the focus of what You chose to dream (that specific image).

      This is not an easy task but when You can control your dreaming ... You will have broken through this three dimensional perspective and many new opportunities will arise.

      I enjoyed the read. As You can see, dreaming is a topic of interest for me and I am always curious on other people's experiences with their dreaming.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!


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