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Dreams Explanation: Money & Wallets ( All About Money) Part three

Updated on April 11, 2022
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Have you ever dreamed about seeing your wallet in the dream? Was it empty? Was it full? Did you buy a new wallet? Did you find a wallet? Was you wallet stolen? In this article you will be able to explain all the dreams related to these.

There are also part one and two for a full explanation of dreaming about money so make sure to check them out through the links provided below.

Flickr. commercial use allowed.
Flickr. commercial use allowed. | Source

Wallets And Bags.

In general, a wallet in the dream indicates troubles and problems, now let's specify the scenes.

Finding an empty wallet: losing money , and if it contained money: A sudden winning, if you didn't care about what's inside it: An possible argument.

If the dreamer steals a wallet: the dreamer might have a wrong opinion or thoughts about a specific person or the dreamer might lose some money.

If the dreamer's wallet gets stolen: you will get back a loan or you will get back your position and your positive spirits.

If things other than money got stolen from your wallet: A health issue and it also indicates a betrayal. This image also indicates: losing a position at work.

If you lost your wallet: An unexpected winning and if you found it in the dream, it means: A disappointment. This image also indicates: getting a position at work back and a renewal of a relationship.

Other details in the dreams can have different meanings as well so take them into consideration as well and don't just depend on the meanings above as complete meanings to your dream as a whole.

Flickr, commercial use allowed
Flickr, commercial use allowed | Source

More Explanations:

If you heard that someone have lost his/her wallet, it means: You will free your mind from a specific promise or from a person who's hurting you.

If a certain wallet gets your attention and it gets your amazed by how it could be beautiful or not beautiful: You will finally be able to give back what you owe to people or banks or anything else related.

Getting or buying a new wallet: Finding out about a certain secret or getting acceptance in a particular job, audition, application, friendship and anything related.

If you visit a wallet store and don't buy a wallet, it means: efforts will be gone in vain, whether they're your efforts or someone else's who might be related or close to you in a way.

If someone gives you a wallet so you can keep it for them or if it's given to you as a present: The dream gives you a sign of positive things coming your way, such as getting to know to new good people, stepping great new steps or perhaps starting a good new job.

Did You Know?

-Did you know that the dreams that we usually see while we sleep have a duration that doesn't exceed 7 minutes.

-We can many dreams each night and you might just remember 3% of them all, however,some people have the capability of remembering most of their dreams, others might remember nothing at all!


There will be more explanations coming about this subject so make sure you always follow this page and bookmark it.

In Part four, there will be explanations about everything that has to do with banks and also dealing with metal coins and their colors so make sure not to skip the interesting meanings that will be posted for these.

For more related articles about dreams, then please do check out the boxes below.

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