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Dreams Can Change Our Lives

Updated on December 31, 2013

My DreamWork Herstory

I've been a keen dreamworker for more than 50 years. As a child sitting at the breakfast table, I remember my mother encouraging me to share my dream and she would share hers as well. By the time I was a teenager I was recording them in a notebook and looking up the symbols and what they meant in dream dictionaries.

In my twenties, I was not only recording them and looking them up in dictionaries but I was also expressing them artistically in drawings, paintings and collages. My dreams guided my decisions, helped me unpack my deeper feelings about people, career, love life, and identity.

When I discovered the writings of Carl Jung in my thirties and how he worked with clients and their dreams, I gained a whole new way to explore my dream life. Jung offered new and different methodologies for working with one's dreams and I tried them all! I attended Jungian lectures, read second generation Jungian material and continued to work to interpret my own dreams.

In my thirties I offered classes at Camosun College in Victoria on dream interpretation and Carl Jung. I was surprised when so few people signed up for the class. I had expected there to be an explosion of excitement and interest. That was the first inkling I had that few people are actually interested in knowing what messages their dreams carried. In the west we don't include our dreams in our daily waking life. Dreams are considered rather irrelevant which is not an indifference shared in other cultures. In the east dreams are considered very important sources of information. You ignore your dream messages at your peril is the view of the middle and far east.

Despite the fact that so few people signed up for the class, the college agreed to run the class for one more term but only five students registered and I was duly warned that it would be the last run for the class.

After that I offered dream study independently out of my own home and typically only attracted four or five students. But we had a wonderful time and I believe everyone gained as much as I did from working in a group.

After moving to southern Ontario, I once again offered dream study groups and surprisingly found them far more popular than they had been in Victoria, BC. I offered dream study at a family counseling centre and attracted more than 14 students!

Dreaming & Moon Cycles

Everyone who has made a special study of their dreams will have noticed a shift in it's patterns according phases of the Moon. At least most will have noticed that their dreams tended to be more colourful, easier to recall and more active at the full moon.

Waxing Moon

This is when the moon is building towards the full moon. This is when you have a natural sense of development. Your energy is leading to something. Watch for that energy in your dreams.

Full Moon

When the moon is full, this marks the completion of a cycle. This is when cycles have come full circle and completion dreams often come to us. We might have dreams showing how we can bring past events to completion.

New Moon

This is when you look into the night sky and cannot see any moon. The moon is cast into darkness, hiding behind the earth from the sun. It marks the start of things. Look for direction in your new moon dreams, to where you should be heading next. What to expect to accomplish over the coming month.

Dream Binder with Dividers

Simple Dream Journal
Simple Dream Journal | Source

Organize a Dream Binder

Your dream binder will become your central book on dreams. There are thousands of blank books available on the market and many of them really pretty! From leather bound, to fancy pictures and expressions to hand made blank journals but none of these will serve your purpose better than a simple and relatively inexpensive binder and three hole punch.

Making Use of Dividers in your Dream Binder

Section 1. Your dreams written out in full. I keep a recording device by my bedside at all times for recording my dreams quickly upon awakening. This way I'll capture all the details and have an opportunity later to listen to myself recounting the dream. This process alone leads to innumerable insights! I can listen to myself recount the dream as if I'm listening to someone else. Later I transcribe the dream from the tape into my computer and at the same time make brief notes about what happened in my life the day before and what I might be anticipating for the day ahead. Be sure to date your dreams and give them a title!

Section 2. Artistic renditions of dreams. Any drawings you make of people, places or objects from your dreams. You might see a pictures in a magazine, advertisement or online that depicts your dream images perfectly. This is the place to put those images.

Section 3. Intellectual material. Anything you read about dreamwork that's helpful - this could be articles you read online, to book reviews or advise out of books that you don't want to forget.

Section 4. Loved ones dreams that you want to remember and work on. Sometimes a friend or family member will tell us a dream they had about us and we want to have a record of that dream. It might have had a powerful impact on you and you know you shouldn't forget it!

Section 5. Your own dream dictionary. This will be a record of dream symbols that had a tremendous impact on you and you've done some work researching. This will represent a collection of your dream symbols and what they mean so that when they appear in a future dream you have only to go to your own dictionary to unlock the dreams meaning.

Dream Craft

Dream Craft Space
Dream Craft Space | Source

Edgar Cayce Documentary

Famous Dreamworker Edgar Cayce

I've posted an interesting documentary on Edgar Cayce here because he was likely the most famous dreamworker in history.

Diagnosis and Cure

Cayce would see images in his dreams of other's bodies which had been described as like looking at an x-ray. He diagnosed and treated thousands of people back to health based upon his dreams. As more and more people heard of his gift, they would write him letters from all over the world requesting his help. He would fall asleep and have a dream of them which would always prove to be accurate in both diagnosis and recommended treatment.


He had innumerable prophetic dreams all of which came to pass. He predicted world wars, natural disasters, disease epidemics and political shifts all through his dreaming mind. He attracted enormous media attention world-wide by his ability to prophecy cataclysmic events which all happened just as he witnessed them in his dreams.

Edgar Cayce demonstrates the power of dreams to change not only our own lives but those of others all for greater good. If you wonder if dreams are worth all that much time, you should watch this video. It's inspiring and hopefully motivating to do some of your own dreamwork.

Edgar Allan Poe Drew Inspiration from Dreams

Many writers besides Poe drew inspiration and creative ideas from their dreams. Dreams are original and archetypal meaning that their messages are often relevant to everyone. I might have a dream about my own life but if you were to listen to my dream and work with me to interpret it you would garner as much wisdom from its message as I have.

Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde created in a dream

Poe drew inspiration for his creative work from his dreams.
Poe drew inspiration for his creative work from his dreams. | Source

Your Dreamwork

Do you record and analyze your dreams?

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