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Dreams Explanation-Stealing Money- All About Money ( Part Two)

Updated on February 6, 2015 | Source

Part Two

Today's article is about the explanation of dreaming of money, we may all see many and different images about money in dreams and I'm sure you'll be able to find the explanation of your dream here.

Just in case you're curious to see and read part one of this explanation then here's the link here.

Since you have part one now then you can continue with reading this but actually it doesn't matter what to read first, I just had to separate this topic into two parts because it's a big topic.

Let's move on now and start with the most common images of money along with their explanations.

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Stealing Money

To dream that someday has stolen your money it means: The money someone owes you will get back to you. If the thief was familiar to you in the dream, it means: You'll get back your rights in a certain matter or matters and if you started lecturing the familiar person, it means: You'll be facing an irritating and annoying situation.

If you're not someone who lends or owes money, it means: A sudden financial winning or a sudden visit or a present.

If you dream you're trying to hide some money before someday sees you, it means: A sudden winning or an unexpected visit.

If you see yourself stealing money in the dream, it means: The dream is warning you about having wrong thoughts concerning a very close person to you so you won't regret anything or have to apologize.

If a big robbery happens to you in the dream, it means: The dream relaxes you to tell you that you will be getting back what someday else owes you or it can also indicate a renewal of a relationship.

If you see yourself stealing someone else's money: The dream encourages you to say what's right and not to avoid saying the truth.

If you see yourself stealing things other than money in the dream, it means: You'll be humiliated in a certain situation.

If in reality you're having some financial issues and if you see yourself in the dream holding money in the US $ currency, it means: A lot of things will get better concerning your business and other things, the dream can also point to a great future full of financial relaxation and away from financial issues.

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In general

Seeing money of the USD $ currency means success in the financial matters.

Seeing money of the Pound currency: getting back communications or getting jobs done internationally and not locally.

Seeing other currencies don't have a good meaning, they point to problems, troubles and health issues.

If you see in the dream you're having a certain quantity of money: you'll get to spend some money for emergency situations.

If you see yourself counting money in the dream, it means: You'll hear a bad news, it would probably be about death.

If the quantity of the money you're counting is not that big, it means: an excess and increase of profits.

If you see money in a currency that's not exchanged or that you don't remember how muh you had even if it was from the USD currency, it means: A health issue or a financial help that will not come in the right and wanted time.

Due to the big explanations and images seen concerning money, there will be a part three article. Part three article will be talking about having money in your wallet,losing your wallet,buying new wallet and money types so keep on following on to this page because when part three is posted I'll be posting its link here.

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