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Drinking The Koolaid

Updated on April 21, 2010

Well folks, it has come time for me to explain the mysterious and often deceitful qualities making up the koolaid of which I consume daily. Need an explanation? Well, since I began making comments on Hub pages and even prior on other web pages, I have been accused of drinking the koolaid. Generally, the accusations come when I destroy their false doctrines of eternal hell, free will and Lucifer devil. They believe that my koolaid has deceived me into believing false doctrines concerning God and His word. Of course, these are times when the koolaid is of non effect because I am speaking truth. So, if their accusations are false, why do I admit to drinking the koolaid daily? And what is the effect of this potent mixture and where did it come from?

First I must explain what the koolaid does for me. The koolaid shows me an alternate reality that few can probably experience. It shows contrasting falsities about god and creation that range from the silly to the absolute horror of false doctrine. Let's take a look at a few of the manifestations, associated with my koolaid: First, I see every absurdity of opinion ever imagined by the public. But let's look at where god comes in with my koolaid. The koolaid shows me that god created his angels perfect, but with a free will. (????) One of them rebelled and a third of the angels joined him and were cast to Earth which hadn't been created yet. Then, 6000 years ago, god created the Earth, the stars and our sun and the first man in six 24 hour days. Only, he deceived us by giving the Earth the appearance of age. Meanwhile, Satan was busy planting dinosaur fossils in the Earth and yada yada yada.

My koolaid shows me that god, while perfect, had no idea that we would all turn against him at some point and choose to indulge in the pleasures of this world, making him angry. My koolaid shows that all evil and perversion is freely chosen by man who don't care about ultimate consequences. And by the way, this same koolaid shows that billions of absolutely poor and deprived Africans are purposely turning against god for the same reason that vanity striken millionairs are turning against god. They are also indulging in worldly pleasures.

Did I mention that my koolaid god is an eternal trinity and a third of that trinity is considered the Son? Wow, what a picture this koolaid gives me. A son living the same duration of eternity that the father has lived. And also the holy spirit. Mind you, it isn't just their spirit, It's their "holy spirit". This means that this particular spirit has a mind of it's own but is equal with or is a part of ? ? ? ? ? god or something.

My koolaid shows me how 100s and even 1000s of different denominations of Christianity are "all" right even though none of them agree with each other. My koolaid shows me that free will is one doctrine unifying all christian churches because without it, they have nothing to hold man responsible for his/her sinning nature. My koolaid shows me that cause and effect is unscientific and besides, science is of the devil anyway. My koolaid shows me that making a choice is a random process of which we are in total control and are always cognisant of right and wrong choices. Yet most still make wrong choices. . . . . . . .even though they know for absoulute certainty what the right choices are.

According to my koolaid, if I give money to rich ministries on TBN, I'll be rewarded a hundred times over. Which begs the question: Why don't these millionaires stop asking for donations and just send money to their neighboring TBN ministry hucksters and they will do the same. Some how, their prophets will multiply just from giving to their competition. But sometimes the koolaid shows me common sense that not even the richest of the rich can think of.

My koolaid shows me that god wants everybody to be perfectly happy and prosperous throughout their physical lives, but that they can't be because they don't pray enough. This koolaid shows me that millions of families are praying incorrectly for their family members because there are alcoholics or criminals or just spiritually deprived individuals being prayed for.

So far, I have shown of the absurd and the silly manifestations of my potent and colorful koolaid. I have yet to point out the horrific. That would be seeing and experiencing a god of such evil that he would create a dungeon of absolute pain and hopelessness throughout eternity for anyone not praising him during their short physical lives. Well, I haven't experienced this god because I can't bring my spirit to sink that low. In fact, I don't think this is a result of my koolaid at all. So who's koolaid is that? We shall see.

But first, what is my koolaid and where does it come from. Well, it's not something I physically consume at all. It is in fact, my colorful and warped sense of humor. It has been with me since birth and has magnified since. When I say I consume it, I merely say that I consume ideas of humor from all around me and put things into my own perspective. And this sarcasm of mine is all part of God's plan for me.

Now, let's discuss the koolaid of certain others. What have they been sucking down in their spiritual walks? Well, the atheist sees a planet perfectly suited for intelligent life coming about by random chances. They see a universe that appears to be finely tuned to exponential values in the thousands, as a lucky break. Their koolaid is bland and has little substance at all. But who drinks the evil koolaid for which I am writing this hub?

That would be the hellers. What have ya'll been sucking on since birth? How does a god roasting people eternally sit well with you people? What poison makes up your spiritual swill? Well, to me, your koolaid tastes so fal that I can hardly stand being in the same room with it. If offered vomit, wouldn't you hellers ask for something more pleasant? Or do you think that you have to accept the vomit to be righteous? I think that is the problem. But this vomit you drink has been flavored for several generations by blind orthodoxy so as to give it a sweet refreshing taste. And some of you even sorrow for those who don't have a taste for this vomit. Well, I wouldn't drink it with your mouth. I would however, like to poor it all over your heads until you see it for what it is. Hellers, the koolaid you've been drinking is pure spiritual vomit. Though part of God's plan for the moment, it's true recipe will be revealed at some future point.

So in closing:


Stop drinking the koolaid!!!


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    • profile image

      Lilred 7 years ago

      Awesome hub, Hell No, like all the others I've read written by you. Keep up the great work. I don't like koolaid! YUCK

    • profile image

      Hell N0 7 years ago

      I know you do god. And your minions love it too. You're not allowed on this hub. Get back to "Ask Their god". And drink some more koolaid.

    • profile image

      god 7 years ago

      I hand out the koolaid at church sevices. I love the koolaid.