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Dreams: Breaking Them Down

Updated on November 21, 2012

The Dream: Dreams Billion Dollar Daddy

I work with my dreams as an ongoing project. Dreams can be an enriching experience infused with metaphor and adventure. More importantly, it can engage the imagination unlike anything I witness in my waking hours. I enjoy breaking down a dream and stepping into the spaces of alternate realities. Dream interpretation then becomes almost an art form and the things movies are made of. Let me continue with the dream.

2/14/11 4:19AM

I am awakened with the knowledge that I am the offspring of some king and a race of glow people. The king is worth $900,000 billion dollars and I am an heir, unbeknownst to me. I was learning to fence only I was pretty horrible at it. I couldn't throw the rapier straight at all since it would get stuck on my fingers. The purpose of the teaching was to throw the rapier straight at a mirror and it would pierce the glass and stick without shattering.

The mentor pulled me aside as the others were practicing and he gives me a lute. I am confused. What is this? Is it supposed to make me better at fencing? I am playing with it, turning it over in my hands and it feels old, familiar...he says I should stop wasting my time on fencing and that some people are more cut out for the Arts and Humanities.

Then, he mentions the glow people. Out of 6 children, I was the only one that my mother told my father what my name would be and she did this because "the king", my real father, told her what she should name me. I am supposed to get a portion of the $900,000 billion dollars that the heirs to the thrown will split. (I personally think I would have preferred to have known my father instead of receiving the inheritance.)

It is a dark dream full of images of elven types of people and they give me no detail on what the glow people are supposed to be. The dream continues to roll through a few more scenes that are disconnected from the primary dream. When I awaken, it seemed very important to me that I remember that my father is the king and that I am one of his heirs.

Breaking Down The Components

The primary thing here is that I am learning...learning to fence. Could it be my witting repartee? Doubtful. More likely, the fencing is representing some form of communication since a sword when translated to tarot cards are often to do with air components, slashing cutting, think of the sword as a biting tongue, or even as a pen (writing utensil) since it both becomes a metaphor for communication and expression...the mighty quill.

I am particularly attracted to the idea that I must pierce the glass without breaking it. If that isn't a direct reference to the illusions of reality, I don't know what could be. The mirror as metaphor is seeing all the things around me as a reflection of the self, to pierce the glass - to see into myself directly without destroying the illusion is the skill being learned. For me, that translates to what my nature is at its essence.

Glow people could be anything from angels, to people with charisma, energy beings, elves since the dream even leans toward elven symbols. I am actually a beliver of all ideas and things, I believe the universe and God can make space for all kinds of creatures and races, like a pocket in the universe holding some delightful world. I don't suppose that is much useful though in the every day 9-5 world we live in. How would a normal person translate a race of glow people? The calmer description above would be that I come from a line of charismatic persons. This wouldn't be true in my genetic line, just so you know...what I would think might be more likely is that my familial line was more spiritually oriented than was ever discussed. In fact, not so long ago, I found out that I had quite a heavy influence of Native American ancestory which was kept subdued at the time and seldom discussed. The remaining members of my family don't even know much about it since it wasn't open of conversation during that period of history.

I like the lute reference but this doesn't help me much. This takes my form of expression from a sword to a lute...I would interpret that to mean from the written word to an oral expression of some sort but I can't even imagine speaking to a group of people on the topic of dreams, only because it can get complicated on paper, face to face, in a group...I use as much of my intuitive skills as I do the actual symbols of a dream. How a person describes the wind, or the water, means alot to me in how I think it might apply to the other symbols.

The number 6 is kind of redundant since the number itself represents family, and responsibility. Interestingly, both of those come into play possibly with moving from a written expression to a spoken expression. The entire paragraph is about my responsibilities, to my family, from my name and how it was given and received. To me it speaks directly to my life in that I have a heritage that is being brought forward that is here to help support my family. In a more global perspective, as my family, is my brothers and sisters of the human race in this instance.

My Father...the king. Could be a God image...could be pointing to the significance of the dream, wanting to make sure I was taking my gift, my inheritance, seriously. The dreams have a tendency to use larger than life images to be sure we remember. It is hard to speak to yourself through multiple versions of reality and retain some sort of congitive ability and be able to separate the worlds in a way that is logical and doesn't borderline too far into what the common populace describes as insanity.


Insights and Observations

I have been digging into my genetics recently, attempting to elevate some programming that I know has been passed down to me through my genes. Out of this has come a rush of dreams presenting trees to me. I know this is pointing me to my familial lineage.

When I was a child, I knew my father was the king and some day I would inherit the kingdom. To which my response was...You got to be kidding me, I don't want to be responsible for all the people on the planet. I was 5, what did I know about being responsible for millions of people. I knew nothing and for most of my life I have needed to know nothing more.

This dream is linking back to my childhood. Oddly, the claim that "my father - the king" named me isn't so far off from the truth. I was known as Baby Girl for 6 weeks because my parents couldn't decide on a name. This is but one small oddity from the actual birth experience. That I can remembered parts of the birth might be of greater significance. My mother, at the prompting of the hospitals repeated contact, finally broke down and named me - Brigitte Jan Kephart. My name has been a message for me for my entire life, being - bridge it and keep heart.

I have been bridging many diverse and sometimes opposing concepts such as male and female, black and white, old and young...dreams and reality. I find they really aren't so very different. The more I can find common ground between concepts, the more holistic my thinking becomes and the more boundaries I am able to shift. And, dare I say, the more structures I can learn to move around, or eliminate.

What the dream made me think most of - is the glow people. I have never heard that term before and it could mean anything from elves to angels. What I am beginning to consider is that maybe humans were the template, and maybe there is another energy merged in with our DNA. I would love to heritage is that of angels, but then that would mean all humans are of angels. I am not sure I can go quite that far.

What is more likely is that we have encased in our DNA some part of our history which is much more pure than what humans have developed into today. When we refine our energies and clear the programming of our societal upbringing, limitations begin to drop away. We find a myriad of things we were told we simple could not do...suddenly becoming possible. I am on a quest to discover all that my being is capable of becoming. When I was little I said when I grew up I wanted to be - Everything!

How much will I be able to expand my awareness and become that which is like - Everything? I am on the tip of the iceberg. Diving into the subconscious is only one small step in a journey of human development. I know that all I do...others may do as well. My only job is to do it to the best of my ability.

This dream leaves me asking questions...many, many questions. But the foremost is - who is this father...this king of which I am the offspring? And, how do I find him?


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    • MzChaos profile image

      MzChaos 7 years ago from Indianapolis

      inhabitants of this planet were non-physical beings...yes..I think there is space where we are not in physical form...or re-phrased, where our ancestry is composed of being who were not quite as "dense" as we are today. That is a huge discussion to go into in this type of forum...but I am right on with you in some of this theory. In fact, based on my own modifications on what "truth" is...I can only say, it's all true - depending on which perspective you look from.

      I appreciate the comments...and thanks for the name comment as well...there is more to that story....both life entertains!

    • teresa8go profile image

      teresa8go 7 years ago from Michigan, USA

      Wonderful dream. When I read the dream some thoughts popped into my mind. I'll share them with you to see if they make any sense to you. There are many theories about just how humans came to be on this planet. One that Ruth Montgomery writes about in her book "The World Before" talks about how the original human inhabitants of this planet were non-physical beings. They were spirits, not angels or elves. It is these people that could be the "glow people" in your dream. Over a vast amount of time they eventually became physical.

      Most of these people lived either in Lemuria or Atlantis. The people of Lemuria were more into farming and the Arts and Humanities. The people of Atlantis were more into science, technology and dominance. So the part of your dream where you are told "...some people are more cut out for the Arts and Humanities." Could be telling you that you are decended from the Lemurians rather than the Atlanteans.

      I get the feeling that the "$900,000 billion dollars" has something to do with lives that are on this planet now. I'm not just talking about human lives but all manner of life ... plant, animal, mineral(rocks have their own lives and are conscious) this includes humans and single celled life forms as well.

      I do believe you are right about all of it being encoded into our DNA.

      BTW - I love your name.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 7 years ago from North Carolina

      My mom always claimed she did not dream, so when she did recall her dreams it was a huge deal. I used to keep a dream journal, but haven't journaled my dreams for awhile now. Some of my favorite dreams are the flying dreams.

    • MzChaos profile image

      MzChaos 7 years ago from Indianapolis

      Thank you. I write my dreams all the time...took some work to get them so they had some coherent flow. You know they pour out and none of it is logical. Most of the time people say...I don't dream - I am like, oh yeah you do, you just don't remember. I love it when people show up who do dream - it's a whole other version of reality. Thank you for stopping by.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Interesting hub. I love dreams; have been a dreamer all my life. Seriously. Some people don't recall dreams, I started talking about my dreams when I was four yrs old. So, I was fascinated with dream interpretation at a very early age (12 for me was early, LOL).

      I love flying dreams, lucid dreaming, dream travel, and problem solving in dreams. In fact, dreams have been such a major part of my life that I wrote my undergrad thesis paper on dreamwork...then, presented it to the entire school after it was selected for presentation at a seminar.

      Nice job.